NightLife | Happy New Years!!!!

December 31, 2011

Night Import: Video by William Lee

WOOT!!! Happy New Years NI fans!
2011 was a great year and hoping it will be the same for 2012. Here's a Nlog I just made to show you guys my appreciation. Have a great day!

Nightlight | Memorable Rides of 2011

December 30, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

The rides in SoCal's Finest Rides #1 deserved much more props because of the owner's activeness and their flawless rides. It's difficult to manage a show-car and on top of that, daily driving it or taking it out to meets. I'm much stoked to see how those cars will change next year!

Continuing on from where I left off yesterday, today's feature will be one of my favorites out of all. First off, let me mention that I've never been to other states to spectate a car show other than seeing coverage's done by other blogs and sites. My judgment and decisions were based off of seeing these cars in person, meaning most of them were located in Southern California and were scrutinized with my enthusiastic attention. Many of us already know Southern California is pretty much the heart of car shows so it's not such a surprise when one comes across a gorgeously modified car and then seeing it exposed worldwide.
The cars that will be shown today will be the ones I personally thought were the best from the many I've seen this year. I'm talking about exceptional and outrageously built cars that are now recognized by many enthusiasts around the world. It was very challenging to pick ten cars out of all the beautiful ones I've observed, but I think I made the right choices. You'll obviously recognize some of them, but for those who just stepped into the scene, get ready to be surprised and inspired.

*Order of cars shown below was not based off of ranking but by random.

Night Import Choice #1
It was a dream-come-true when I actually got to see Nakai-san's work in person at SEMA. RAUH-Welt Begriff has been in the scene for years, but reading about this company as a blogger was not too long ago. After seeing the builds and video provided by Maiham Media, RWB Porsche 911s became one of my favorite modified cars. Who knows? I might buy a 911 in the near future and go with RWB (^-^)

Nightlight | SoCal's Finest Rides #1

December 29, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

It's about time to share with you guys my favorite rides from Southern California. There were a few qualifications that needed to be met before I decided which cars deserved some recognition or already did, but worth another one. I can think of a few right now that are ridiculously gorgeous, but to me, it wasn't about what kind of parts a car had or which team it represented. My choices were based off on activeness, quality of the car, and attitude of the car owner. It might seem as if I'm going a bit overboard here, but I personally think that's what makes a car known and recognized by many enthusiasts. I'm not saying fully built show cars aren't worth a feature on Night Import or any blog/site. Of course those cars will be featured and get recognized, but the props really goes to the ones that actually bring out their show built cars to meets/shows to represent their team or just themselves. Please don't take this to heart to all of ya'll who own spectacular cars. I love em! which is why I'm going to write another article with cars I think are just way over the top!
Some of these rides you are about to see were seen numerous times on my blog, but if this is your first time visiting this page or haven't been updated with my articles and features, it will be worth your time and give you somewhat of an idea of what kind of cars I truly like. So, which cars did I choose? Let's get on to it. If you didn't click on the link provided on the fanpage, you'll have to click "Read More" at the lower right bottom to see the whole feature. I usually post a car photo as a cover, but because this post is somewhat special to me, I tried to keep that suspense and mystery for those who visit my site daily.

Random NightLife | Pro-Photographers...?

December 28, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Fatlace me
Photo by Yogi from Fatlace

**Because this article is becoming an issue, I want to clarify myself so that everyone, including the people who are disagreeing with what I had to say, understands my point. First off, how I defined a 'photographer' was not based on what is written in the dictionary or any online source, but my own. Secondly, my article might have been blown out of proportion and some parts were said to the extreme, but please do not take any of this into heart, especially to those who are already pro's in the scene. To those who just started with photography or blogging, please don't be discouraged with what I had to say, because I've been in the scene for only a year and one of those guys who still gets hate upon with my own style of photography. However, I decided to write about this issue because it was a topic being discussed by many professionals and I just jumped into it. Am I a pro? Hell no! But what they said was correct and it was a turning point for me to realize I wasn't even good enough and a had to try even harder to become a better photographer. I did not want to put certain people in the spotlight because there are plenty of people who relate to this topic. Not everyone agreed with what I had to say, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me. If you were one of those guys who started out as an amateur and now a pro or just a higher level than an amateur, you should understand what I'm trying to say. The article was edited with the term "pro" in front of "photographers".

Was it just me or for those who are over 21 felt as if Christmas wasn't even Christmas (-_-;)...I don't know about you guys, but my Christmas was boring as fuk....It's not that I wanted to get something from someone, but I think of Christmas as a day to spend some time with your family. Well...that didn't even happen because my parents went to play Golf. Ok..FINE! It's because I don't have a girlfriend and I'm sad as hell, trying to find a dam excuse...
Anyways, today's post is not about "Why I hate Christmas", but to talk about something that I personally think is an ongoing issue within the automotive scene or maybe just in general. I've discussed about this topic numerous times with many people and I think it's time to share my thoughts, which most of them will be complaints rather than compliments. What is it about? The title of this post should say it all; Pro-Photographers. Actually, I can't just say pro-photographers because some of these guys don't even deserve to be called photographers. I know what I just said might create an even greater crowd of NI haters, but read this through and try to understand my point. (1/4/12) If you consider yourself to be one, read what I have to say today, and categorize yourself accordingly. Like always, don't get butt hurt just because of my opinions.

I don't want to confuse you guys with the cover photo taken by Fatlace of me shooting at something, because I don't consider myself to be a 'professional' photographer yet. I'm still in the process of learning different styles and techniques, and it will go on forever until I take photography to another level. It's really a hobby that I enjoy, but an element impossible to avoid, which is why I try to take it much more seriously than any other component that makes up my blog. I personally think this should apply to everyone who plans on starting a blog or for those who already have one, place photography as one of the priorities along with writing. While in the topic of blogs, let me make a point here. Just because you shoot for a blog does not mean you are a pro-photographer. The long-depressed outrage inside of me suddenly bursts when I see someone claiming to be a pro-photographer just because of their certain position on a site and when I see their work, I wonder and become clueless.

Straight to the point, I personally think becoming a pro-photographer is not easy. Becoming a Pro in anything is difficult, but just because you ordered a DSLR through an online camera store doesn't make you automatically become a professional. It's ridiculous when I see some of these photography work on Flickr, Facebook, and different sites and see these individuals considering themselves to be a pro-photographer just because of having a bulky camera body with a lens and on top of that, buying a battery grip just to make the camera look like a pro's. Wait..even worse than what I've just mentioned, just because many pro-photographers say "It's all about the lens", I see some of these guys buying professional series lenses but can't shoot for crap with it. Why does this happen? Because of the 'pro image' that people want. If you plan on buying a camera for style, then don't even bother calling yourself to be a pro-photographer. It's not only embarrassing, but lowers the reputation of actual photographers who work for their title. Learn how to use your camera instead of falsifying yourself and others with what you have and the way of usage.

Once again, this is just my thought, but how to become a pro-photographer is something you need to feel and realize, and I'm saying this after reading and talking with numerous professional photographers. It's important what others say about your work, but there is a stage when you'll obviously realize you are more than just a camera-holding person but an actual pro-photographer. The title of being just a 'photographer' is not even easy to come by. Your work needs to prove it and obviously the approvals by others, not just enthusiasts but by those who already clench the name of being one. Don't think you're already up there because someone paid you to shoot their car. Some of you guys might think otherwise, but I've seen some people who claim to be photogs just because of getting paid to shoot, but their photos were horrendous! In the eyes by just enthusiast, it might be OK, but for those who are already professionals, it's really difficult to accept some level of photography work. Get critiques, know people in the photography community, and be experienced.

All I wanted to say in this article was for those who have cameras not to classify themselves to be a pro-photographer just because of having a camera. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone, but only a few. If that's what you think makes you a photog, then a little kid holding a camera is in the same position as you. Learn what it's like to be one, do thorough research, place it as a priority for your blog or as a hobby if you plan on being serious, and make it worth it. **Here's a photo I found that relates to what I had to say in this post. (1/4/12)

Random NightLife | Relationships....

