Random Spotlight: Picture of the Day

September 30, 2010

This is what you call Oni Camber :D


Random Spotlight: Black on Gold


One of the cars that attract car lovers are s2k's.
Let's get to the facts.. it's small, fast, good looking, and a coupe! :D
Like always, I was browsing through the RSX forums and came across this s2k on Gold Volk TE37's.
These wheels are popular and common to see on tracks, but personally, I never get tired of it. It's one of those wheels that look sick, especially if they are concaved.

Spotlight: Simple & Clean

September 29, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Jim Davis


What more else to say when a car is stanced, clean, and simple?
03 TDI belongs to Will Fisher and he owns/directs a site called BAGRIDERS.COM
Our new photographer, Jim Davis, had an opportunity to shoot this car and was amazed on the cleanliness. No crazy stickers, shiny, wheels are fully polished...I would stop this car on the highway just to do a coverage.
Great job to Jim for these awesome photos and finding Will's Jetta.

Spotlight: Striking EJ1

my ejone posted

I'm really hyped up because our site is getting bigger and bigger.
New photographers came in and looking forward to recruit other people as well.
Usually, most of the staffs/crew for known blogs have sick rides and we, night-import, are pretty much in the same case :)

This sick car belongs to one of our photographers, Jay Peña.
Now this is not an ordinary EJ1 you guys see passing by your street or even on the net.
It's a 1994 Honda Civic EX/S aka SI model in Canada that comes with back disc brakes.

Video Coverage: A Taste of Japan

Saw this video that was posted up by our friend Elite-Autosports .
For those who have no idea how the freeway/highway looks like in Japan, here ya go :)

Random Spotlight: Night Hawk


I've contacted Felix, the owner of this Prelude, awhile ago and he finally got back to me with awesome photos.
So far, this is my second coverage of a Prelude.
It's simply one of those cars you don't see that much in the stance scene.

Well here's a 1999 Honda Prelude Base 5spd doing it right.
 11 year old car and we could all see the owner did a great job managing its look.
I remember seeing this ride @ Hellaflush 5 and it was stunning. Impressed by the overall look and stance, I definitely thought it was a car worth a feature.
  I was lucky enough to find him on the forums, so here are some pictures to share.

Random Spotlight: The Perfect Exposure


Today is full of VIP rides getting featured.
I can't get enough of it because they are too dam sexy.
Here's another gorgeous VIP car, a Lexus LS460 owned by John Nguyen.

Lexus's are generally categorized as a VIP, but that doesn't mean it will look VIP if only stocked. A lot of work needs to go into it and this car shows a great example of how a VIP Lexus should look.

Random Spotlight: VIP Style Honda

September 28, 2010


Once again, another VIP car from Thailand.
O my o my...I want to visit Thailand only to see VIP cars.

I have no idea about the model of this Honda, but it IS a Honda.
Who said a Honda can't be VIP?
Gotta give credit to 'lunek' from VIPstylecars.com for finding these pics.

Random Spotlight: Best VIP Camry


In my opinion, VIP or VIP styled cars is one of the best looking themed cars in the import scene. The choices of wheels, camber, stretch, drop, .. almost everything about it defines a "sick" car.

Here's a VIP styled car that I guarantee you guys will love!
It's a Camry modified in Thailand..and yes, it is a Camry ACV30 (or MCV30) = 6th generation (2001-2006).
I remember seeing couple of pics of this Camry in the past, but didn't get a chance to see the whole thing. Luckily, I found the whole batch of it in VIPstylecars.com. I don't have any information regarding its modification list, but you can get an idea of how well this car was made.
Thailand is stepping up their game in the VIP scene and they are making the sickest VIP cars as of today.

I hope this car becomes a stepping stone for all of you guys out there planning to go in the VIP route. Do it right!