December 24, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

S Chassis-82
Don't be hating because of the title. The only reason why I want to talk about because...I feel like it (-_-)v But seriously, why I truly want to discuss about relationships is because of seeing and reading so many depressing shit on facebook, especially during this past month because Christmas is coming up. You might be surprised, but I actually get e-mails from fans who have difficulties in handling their current relationship and asks me for advice. I'm not a relationship doctor, but I can either become an encouragement or maybe make you more depressed. Of course, I'm going to talk in the guys' perspectives, so all you girls AND guys out there, read it through and if you agree with me, then act as accordingly. O yea, and sorry Thao and Matt for posting a photo of you guys as the cover of this article (^_^).

Before I start blabbering again, I want you guys to know that I'll try to keep this topic automotive related, but if not, then you can say 'Fuk You Will!' and close down this window.
Now I've sort of noticed how the automotive scene doesn't have too many couples and if there are, it's like seeing a UFO. Yea, it's not too common and if it was, you guys would be jelly, and probably say to yourself, "All I care about is my car." Well there it is! That's the dam problem! Some of you guys need to start going out there and experience what the fuk it's like to start a relationship and actually fall in love with a PERSON, not your car. It's really depressing when I see some of you leaving comments that are sexually automotive related, such as "I'll bang it in the exhaust." I'm not saying go and get a life because I love my car as much as you guys do, but some of ya'll need to face reality and know what life is all about. If you're young, then that's even a better opportunity for you to start something with a person. Don't place your hobby as the priority, but find someone who you can truly depend on and spend some time with to enjoy something other than cars.

If you do find a girl, make sure she understands what you do! This doesn't only apply to Asians, but girls usually don't like guys who are into cars. Why? I have no fuking idea, but it's a fact. I'm not a girl, but before I started this scene, I didn't understand why people modified cars. It's the same shiet with girls too. That's why I sort of understand the short relationships happening in the automotive world. I envy couples when both of them are into cars, like the couple in this article's cover photo, Thao and Matthew. The little kid is Matthew's brother, not their son, but it's awesome how both Thao and Matt love the car scene and actually work on their own cars. Some of you guys are jelly right now and I know it. Just find a girl who will appreciate what you do. To all you girls reading this right now, don't be hating on the guys just because they spend time on their own car. Think of it as you going to a shopping mall and shopping for 6~7 hours. Same thing, so don't complain.

Lastly, don't be bitching or hating on your girlfriend once she leaves you and goes to another guy. Listen, once you are in a relationship, that means you are responsible to keep your girl and make her trust you and vice versa. If a good ass looking guy approaches your girl ,she falls for it, and starts to like him, o well~ that's mainly your fault because you should've been good to her in the first place and keep that dedication you had for her since the beginning and not fuk it up later on. So what happens? You become single, get pissed at the other guy for taking away your girl, and boohoo~ So how does this relate to the automotive world? Don't focus too much on your car once you start a relationship. You'll obviously need to sacrifice some of that car time for your girl.

I know this article is pointless, but wanted to answer some of the questions that's been asked frequently and give some encouragement. Relationships ain't easy and don't expect it to be. There will need to be sacrifices, dedication, and most importantly, trust. Heads up to all the broken couples and good luck to everyone else who plan on starting one.

NightLife | Tab Tuesday/OC Food Truck Meet at Westminister

December 22, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Here's something different compared to how I usually do coverage on a nighttime meet. O wait..'nightlight' meet (^-^). Instead of photos, I'll share the Nlog (NightLog) coverage I did on OC Food Truck Meet held at Westminister last Sunday. If that doesn't sound familiar, then I think Tab Tuesday should ring a bell because both organizations collaborated a while ago to have a Food Truck meet in the OC area since early this year. Out of all the Tab Tuesday/OC Food Truck meets though, this one was a bit special because crews Low Ballers and Royal Origin collaborated as well.

As enthusiasts, we always want the year to end with an awesome meet or event. Event wise, AutoCon pretty much dominated every single event out there for this year. I even ranked it as one of the top events in SoCal, so for someone like me who has been to hundreds of events to pick AutoCon, disregarding the fact that everyone doesn’t have the same perspectives, it was definitely enjoyable and memorable. Because all the major events are now in its resting period, it was all up to which meet would end this year; Tab Tuesday/OC Food Truck meet. This meet always had a great turnout with more than 200 cars in attendance, hundreds of people, foods from unbelievably delicious Food Trucks, and tons of single guys trying to find a cute/sexy/pretty girl to ask out. I have no idea how I didn’t know about this meet, but it was good to know because I had shit to do. Driving to Westminister takes me an hour and you guys know no matter how often you drive for an hour in a week, it is still a long ass drive. But I've been missing out on Tab Tuesday/OC Food Truck Meets for a long time, so Jose and I decided to roll through and see how it was. Check out the video and see what was up! Enjoy!

Recorded with Galaxy S, so watch in 720P!

Random NightLife | Don't Steal, Don't Lie

December 21, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Today, I want to talk about an ongoing issue in the automotive community, as well as an incident that occurred few months ago and re-occurred yesterday at OC's Food Truck Meet in Westminister, CA. For those who follow my fanpage, you have an idea about what's about to be discussed, but for those who are new to the site, welcome! and please read this post through because it's something that I personally think is critical. I'm not going to try to keep this post professional because it pisses the fuk out of me when this happens.

Before I start, I want everyone to know that this story was told by multiple people and friends, and because every single story had the exact same storyline, I'm going to assume it is accurate.

Special Coverage | SEIBON Meet and Greet

December 19, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Seibon Toy Drive-47
There are many reasons why I enjoy living in California and to mention one, it's the gorgeous weather compared to other states. That's probably why many people envy people who live in CA and also because of the continuous car events and meets happening almost every week! Yesterday was one of those days with several meets going on and from the few, I decided to drop by SEIBON's Toy Drive Meet. I'm sure you heard of this company, but if you haven't, SEIBON specializes in Carbon Fiber parts for almost every make and model in the market today. They are known worldwide, even in Japan, which is why you probably heard of Volk TE37 Seibon Edition. With their continuous success in the aftermarket industry today, the company had a meet and greet opened for everyone. What made it even more interesting was Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker's scheduled attendance! Unfortunately, I left right when he arrived, so that sort of ruined my day, but the photos I took of exotics from Luxury 4 Play and Heavy Hitters made it up. O yea..and I also forgot to take a toy I bought to donate....This clumsiness is getting worse!

NightLife | Visit to Auto Talent

December 18, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

This week was dragging like every other week, just because studying is to the point where I can't put enough words and concepts into my head, and the weather is getting chillier, nothing really out of the ordinary, but unusual for those who live in California. Luckily, last Thursday was a time to get out of what I usually do and check out a photoshoot session that was happening at a high-end automotive shop called Auto Talent located in Carson, CA. A friend of mine who drives a GT-R R35 actually invited me to this small event and I didn't have any clue on what kind of cars were going to be there, but as you can see in the cover photo, it was much more than just R35s, but a photoshoot with few models and exotics. I was lurking around while a site called Liquid Kiss Productions was doing their thing, so let me take you through this shop and share some photos I took during my visit. Please do know this article is NSFW, so it's at your own risk if you want to fired or not.

Random NightLife | Memorable Car Shows and Meets of 2011

December 17, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

What a great year! Wow! I'm sitting down in front of my study table, typing this article while thinking about all the events and meets I've been to in 2011. Yea~ I know it sucks that the End of the World is coming soon, and because it is, it's time for me to choose the meets and car shows I've been to that were memorable and enjoyable. I've plugged in my external hard drive to see what's been done throughout this year and holy hell, the hard drive decided to shut down on me and all the saved files disappeared. Luckily, my brain had a back-up storage system that only saved automotive related events and not school or friends, which might make me sound like an ass, but for my blog and you guys, it's something to definitely appreciate. I took some time to think about how many I've been to and the amount really did exceed my expectations. If I counted correctly and only included the ones that were automotive related, I've been to 150+ car shows + meets. My aspirations were not to attend the most meets and become competitive with other bloggers, but it was that unexplainable force that pulled me into a world that I couldn't escape. No matter how much I tried, avoiding the temptations to drive my slammed Scion tC to anywhere in Southern California was not happening. That's how much I loved and still love what I do as a hobby and will continue on for myself and for all you fans out there that truly appreciate Night Import.

Random NightLife | Be a True Model

December 15, 2011

Night Import: Photography by Nick Schultz and William Lee | Words by William Lee

Models Both
Today's post will either cause some rage or a time for girls who are interested in the car scene to think thoroughly before stepping into the 'Import Model' scene. You'll see why I'm bringing this up, but I do want to take this time to re-introduce our two models as well as introducing a new model we decided to support last week. I personally want to say the judgments were made by me because Night Import is eventually a personal blog, but all the current contributing photographers and editors decided to help me out on this one and we all agreed upon this decision, so it basically was all of us that chimed in. Although I'm not a huge fan of models, which will also be explained later on, the car scene can't be separated from the model scene because that's how it was and known for, for decades. I can go on and on with the lack of knowledge I have on models and cars, but let's just jump into what I planned on doing. The two models you see above might look familiar to you if you've been in the automotive scene since last year. If not, let me re-introduce Raichelle Viado (left) and Eva Skye (right).

Event Coverage | AutoCon 2011 (Pt. III)

December 14, 2011

Night Import: Photography by Nick Schultz and William Lee | Words by William Lee

It's coming to an end! This will be my last continuous coverage on AutoCon 2011. I've been getting a lot of positive feedbacks from Part 1 and Part 2, so I really appreciate you guys spending some time to check them out. I try to keep things entertaining and especially for those who couldn't make it, trying to make you feel as if you were at the event. That's what a coverage is supposed to be all about, right? If there were any unpleasant captions on photos, just go with it because that's pretty much how I like to write things (^-^) That was a douschebag move, but seriously, always know that Night Import is and will be a 'personal blog'. I'll definitely try to keep things professional as much as possible, but I don't dress myself up purposely to make this blog to have a certain reputation.
Anyways, back to the coverage, Part 3 will be a compilation of almost everything with an addition of photos taken by our photographer Nick Schultz. Nick was walking with me for at least 3 hours and while I was busy with cars, Nick took care of most of the models and a few cars as well. You'll be seeing his photos here. Matter of fact, the cover photo for Part 3 was taken by Nick. Ah! I have to make an announcement as well. The watermark you guys see on Nick's photos will be our NEW watermark and I'll be using it on my next batch of photos as well. The story behind it will be described on the fanpage later on.

Event Coverage | AutoCon 2011 (Pt. II)

December 13, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

AutoCon 2011-196
AutoCon is back! No no~ I'm talking about my coverage! But~! The next and exact date of AutoCon in 2012 will be announced through AutoCon's fanpage pretty soon so go ahead and LIKE their page. I've been seeing a lot of comments from those who missed out on this event because of work or family plans. That's why you need to mark this event on your calenders as early as possible and make an excuse just to attend AutoCon! If you have finals or something, that's a different story, but work? Come on~ missing only one day won't hurt you that much (^-^). Ok..I think I'm becoming those small Devils you see in cartoons where they sit next to your shoulders and lure you into the wrong direction, so I'll be the Angel and continue on with my coverage.

As mentioned in Part 1, AutoCon was more of a festival + car show. It wasn't only cars that took the spotlight, but also the attendance of more than 15 famous Food Trucks and side activities such as FREE Air Balloon rides all day long! How awesome is that? Have you ever been to a car show like this? I don't think so~~~~ I get a bit too excited after attending such an awesome event, so please excuse my over-exaggerations.

I personally think AutoCon was held at the right time and place because Christmas is coming soon and people will be going on vacations. It was sort of cumbersome to know that HIN was going to happen a week before AutoCon and I had to support both events as much as possible, but my priority was to fully promote AutoCon and that's what I've been doing since day one. I'm not saying I brought the majority of crowds, but out of all the events I've been helping out for this year, AutoCon was probably the 2nd event I fully supported after Sideway Sundays. I was very pleased to see the event packed with spectators and car show participants, and really appreciate those who kept the event threads I posted on forums active. Moving along, because we are all in the Christmas spirit, I decided to use the Domo display Kelvin made in front of his widebody Do-Luck Evo 9 as the cover. Tsuneo Gōda would be proud!

Event Coverage | AutoCon 2011 (Pt. I)

December 12, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

AutoCon 2011-262
How should I start this..I have so many things to say about this event, but need to keep it as simple as possible so that I don't lose fans and kill the excitement I've been gradually building up for the wait on this coverage.
First off, I want to give mad props to my guys Justin and Nate for their effort and time to create this amazing event. I don't even clearly remember when I met Justin, but as we were talking throughout the months, I realized he was a humble guy and had a clear mind of how he wanted the automotive scene to go. His huge success on hosting AutoCon last year continued on this year and as expected, it was overwhelming. The same props go to Nate as well. He's been an awesome guy since he approached me regarding a major event he was a part of last year, and consistently was a help with all the curiosities I had in the scene. Once again, great job by these two guys and if you do have some time to give some feedback, make sure to visit AutoCon's homepage and e-mail them. I'm sure they're expecting something from those who participated, so it would be great to give them more ideas about the event or just your overall experience.

Now, to talk about my experience at AutoCon this year, let's just say I have to place AutoCon in my Top 3 Car Shows of 2011. This event was more than a typical car show. It was not all about bringing your modified car, park, show it, and get an award if you won. Nor was it a time to only walk around and take photos of cars and models and leave like every other event, complaining about the parking and entrance fees, and the ridiculous food prices. The meaning of "AutoCon" pretty much explains everything; Automotive Connection. Actually, I have to say it was both an Automotive and Lifestyle event. AutoCon was created to bring the whole automotive community together at one place and enjoy what we all truly loved. It was about talking with your friends and family or even better, making new friends through cars. You also can't forget about the collaboration with Toys for Tots and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help those who are in need. While covering the event and looking around like I always do at events, the vibe I felt at AutoCon was different and rather pleasing. I knew the whole purpose of AutoCon and I have to say that purpose was met. I usually see the same cars at every car show or the ones that were built to only show at major ones, but AutoCon brought out almost everything. Although there were ones that I've seen numerous times, some new ones and fully built cars such as the ones from Auto Concept Elite, Heavy Hitters, etc. came out to support this event. The photos I'm about to share with you guys will lead to a better a storyline than my words. Do know that this coverage will be separated in parts, so make sure to come back later on or read the updates I make through my fanpage.

Random NightLife | Fatlace presents HELLAOCCUPYLITTLETOKYO

December 11, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

I have so many photos to share with you guys this week, but I'll try to pace myself and the blog so that things can go smoothly as much as possible...Nawwwww~~~ I'll get to the AutoCon coverage pretty soon because I know some of you are waiting for it (^-^)v But before I get to that, I want to share a small coverage I did on Fatlace's 'occupy' meet today. I'm sure many of you SoCal guys know Fatlace opened up an Illest Boutique store in Little Tokyo. There were car meets at the HQ several times now and every single one had an overwhelming turnout. This meet though, was a bit different and pretty hilarious when you hear how it happend. Check it out.

Hello Guys & Gals! So in light of all the current events that’s been happening around the world with the whole #OCCUPY movement. Also with occupyLA just 1 City block away from IllestBoutique. I thought about a totally funny random scenario of what if we did that with cars?… Occupy a full city block square block of all modified cars… I laughed, Vince laughed & everyone I told got a nice kick about it… *10 minutes later* Lets do it!!!!