Random Spotlight: Drift Kings

September 27, 2010

It's always difficult to learn something new when it comes to cars.
I'm new to the drift scene and don't know much about it. I have no idea how drifting works or the concept of how the car should be structured to drift.
However, I do know drifting is darn sexy :D

I want to share 2 drifting videos that I found on Youtube.

First one is a GTR drifted by the Drift King Tsuchiya. If you don't know him, he's known for his Toyota AE86, also known as Hachi-Roku. In this video, he drives this sexy beast and does an excellent job like always. No wonder he's called the Drift King.

Lastly, this video is pretty dam awesome. See it and love it! All different types of imports drifting like crazy~~

Event Coverage: Women For Perfection

WOP -35

Get ready to drool guys. If your girlfriend is next to you, tell her to go out for a sec because she's gonna get pissed at you for not getting the same attention :)
Being bored like crazy during this weekend, I attended one event out of the two that were happening yesterday. One was the Benz/Bimmer meet @ Irvine and the other one was Women For Perfection event @ Torrance. Not wanting to drive an hour and see half of stocked luxurious cars, I decided to go to Women For Perfection. Always a good thing to do something different than covering cars..right?
I was pretty darn happy walking out of this event, only paying 5 bucks and enjoying myself watching hot models dance and pose..Ok..I sound like a pervert, but seriously, you gotta admit that some models are hot and you stare at them for a long period of time.
It was my first time ever going to such an event, so I was walking back and forth taking pictures like crazy without knowing who was who. If you know the name of the models, leave a comment so we can all learn!
Anyways, let's start with the pics!

Random Spotlight: Drift it like it's HOT!

September 25, 2010


I'm not a fan of posting a coverage one per day. More the better and there are tons of cars out there that deserve a coverage, so here's my third coverage for today.

Being interested in the drifting scene these days, I came across an awesome drifter in the WFC forums. Along with pictures of his ride, he posted a video of him drifting in the mountains. This car did an engine swap to a ca18det and it's drifting hard!

Spotlight: Meister status s2k


Continuation from the hellaflush cars that came all the way from Las Vegas, this is the last ride coverage, a s2k, owned by Jon Palomata.
Talk about quality in this car; Rotora BBK and Work Meisters.
Like the 2 cars I did a coverage on, Phil's S2k and Kev's Miata, this car is LOWWWWWWW.
Still amazed when I see this s2k along with his friends rides.

Event Coverage: House of Drift III

House of Drift -7_1

*Seems like I made a lot of mistakes identifying the cars that were at the event. Please leave a comment and corrections will be made. Seeing this event the 2nd time and not going to a lot of drift events, I don't know how people judge a "good" drift run. I wrote my OWN opinion, so please do not go crazy about how good or bad they were :)

If you guys catched up with some events I've been going to, 'House of Dirft' should sound familiar. It's an event for all levels, starters to pros, to drift like crazy at Irwindale Speedway. This one was the last drifting event for the year so a lot of people showed up. Like always, NOS was there and also King Taco (IMO, best taco's in LA).
Turn out was better than last time, but that was only the amount of people that came to spectate. The drifters that came yesterday weren't as good as before, but it was still entertaining. I heard a Mustang crashed into one of the walls before I went with my friend, so hope that drifter's ok.
Because I arrived when the sun was down, taking drifting shots was very difficult. So I focused on the cars that actually came to the event.

Random Spotlight: Rise of a King

September 24, 2010


One of the sickest looking VIP cars I've seen so far.
The car owner known as KingPin at various forums wrote up a little story about his car..
The Car took 18 mts from the first time we decided to build it , Thanks to Skperformance Who showed me a junction procude Y34 ina vip mag.. . Project started off by getting a JP Kit and going from that point on we added only the best of the best in parts , AC maq rims , Juntion Produce body kit , air runner , BFG kdw tires easy street air management , and all new hard lines for air lines , on install on the air runner almost all the suspension parts were changed along with the brakes and rotors which were slotted and drilled.
As for now the next plan is to upgrade the brakes to BBK , new rims and a Dad Fur interior and some fender work to run 19/10 and 19/11.5 and a new paint job >> stay tuned .. this build is not over yet its just started ..
It's all about inspiration guys. That's how my car started and I'm guessing how it started with all of ya rides.