Literally taking every single parking spot surrounding the building was Fatlace's idea and sure enough (according to those who attended since 4:30am!) it was a success. I was exhausted after AutoCon on Saturday and really didn't want to wake up and go to the meet at 5:30am, so I overslept a bit and headed out later on.

Random NightLife | AutoCon is BACK!

December 9, 2011

Night Import: Photography by no one | Words by William Lee

I've already made numerous announcements about this event on the fanpage and if you're active in a major forum, then you probably saw my post (ID night87) on the regional section as well. AutoCon is fukin back! Why am I so overly exaggeratedly excited? Well if you think of all the awesome things happening at this event, it might be the best Car Show in SoCal history. There I go again~ exaggerating myself, but seriously, just look at the highlights I'm about to mention and ask yourself if there was any event like the upcoming AutoCon.

Random NightLife | Got Questions? Lego!

December 8, 2011

Night Import: Photography by various blogs | Words by William Lee

Hello guys (^-^)/
Like always, this is William, the owner/creator of Night Import. It's been over a year now since I've been actively communicating with you fans and I'm very blessed and pleased with how my site turned out. There were definitely ups and downs since I started, and while I do want to talk about those experiences, I also want to take some time to answer frequently asked questions I've been getting through e-mails and comments on the fanpage. It might seem sort of awkward to put myself in the spot, but I didn't want to ignore all the repetitive questions I've been asked, so I was waiting for the right time to answer all of them at once. Also, because the fanpage just reached 40K FANS!! (as of right's just a #), why not take this moment to do this? Maybe today is the right time or maybe not, but before I forget and move on with what I always do, it's time for some answers! I've got nothing to hide and as many of you guys know by now, I'm objective and open-minded, so in case you have a weak heart or get butt-hurted easily, I recommend you to not read this post... But seriously, don't take the things I say to heart because it's all out of all love~! Anyways, let's get to the questions and answers! LEGO!

Random NightLife | Visit to More Japan

December 7, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

More Japan-5
California weather was horrendous during these past few weeks. I know it's not even close to be compared with other countries, but California being known as having that sunny weather 24/7 was far too be seen during this past month. For those who don't live in CA, SoCal was literally beat up by the wind and most of the valley area to OC went on a blackout streak for a week and half! Luckily where I lived didn't get affected, but I felt horrible for all of those who had to live without electricity and hot water. During this past week when this was still happening, I had an appointment with More Japan, offering/selling Tanabe products and SSR wheels, to go through a product development session with the techs from Tanabe. I was a bit worried on the day of the appointment because the weather was still windy and I had to drive with a donut spare tire, but there you see it~ my car without any damages at More Japan.

I actually wanted to visit this company after finding out Tanabe and SSR wheels were their main products in store. It was a great opportunity to visit their facility to see how things were done.

Event Coverage | HIN 2011 (Pt. II)

December 5, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

HIN 2011-182
Welcome back to Night Import! Hope you guys are visiting the blog often to catch up with my articles, because things are about to get serious! Just playing~ As long as I can entertain you guys while at work, home, in the bathroom, with your girlfriend, ... you get the point v(^-^)v
My last partly coverage on Hot Import Nights will be a good one because the photos I'm about to share with you guys came out pretty decent considering the short amount of time I had to cover the whole area when the lights were on during the award ceremony. By the way, congratulations to all the winners! It's always unpredictable to know who will win which category because judges aren't the same for every car show event. Each judge has a different perspective when it comes to certain makes & models, so hope no one was frustrated with the judging and stuff. It's all about having fun and enjoying the time spent with friends and family right? Let's get on with the cars and see what was up at different areas of the huge ass showcase lot. The cover photo for Part 2 is the well-known VIP team in SoCal, BP VIP. It's been a while since I got to know a few members in this team, and I was surprised to see some of their rides with a new look! Click on "Read More" at the bottom right to see their rides.

Event Coverage | HIN 2011 (Pt. I)

December 4, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

HIN 2011-95
It's here, it's new, and most importantly, it's back! I couldn't even believe HIN (Hot Import Nights) was happening yesterday after all the drama the event organization went through for few years. I don't actually know much about this event, except the fact that I attended one back in middle school, so that's about 10 years ago! (I'm not that old...). Listening to stories from close friends of mine, HIN was the biggest car show event of the year with well-known cars in specific regions coming up or down from miles away, just to participate. It wasn't only cars that took over the convention center, but tons of top-name models and celebrities as well. Having a reputation that literally left a mark in the automotive scene, HIN was 'the' shiet! Now I have no clue on why HIN left the show scene, but many were glad it came back with new people organizing the event.
A few of you guys already know I'm with crew Low N Slow in SoCal, and I was supposed to show with them at the event, but because of my car acting like a little biatch and not wanting to listen to me, it's in its worst phase, so I decided to give it a rest and cover the event like I always do with major car shows in CA. A lot of my friends participated at HIN with their sexy rides and I did get a chance to talk with many of them while walking around. It seemed as if roll-in was a pain in the ass because of staffs being unorganized, but because I wasn't actually there and don't want to speak my butt out, all I gotta say is give it another year and I'm sure it will get better! HIN is back with new people so I'm sure they're already aware of this and working on it. Anyways, just wanted to put that out for ya'll, because I wanted to (^-^)
Now before I get into the photos, let me tell you I had a really difficult time covering the event. Nor did I only miss an early access time for Media, but it was dark as fuk like every HIN event we know of. My flash wasn't working too well and I didn't want to use a tripod because of so many people walking back and forth. Luckily, and I mean very luckily (if that makes sense), the lights came on during the award ceremony, so I was running around the whole Hall like a person who had to use a restroom; squatting down, making awkward poses, and some positions I never thought of doing, taking photos as much as possible in a short amount of time. How did they come out? Well you be the judge. There will be a mix of horribe and decent photos, so please understand the change of flow throughout the coverage. To start it off, I used a photo I took when The Next Hot Import Nights Model contest was going on. I did take some photos of Models for a change, so you'll see them later on.

Random Nightlight | RB S13

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

HIN 2011-192
I'm actually behind with a lot of features, so I'm very sorry with the ones I promised to post up on the day of announcement, but had to delay it for a few days. As many of you SoCal residents and my blog followers know, HIN (Hot Import Nights) was held at LA Convention Center yesterday night. The full coverage of the event will be up today or tomorrow, but before I get to it, I want to start it off with a small spotlight on a car I spotted and instantly fell in love with.

Event Coverage | Tokyo Motor Show 2011

December 2, 2011

Night Import: Photography by Kaoru Shoji | Words by William Lee

If you guys were waiting for the unveiling of Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, I was waiting for the whole package; the event coverage on Tokyo Motor Show. TMS is a must-to-attend event if you live in Japan or for those who work in the automotive industry, because it's not about what kind of 'modified' cars will be on display, but newly introduced cars from Japan and major announcements that affects the whole world. We all know Japan is the largest vehicle manufacturer, so such events like TMS and TAS are events not to miss.
I'm very pleased that both our photographers in Japan, Charles Zee Zayas and Kaoru Shoji, got accepted as Press to attend TMS and today, I'll be showing you guys the coverage done by Kaoru-san. It was truly amazing looking through past coverage on this event done by other blogs and it's now to the point where I'll be writing a few things with the help of our photogs and editors! I kept myself updated with all the cars that were planned to be at TMS, so I'll try my best to walk you guys through every section Kaoru-san covered.

Random Nightlight | Scion FR-S by GReddy

December 1, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Along with the official Scion FR-S on display was another FR-S modified by GReddy. I'm pretty sure a lot of people who attended this special event had no clue about this one because it's pretty uncommon to see a newly introduced car in the states already having aftermarket parts to it. Introducing the TRD Toyota 86 in Japan is a different story because that's an actual package offered by Toyota, but this one was really unexpected. I'm speculating GReddy was the first aftermarket company to work on this car because there were several parts on this FR-S that were more than just simple.

Special Coverage | 2013 Scion FR-S

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Scion FRS-26
Through many websites and blogs, we've already seen the revealing of  Toyota 86 at Gazoo Racing Motorsports Festival 2011 and Subaru BRZ at Tokyo Motor Show. Anticipation for the arrival of the Scion version was at its peak and finally, last night was the day many were waiting for; debut of the Scion FR-S. I actually had no clue about this invite-only event until a good friend of mine in the Scion scene, Kirby, wrote a comment on one of my posts through Facebook. After noticing this at the last moment, I instantly RSVP'd online and got an e-mail from Scion corp. saying that I was approved to join. What many of you guys don't know is that Scion corp. really takes care of their customers. When I mean by customers, I'm talking about those who own a Scion. The brand has several events throughout the year and how Scion corp. organizes and manages those events are unbelievably grand in scale. For example, Scion borrows the whole Knotts Berry Farm during Halloween week and opens the amusement park to only Scion owners. Almost every Scion owner in California goes to that event, so you can imagine how crazy it gets with the amount of Scions and Scion owners + guests.
The debut of Scion FR-S was somewhat similar. Everyone who was registered through the biggest Scion forum, ScionLife, had an opportunity to attend this special event along with well-known bloggers, writers, representatives, and photographers from all around the world. You've probably seen the photos already through facebook or blogs, but it's time to share my own and write some accurate information released by Scion.

Random Nightlight | Change

November 28, 2011

Night Import: Photography by me and other sites | Words by William Lee

After realizing it's been little over a year now since joining the 'scene', I took some time to look at my past, seeing what I've done so far and the changes that occurred around me since the beginning till now. This random thought and idea came up after talking with one of my inspirations, Ben Schaffer from Bulletproof Automotive. We were talking about various things related to the automotive community and one topic we discussed about was how I became involved with you guys. For those who don't know me too well or about this blog, I didn't start off by knowing car owners or even companies. Matter of fact, I didn't know anyone except a few people on forums. It was a network friendship/relationship and like many of us, it's not easy to approach those who we talk with online when it comes to an in-person situation, so most of my time going to meets or events was just... me and my camera! I had no intentions in the beginning to promote who I was or what I did because the reason why I started was nothing more than the passion and love I had toward cars. But constantly going out to meets or events was sort of a way to approach people. If I didn't know who they were, they knew me because of seeing me at least once a week. It's now to the point where people say "why isn't William covering this event," or "where the hell is he?" I'm not trying to put myself in the spotlight, but that's really what I've been noticing. I personally and honestly think I'm not a major part of this community nor created a positive image to Medias and Bloggers, but a natural behavior became a habit, and that's what brought me and my blog to where it is today.

I get plenty of questions from many of my friends and fans, and one question I come across pretty often is their curiosity on how I managed to go to events and meets constantly while not getting tired of it. I think this is what makes people who start blogs decide to quit within a few months because of repetition. You go out there and see the same cars, same people, same vendors, etc. But really, isn't that the enjoyment? This is why I decided to write this post, to show you guys some cars I've seen when I first started and how much it progressed throughout the year.

Minh's IS -15

FD Final-76
I still remember as if it was yesterday when I first saw Minh Nguyen's IS. I'm pretty sure almost everyone in this community knows Minh's ride because of its outstanding fitment on Enkei RPF1s powdercoated by Simple Wheel Werks. Wherever this car went, it was breaking necks 24/7. Not too long ago, he decided to get another IS and do something different. As you can see in the second photo, Minh decided to go VIP style and although I didn't get to look at his car in depth, I can already tell he did an outstanding job.

Random NightLife | Toyota 86..Success?

November 27, 2011

Night Import: Photo from FT86Club | Words by William Lee

Screen Shot 2011-11-27 at 9.25.10 AM

Finally, the long awaited FT-86 debuted few hours ago in Japan and the Medias were going crazy! Every time I checked my Facebook, there were at least 3 people posting some stuff about the car. I didn't keep myself up-to-date with the now called Toyota 86, but because I do have some friends in Japan, such as Adam from 7tune, I did get some accurate information and actual photos of the car. What do I think? Well, good that you dropped by v(^-^)v
First off, this post is not about the specs, photos, videos, etc. of the Toyota 86, but my thoughts and opinions about the car after reading comments throughout the months on many different websites. For all the information regarding Toyota 86, please visit FT86club.
Toyota 86 Announcement
Toyota 86 Spec Sheet
Toyota 86 Facts(?)

Most of my research on this car was found through Speedhunters because those guys always keep the automotive crowd up-to-date with whatever happens in the automotive scene. I remember reading one article they wrote about the FT-86 and I took some time reading through everything. Now when an article about a car we all love goes up on the net, then we obviously expect people to post it up on Facebook..right? So it's been about 4~5 months since I occasionally read through comments. One comment I came across many times was the complaint about the Toyota 86 being badged as a Scion once it debuts in the United States, and that's the comment I want to talk about today.

Being a Scion owner myself and involved with the Scion tC community, I did understand why people were disliking this decision by Toyota. No disrespect to Scion tC owners, but all in honesty, the reason why we (Scion owners, including myself) get disrespected is because of how some, but not all, tC owners drive their cars plus the poorly done modification styles. Scion tCs were, and still is, the leading model in a few automotive sports, but it seemed as if tC owners were taking this as an advantage to 'act' in a certain way. Don't get me wrong, tCs do have a lot of potential and very few take the route of going all out with performance, but still as of today, the Scion community does have a poor reputation. But I see the release of the Toyota 86 and coming here as a Scion is a stepping stone for Scion to become a better brand and have a better crowd. For comparison's sake, look at how much Hyundai brought up their sales after releasing the Genesis Coupe and Equus. Tiburon was such a failure and no one even bothered to buy a Hyundai, but once the brand introduced a Genesis Coupe 2.0L and 3.8L versions easily making over 200HP with great reviews by known Medias, enthusiasts started to look at the brand differently. Who would've imagined a Hyundai owner being proud of what they drove? and now, look at Scion.

Scion was a replacement of the demised Toyota Celica and it was a great hit in the market. No one can't deny the simple and catchy body lines of a tC. On top of that, great mpg, affordable, high resell value, and much more that make it an outstanding car. It's depressing to see such a car not meeting the standards for enthusiasts, but putting those all aside; it's really a new beginning for Scion. I did hear no matter what the Toyota 86 is badged as, the specs and build will be exactly the same, so you can go ahead and take off that Scion badge and put on whatever you want. But do know it will still be a Scion and a fact impossible to avoid. Most of you tuners complain about gas prices, and in return, we have automakers making cars that are now fuel efficient and we still have to complain. Toyota decided to take another route and continued on with a car that some of us tuners asked for.

Without any doubt, Toyota 86 will be a hit. All these aftermarket companies are eager to put their hands on one to modify it in their own style. I can already see TAS with few modified Toyota 86s. The more we wait and see the changes, the more we will start to appreciate the car rather than the concern of its badge. Be more open-minded and start to look at cars with more options. It's the appreciation we should be sharing and accept what comes to us; like a true automotive enthusiast.

Random NightLife | Charles at Daikoku Futo

Night Import: Photography by Charles Zee Zayas | Words by William Lee

Few weeks ago, our photographer Charles in Japan had to make a trip and upon his arrival at Tokyo Haneda Airport, he decided to drop by the infamous car meet spot in Japan, Daikoku Futo. If you are into JDM cars and know how things are ran over there, I'm sure Daikoku Futo is one of the spots you plan on dropping by if you go to Japan. There will always be some nicely modded cars, and Charles did spot a few, which is why he decided to share some photo with us today.