Random Spotlight: Covered in Neochrome

September 23, 2010


Our new Resourcer, Vadim, helped with finding this sick car.
I remember seeing it on Hellaflush, but never had a chance to look at all the pics. I know I know...this car is awesome!!!!!!!
I've seen neochromed lips but not a neochrome-dipped wheel.
This is just insane..insane meaning sexy insane..

Spotlight: Ma Ma Miata!


Green & Orange...WHAT???
That's a pretty wack color combo but it actually looks good!
It was awesome seeing Kevin's car rolling with two sky blue s2k's.
As much as the s2k's are stanced, this Miata is the same.
Like I usually say...friends are alike :)

Spotlight: LV s2k Exclusive

September 22, 2010


I'm pretty sure you've seen this car if you're into the stance scene.
The owner of this s2k is Phil and he came all the way from Las Vegas for a photoshoot and to chill with his friends.
I first met Phil @ Formula D in Vegas. His car was STUNNING!
After getting his info and talking to him for a bit, I found out he was Stance of the Month for Stance:Nation.
All the stance related blogs or any blogs should feature Phil's ride because it's definitely one of the sickest s2k's out there today.

Video Coverage: FYC Cruise/BBQ Video Coverage

September 21, 2010

During the FYC meet, I met up with Ryan, the one who made this video.
Pretty young kid but he had the skills.
Owning a 5D Mark II, video quality, editing, etc. was on point.
Anyways, here's the vid and enjoy! :) O yea~ First time my ride and myself came out in a video. yay~~~!

End of Summer Cruise presented by FCK YOUR CREW from ryan game on Vimeo.

Random Spotlight: OG status VIP


After the FckYourCrew cruise/bbq, my love for VIP cars grew bigger. Especially, the Y33 that was on coilovers with mad camber all around.
Browsing through the VIPStyleCars forums, I came across another Y33.
I give mad respect to owners of VIP cars because they focus on every little item to make the car look better.
This car is detailed from top to bottom, inside to outside.

Random Spotlight: Friends Are Alike

September 20, 2010


Do you guys remember the 2 Bimmers I did a feature on?
Both are good friends and into the stance scene.
Today's featured cars and their owners are good friends as well.

Check it out. One is a 2005 G35 Coupe on Work Meisters. I've NEVER seen a G on Mesiters, but only on Z's, so this is pretty refreshing.
Next car is even unique-r (if that word even exists). It's a 83 jetta 2-door with rust going on all over the car, but looks pretty tight!

Random Spotlight: BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept

Sort of a different post that's pretty interesting.
I'm a fan of Bimmers and keep myself updated with new released cars around the world. Here's the concept of the BMW 6 series coupe.


Random Spotlight: Too Sexy Too Low


It's not a suprise anymore to see Subaru's being stanced,
but there are various steps car owners take and it results in either a sick or weak stance. This WRX Wagon owned by Jordan from Utah took the right step and I'm dam glad he did.
You guys be the judge.
My personal overall score? I'll just say it in one word. Sexy!

Event Coverage: FYC Cruise/BBQ Coverage

September 19, 2010

Fckyourcrew -66

FYC Cruise/BBQ was pretty darn awesome today.
I rolled out with Noel (owner of the G35 on SSR MS1's) to the first location, Alamitos Park @ Long Beach. Not a lot of cars were there, so I was like.. "o man...hope a lot of cars show up.." but after 10 minutes or so, cars were just keep coming and coming from stocks to VIP. Even cops showed up and was running license plate #'s, which was a PITA to stay quiet while rolling out. Half of us went into another parking location to avoid the cops and when one car was trying to go over those spike attatched bumps to head to our final location, his car got stucked! :D (Hellaflush approved!) That's when 4~5 cops came into the lot. Luckily, all of us went out with no problem and the guy's car that got stuck on that bump came without a ticket. So basically, the cops were pretty cool :)

Another situation happend while heading to the park. The wagon belonging to Simple Wheel Werks broke down! and it happend in the middle of the freeway! O man...but overall, event was awesome. Great turn out for a first cruise/bbq meet.