Event Coverage | LA Auto Show 2011 (Pt.II)

November 20, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

LAS 2011-146
It seems like many of you guys enjoyed my Part 1 coverage on LA Auto Show, which is actually still going on till the 27th. I would say this is the longest ongoing show of the year to the public, so you do have plenty of time left to go with your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, pet (I'm kidding), or anyone else bothering you to buy them a new car. But before you go with a companion, please be respectful and keep yourself restricted from touching the car carelessly. I remember last year seeing a few people bashing on the hoods, knocking the body panels as if it was wood, slobbering their hands all over the get the point. As an automotive enthusiast, it really sucks to see such behaviors going on, so once again, please be respectful!
Today, I'll take you guys around the halls I missed in Part 1, so enjoy rest of the exotics, upcoming and concept cars, and a few other random things. To start it off, here's a masterpiece built by Aston Martin called the Aston Martin One-77. The price is just way over the top, but for being a celebrity in its own class, I would say the price tag matches its name. Only 77 units were made (get it? one-77) and started its sales in October of last year. It's been featured in many magazines and in video games as well, such as Forza 3, Need for Speed, and others. The one at LA Auto Show was the final pre-production car, so what you guys saw or see here is the actual car. As of today, it is one of the most powerful N/A cars, making 750HP from a 7.3L V12 engine.

Event Coverage | LA Auto Show 2011 (Pt.I)

November 18, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

LAS 2011-3
If looking at modified cars isn't your thing, but you're an automotive enthusiast, then I'm pretty sure LA Auto Show was one of those events marked on your calendars. This year's LAAS had a lot of things in store to surprise the world. Now in the era of moving from fuel burning to eco-friendly technology, majority of cars had better mpg and reduced body weight. Also, there were plenty of concept cars to check out. I've been to LA Auto Show for more than 3 years, but what actually counted as a learning experience was my attendance to this year's show. I'm a newbie into the scene, but that one year of being active really did help. You might think I'm only into modified cars, but I do check out websites and read magazines that introduce cars in general, such as Autoguide, Motor Trend, etc.
Let's get on with the actual coverage so that you guys can get an idea of what this show is like and probably choose your next car v(^-^)v

Random Nightlight | Subaru BRZ STi

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

LAS 2011-94
The highly anticipated final versions of FT-86 are being revealed in about two weeks at Tokyo Motor Show. With the help of ft86club, we've been receiving numerous updated information regarding both models; Scion and Subaru. As of today, the Manual for FT-86 Toyota version was leaked to the public; however, the Subaru version was not fully revealed but rumors say the actual car will look almost identical to the concept car, which was shown at LA Auto Show 2 days ago. Many of you guys living out of States wanted to see the car through my blog, so here it is!

Random NightLife | Weds Grand Catalog

November 16, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

It's really a pain driving low and knowing the fact that one day, your car's axle will snap off or CV boot will rip causing grease to spread around your axle area. Yeap...that's what happened to me 3 days ago. If you read my post at the bottom, all this crap happened once I hit the freeway and it wasn't pleasant at all. Recently, whenever I had a problem with the car, I've been taking it to City Tires Online because of their quality work and service, so as usual, I drove my rattling car early in the morning to get things done asap!

Wedz Catalog-1
I like how this place has some name-brand wheels on display, like this Gram Light 57 Pro. These were my first set of wheels when I started modifying my car.

Wedz Catalog-2
Work Emotion Cai and Work VS-XX.

Wedz Catalog-3
After walking around the area like a loner and checking out some magazines, I realized a pile of catalogs on the front desk. The one that caught my attention was this Grand Catalog from Weds Co. LTD.

Random Nightlight | Drive to Greddy with Edgar

Night Import: Video and Words by William Lee

I've driven my car in dangerous situations numerous times, but today was different. On Friday, I dropped by my friend's house to give him something and after, while getting on to a freeway, I heard a cranking noise and all of a sudden, my car started to vibrate like crazy! Later on, I found out the driver's side axle was broken... (ㅜㅜ). I wasn't actually too surprised because the car was stable for a good 50k miles with -3 camber and extremely lowered. Anyways, I dropped by City Tires Online today to get it checked and scheduled an appointment tomorrow to rebuild the axle.
The problem was that I had a meeting with Greddy at 5:30pm and I was in a tough situation; either drive my car in its current condition or just go home. Luckily and thankfully, our editor Edgar Lozoya had some time to help me out, so we drove all the way to Greddy, headed to a meet at La Habra, and now, back to my pad. While going to Greddy, I recorded this short clip for you guys to listen to our small conversation and his supercharged G35. Enjoy~

Random Nightlight | Closer look into RWBs

November 13, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

I don't even clearly remember when I first saw a RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF (RWB) Porsche, but do remember I was in awe and couldn't help myself but to wake up every morning and look at Nakai-san's personal RWB, Stella Artois, through photos and videos. Yea yea..I might sound like a total fan...because....I am! Nakai-san's work is absolutely amazing and knowing the fact that he designs and constructs the necessary parts for the car on spot makes me even more impressed. The stunning lines that define a quality built car equates to his work. As many of you guys know by now, Nakai-san and Fatlace joined together to create a RWB shop next to Fatlace's facility in Northern California. Upon Nakai-san's arrival, he worked on Mark Arcenal's 964, customer's 993, and another 964 for a company called Hoonigan, which I'll explain later on. Two of these cars were at SEMA, each car placed in separate halls. I'm pretty sure many of you guys have already seen so much on these beauties and to be honest, so did I, but I want to write up something small for my own and Night Import fans. Let's get into the two RWBs shown in the cover photo; Matte Green RWB 965 'Pandora One' and Matte White RWB 965 'Hoonigan'.

Random Nightlight | Kyoei-USA LS400

November 10, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

LS400 Kyoei-USA
By now, I'm pretty sure most of you guys saw all the cars that were at SEMA last week through my coverage, but there are still some that I just need to feature. Rewinding the time period when I was present at SEMA, I remember walking around the outdoor area and bumping into my friend from M2-Motoring. We were talking for a bit when I later realized a LS400 on Weds Mavericks lowered with Air Runner, sitting right in front of me. I've seen a lot of VIP cars here in CA, but this one was unique and had an extra touch to it to give it its own VIP flavor. Today, it's this LS400 that deserves a small exposure, built by a well-known VIP shop from AZ called Kyoei-USA.

Random Nightlight | 3T Motorsports

November 9, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

3T Motorsports
Charles from 1UP informed all the 1UP members to show up at JDM Sport's HQ for a photoshoot today at 6pm. I'm not a member of 1UP, but always like to support their team and because these guys are like a family to me, I took some time to drop by and see what was going on.
Upon arrival, I spotted the guys from 3T Motorsports! If you never heard about this company, they specialize in selling high-end parts for European cars.
It was pretty awesome to find out 3T Motorsports is an official distributor for Auto Couture and Aimgain, both well-known aftermarket companies in Japan. I talked with the staffs about random stuff and had some kick-back time with my friends as well.

Random Nightlight | True Trueno

November 8, 2011

Night Import: Photography by Charles Zee Zayas | Words by William Lee and Charles Zee Zeyas

What makes a car spectacular and outstanding is its pristine condition despite its age. What you see here today is a 86 Trueno owned by Chad from Japan. Our photographer Charles Zee Zayas decided to write up a quick story for you guys, so check it out.

After having one of the most powerful cars in this area Chad decided to step it down a notch and go back to the roots of it all.

Random Nightlight | Oni-Camber now in California

November 7, 2011

Night Import: Video by 7tune and Kevin Falk

There are some ridiculously cambered cars here in California. Trust me, when I mean by ridiculous, I mean RIDICULOUS! But today, I just saw a video of my friend's car that literally beat all the ones I've seen so far in person. This might be in the level of the infamous VIP car in Japan! Call it Oni-Camber, Demon Camber, Oni, Super Camber...fuk....I don't care..this is just INSANE!!!

P.S. Before you guys start hating on the car, please do know this is a "style" or for most of us that respect it, a "lifestyle". People who modify their cars with insane camber already know about thread life, losing function, etc. As much as this part of the flush scene respects those who focus on function, please try to understand this style rather than focusing on only one part of the tuning world. Thanks!

Christopher Cuban GS Daniel's Aristo in California, Video by Kevin Falk

Video of the "Crazy Insane VIP car in Japan" by 7tune


Event Coverage | SEMA 2011 (Pt. IV)

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

It's been 3 days since I came back from Vegas, but the excitement and fun I had during this past week is still running inside me as if the event was still going on. I'm not trying to over-exaggerate myself because those who did go and had a good time know what I'm talking about. Of course the parties I attended at night were amazing, but SEMA itself was really worth my time and I have to say, the best Vegas trip I've ever been to! Random people I met, cars I've never seen before, and talk about the FOOD! I learned my lesson last year not to go to cheap buffets because not will you only taste the nastiest food ever with horrible choices, but it will haunt you for a year. Even though its a week staying at Vegas where food prices are ridiculously high, you have to go to the right ones and probably go once or twice during SEMA week. Well...if you're rich and have enough money to spend, then this shouldn't be a problem (^_^). Anyways, getting back to the subject, this coverage will be my last (ㅜㅜ) and will cover North Hall and some sections I missed at South and Central Hall. There are a few more random things I want to share at the end, so you'll see them too as you read along. I was debating which photo to use for cover, and realizing how I carelessly decided to ignore models and shoot cars, I posted a photo of Hankook model Kim Ha Eun from Korea I shared with you guys in my Part 3 coverage.

Random Nightlight | 350Z Porsche Panamera

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

350Z Porsche
Walking around every aisle inside and out at SEMA, you would occasionally come across cars you've never seen before or just impressed with one's modifications. Once in a while, you'll also come across a group of people looking at a car and scratching their heads, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. I've seen some amazing builds, such as a widebody GT-R R35 and fully converted steel widebody S2000, but what really surprised me and at the same time, made me clueless for a good minute, was this 350Z all the way from Japan. Wait..350Z? You're probably looking at the car and saying to yourself, "No f'ing way..." but truth be told, it really is a 350Z with a Porsche Panamera kit. I was standing here where I took the photo above, trying to find out the actual model like those guys you see doing the same. When we think about it though, it's from Japan and as usual, Japan never ceases to amaze the world.

Event Coverage | SEMA 2011 (Pt. III)

November 6, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

I'm still exhausted! Walking for 4 days straight wasn't fun at all and the workout with lack of sleep is finally getting back to me. I got back home yesterday at around 12pm and knocked out for about 5 hours and slept again at 10pm and was sleeping till 9am today. One part I really regret during my week at SEMA was not staying a bit longer on Saturday because all of my friends who showcased their cars at SEMA were out of the Convention Center, which meant I had an opportunity to do a group photoshoot. Too much partying and lack of sleep was probably the reason why I totally forgot about this (-_-;)ㄱ Anyways, after waking up and clearing my mind, I was editing rest of the photos and now, finished writing my Part 3 coverage on SEMA. Today's part will be covering South Hall where all the Tire/Wheel/Accesory companies were located.
I decided to start it off with one of the cars I was looking forward to see; 911 RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF (RWB). This specific car belongs to Mark Arcenal from Fatlace and was built by the master himself, Nakai san. I was actually standing here for an hour or so because I heard Nakai san was present and I wanted to take a photo with him. Yeap~ I'm a fan of his work and meeting him would've been a great honor. He didn't show up, but looking at his work in person was a thrilling experience.

Event Coverage | SEMA 2011 (Pt. II)

November 5, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

It seems like a lot of you guys enjoyed my first coverage on this event, so I'm hoping this one will be as good as the first. I'm now finally back from Vegas, so I'll try my best to be more descriptive than just dumping in photos. I usually say "there are tons of photos to share" after I come back from an event, but for SEMA, it's not just photos but cars in general I need to share because every year at SEMA, you'll come across cars you've never seen before. If it was the same car as last year, then it probably went through a makeover with new paint or aftermarket products. There is a reason why so many people working in the automotive industry go to this event because of business purposes or to get new ideas. The overall layout was pretty similar to last year's event, so I didn't have a difficult time navigating myself to certain areas. In my part 2 coverage, I'll be covering the Central Hall where all the Performance related companies displayed their products and cars. Get ready because this one will be long and fun.

Random Nightlight | Scion FR-S

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Five Axis Concept Scion FR-S
We've seen plenty of unofficial photos of the new upcoming car FT-86, keeping us in a clueless and frustrated state. But not too long ago, my good friend from 7tune showed us an actual brochure of the Scion version and finally, what we've been waiting for seemed as if it will soon be coming to our nearest Scion dealership.
My visit to SEMA this week was filled with surprises, especially when I passed by the Scion booth. As expected, Scion Tuner Challenge was going on, which will be showed in one of my coverage, but what I didn't expect was this beauty. Here's Five Axis's concept of the Scion FR-S.

Event Coverage | SEMA 2011 (Pt. I)

November 3, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

I was waiting..waiting..being patient..and...waiting.. You guys know wsup! Yeap~ the long awaited SEMA finally opened on Tuesday at Las Vegas Convention Center. Last year was totally off the hook except that I had to cover everything in two days without attending any parties. Actually, the night time stuff didn't really matter because the cars at SEMA were enough. If you haven't been to SEMA, there are basically 3 halls, each hall presenting/introducing companies from all around the world. It's pretty complicated, so you should check out the official SEMA page to know the details. Let's just skip to the good part~ I don't want to talk about all the rules and stuff about this event because it's long and for enthusiast like us, it's all about the cars!
So this trip can be pretty costly. Staying for 4~5 days at Las Vegas means 15~20 meals in total, which equates to ~$700. Trust me, if you don't plan everything ahead of time, you are literally fuked! That's why always save up for like 2 months, so that you can have a good time at Vegas instead of saving money AT Vegas. I did sort of make a mistake beforehand because what I thought was going to happen didn't, but luckily, my friend Kelvin (owner of the Do-Luck Widebody Evo 9), thankfully invited me to stay with him and his friend which are also my friends, so big thanks to him.

After planning things out, I woke up at 2am on Tuesday and headed out with excitement. To be honest, it's been a long time since I've been this excited. I don't mind looking at cars that I've seen more than once, but checking out ones I've never seen before at an event is an opportunity I don't want to miss, especially at an event like SEMA which is known for being one of the biggest automotive/industrial automotive show in the US. There were so many cars scattered throughout the hallways and outside area, so I'll try to break things down while keeping the content fresh and original. To start it off, I'll take you guys from the inside hallway.

Event Coverage | SevenStock 14 - "Long Live the Rotary"

October 30, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Sevenstock 14-21
SevenStock is probably the most anticipated event of the year in Southern California for Rotary fans and owners. I clearly remember as if it was yesterday attending SevenStock last year, running and walking around every single aisle like a little kid, trying to take a photo of every single car that attended. It was during the time period when I didn't know jack about cars, especially rotaries, except knowing the fact that Rx-7s were the shit! Well...that's what I heard, so ever since then, my interest in Rx-7 FDs was growing and as of now, it's my favorite car. Yea~ I know I know~ Rotaries are difficult to manage and not really cost efficient when a problem occurs, but I really don't care! It's like falling in love with someone and willing to do anything it takes to keep her v(^-^)v If I do get one in the near future, I'll definitely make a separate savings account just for the car :D
Anyways, back to SevenStock, the event location for this year was different than last year. Last year's event was at Mazda HQ in Irvine, CA where Cars and Coffee is held every Saturday. I'm not sure if this was the first time, but for this year, it was held at Fairplex, Pomona, CA. Now a few things changed, such as admission fees for people who wanted to show their ride and general + parking fees for spectators. Considering all these 'economic' changes, I was a bit worried with the amount of showcase cars and spectators because last year's free event was totally off the hook. Arriving with our editor Edgar Lozoya at the event around 12pm and taking a quick glimpse of the area, the showcase lot was smaller, amount of cars participating was smaller, and the quality of cars went downhill big time compared to SevenStock 13. I was sort of disappointed, but seeing one well-done FD was good enough, such as the one shown above owned by Ryan from R-Ryde. Let's get to the coverage, so that you guys can enjoy some rotaries!

Random Nightlight | Monstrous 3

October 26, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Bulletproof Meet-60
The deep throttle roar you hear from miles away turns your head unintentionally. No matter what you are doing, the sound of what hears like a F1 car becomes an instant attraction and if this happens at a meet, it won't be only you but others as well turning heads. Few weeks ago at Bulletproof's 11th Anniversary Meet, it was this M3 Sedan E90 LCI that amazed everyone because of its pleasing exterior look and exotic sound from the Meisterschaft exhaust by GT Haus. There are much more things to share, so read and see along.

Special Coverage | CarsxHype x AutoRND meet

Night-Import: Photography by Andy Nguyen | Words by William Lee & Andy Nguyen

Few weeks ago, our photographer Andy Nguyen attended a meet hosted by both CarsxHype and AutoRND. I don't even remember when this meet happened, but I know a few friends of mine work for CarsxHype and they've been very active in the scene. It's good to see two sites collaborating to organize a meet because it shows how these guys do what they do out of passion rather than fame or greed. Thumbs up!
Via Andy,
The first ever CarsxHype meet and greet at none other than AutoRND. Big shout out to the guys at CxH for throwing a great event with a great turnout! Also for letting me borrow a camera for event!

Event Coverage | Sideway Sundays (Oct. 23)

October 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Sideway Sundays-2
I'm having that feeling again while writing this coverage...dammit...and I say to myself, "Already a year?" I remember the days talking with the staffs of Sideway Sundays before the event was officially launched. There were a lot of things to discuss and few misunderstandings, but overall, I was satisfied and I'm sure it was the same for every company out there that contributed to this monthly event. To be honest with you guys, I was very disappointed with how this event started. Only those who knew about this event during early 2011 know what I'm talking about. The first Sideway Sundays was planned to be free for everyone except drifting participants, but what really screwed things up was the unpredictable weather. What should have been 'Rain or Shine' was cancelled because of a predicted rain weather forecast and everyone who planned to attend were either pissed or disappointed because on the day of the event, it was sunny! From then on, things went downhill. The actual first event was greeted by a thunderstorm, next event was way too hot, and it's been continuing on like that till yesterday. I'm not saying it’s someone’s fault and because a few staffs of my blog and I were a part of this event, there is really no one to blame. I'm just not satisfied with the overall turnout since the first event and hoped it was going to get better, but my expectations were not fulfilled. I tried my best and so did the others, so I guess this is how we conclude Sideway Sundays for this year. Don't worry if you didn't attend any of the events because it will continue on next year.
Anyways, let's get to the coverage on yesterday's final Sideway Sundays of 2011.

Nightlight | Lucky 32

October 23, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
The story starts last month when I visited Irwindale Speedway to attend Dubfest 2011. While walking around doing coverage like every week, I came across a Midnight Purple car that looked pretty familiar from far away. As expected, it was this Skyline R32, but not your ordinary stock ones like you rarely see on the streets. Sadly, the car was parked so tightly between booths I didn't have a chance to look at the details. With disappointment, while heading back to my car to avoid the sunny and hot weather, I hear the MC saying a R32 was being raffled out, which struck me instantly with an outrageous expression. I'm pretty sure what I heard was true, so coming home and writing up the coverage, I mentioned what I heard and the conversation happens online with the owner of this beautiful Do-Luck Skyline R32, Robert Elias, from Los Angeles, CA. What sounded so good to be true was actually correct. I'm sure the MC was mistaken with another car or I had some potential hearing disability, but from then on, Robert and I have been talking actively online about his car and the untold story. Today, not will this R32 only amaze you with its looks, but also the history that has led this car to fame starting from Japan and now soon to be in the US.

Event Coverage | Race Day Car Show

October 19, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Race Day-35
After an awesome time at Lexus The Pursuit III with my boys Low N Slow, I went straight to another event that luckily wasn't too far from where I lived. A good friend of mine, Norman, was hosting his own event for the first time and I had to attend to support while doing coverage. Most of you guys who only show won't understand how much time and effort is needed in order to create an event. It might sound easy, but the cost, location, people you need to talk to, notifying the police department, etc., takes a long time. It's definitely worth it if an event has a good turnout, but not knowing what will happen really gives a huge amount of pressure. I really can't compare such situations to mine when I hosted a meet at JIC Magic few months ago, but even that was a PITA to manage. Either way, I gotta give mad props to Norman for hosting an event at a Go Kart Racing place (Racing Edge Karting) in Burbank. Thumbs up buddy!

Event Coverage | The Pursuit III by Longo Lexus

October 18, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

The Pursuit III-114
Last Sunday was pretty hectic. I had to jump by a few places back and forth, do some quick errands, and then finally had some time to cover events. There were two major ones happening on the same day and time, but like always, I managed to take care of both v(^-^)v.
Most of the major ones that go on annually are definitely a must-to-attend and listed on my smartphone because no one has a clue on what cars will show up. This is true because when I attended Bulletproof's 11th Anniversary meet, I found out the Carbon Fiber NSX made its first appearance to the public. To some of you guys, it might not mean anything, but to a blogger who goes to events and meets almost every week and see the same cars more than twice, it's a pretty big deal and a moment not to forget. The Pursuit was one of those events I didn’t want to miss because of having an awesome time last year, but not having enough time to thoroughly look at the cars. This event is the largest Lexus based event here in SoCal, opening the drag strip for competition along with a car show, both held at Irwindale Speedway, CA, so missing such an event is a no no! The Pursuit III was somewhat the same as The Pursuit II, so I arrived at around 12pm, covered the event for about a good 3 hours, and headed toward Race Day Car Show in Burbank. That coverage will be up hopefully by tomorrow, but today, enjoy the beautiful Lexus and other make/models.

Special Coverage | Bulletproof's 11th Anniversary Car Meet

October 16, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Bulletproof Meet-49
Managing my own personal blog for a year now led me to so many situations and through those situations, accomplishing goals within this scene. It might sound awkward to some of you guys when I say the word goal, but seeing so many different events occurring in a community, there are things you really want to see a change, such as improvements in certain fields of the automotive industry or giving some spotlight to those who deserve it. My intentions were straightforward when I created Night Import and so far, I have to say I've been doing a pretty darn good job. Naw, I don't think I'm being cocky at all because I still have a long way to go and lack the knowledge in many parts of this field, but looking through how I spent my past year in the car scene, there were times when I said to myself "Wow..serious?" because of feeling honored or just thrilled.

Few months ago when Bulletproof Automotive contacted me to be the main Media for their upcoming meet, I felt as if what I've been working for came to a point where it was all worth it.
Bulletproof is known for being a distributor of Japan aftermarket parts, but also for their blog, Real JDM. Unlike other companies, keeping things authentic is what this company is all about and if you read through their blog, you'll either see/read about their project cars or thoughts about the automotive industry, which is not doing so well today. You'll rarely come across blogs that talk about sensitive subjects and speak the truth, which is why I personally consider Bulletproof as one of the best companies and blogs out there today. Their 11th Anniversary meet held at K1 Speed in Torrance, CA yesterday was a day for those who followed Bulletproof for a long time or recent fans like me, knowing what was good and being supportive with originality . Although there weren't a crazy amount of cars like local night meets, this meet was more of quality than quantity.