Event Coverage: 7Stock Coverage

9.18.10 -141

On Saturday, I had to cover 2 events and a photoshoot for my blog and juststance.com. Really long day, but I had a lot of fun. As you guys know, 7stock was going on at Irvine and it was huge! Most of the shows that are dedicated for a certain company has a good turnout. For the Scion event that happend at Longo, more than 300 cars showed up and the result for 7stock was pretty much the same. The whole parking lot of Mazda North America Corporate HQ Center was full of Mazda's. Almost all the rotaries in SoCal showed up. Even people from out of states came as well.

I took photos of rotaries that were modded to my liking because there were too many cars and half of them were just stock. I took a different step when editing the photos for this event. I added a lot of vibrance and it came out ... pretty bad :) but hope you guys like it.

Special Coverage: AAautoworks Photoshoot

September 18, 2010

Had nothing much to do on Friday and found out my boi Jose had a photoshoot at AAautoworks warehouse.
I felt like being in the movie Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift.
All these models, exotic cars, a lot of people, bumpin music, beers for everyone~ man it was chill.

Because I don't have the mucho expensive lens and lighting, pics came out pretty bad, but just giving you an idea of how the photoshoot went..

AAauto -9

Random Spotlight: Not a fan of Yellow?

September 17, 2010


First of all...WOW!
I am in love with the car and photography.
Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of yellow cars. It's really hard to make it look .. what should I say...nice?
But this Evo is different...WAYY different.
The combination with Volk Te37's in white makes the car look gorgeous.

Random Spotlight: Can it be any sexier?


I'm pretty sure you guys haven't seen this 350Z.
Yea..probably the same colored car but not with these wheels.

The sexy 2003 Nissan 350Z belongs to Andrew.
I don't know what else to say about this car...

One fact for sure, Andrew definitely knows how to fix up a car with quality parts.

Random Spotlight: E46 is Back!

September 16, 2010


This car was my first BMW coverage when I opened this blog.

Name is Cesar from Richmond, VA. If you haven't checked out his coverage, find it! jk jk. Here ya go -> E46 Coverage
Cesar's car is one of those that you need to see in person rather than pics. Trust me, these ain't enough.
All the modifications can be found through the link so check it out.

By the way, some changes were made: Lowered, CF A/B/C pillars with CF sunroof slider, and Alcantara headliner.
Enjoy the awesome photography.

Video Coverage: Jump and Drift!

Found this video on youtube and thought it was pretty crazy and awesome.
I want to see this happening in the U.S. :D


Random Spotlight: Project Built #2: Green Drifter


If you guys remember, I did a coverage on a project-build coverage of a Jetta.
This will be my 2nd project-build coverage, but this time, a S13.

One of my favorite cars in the car world are Silvia's.
I don't know why but they look sexy when drifting or even on the road.
What makes it look better is when they are properly stanced.
You guys gotta agree that Silvia's look sexy when slammed to the ground.

The Green Silvia being featured today belongs to Eugene from LV, but borned in Russia.
The reason why I chose this car as a project built feature was because of the work that was done by Eugene himself. You'll see the progress from how it started to how it sits today, but everything was done in his garage. From welding to paint, the car came out amazing and all the responses in his thread is full with compliments.
I did a breakdown of his project built S13 so here we go~

RX7 FD3S Ready..Set..GO!

September 15, 2010

Today's featured ride is not about stance but about performance and overall look. This sexy white 1994 RX7 FD3S belongs to John, a good friend of our sites new photographer Andy Nguyen.
I am speechless when I see a RX7, especially the one Jonathan owns.

Two Amazing Silvia's

I came across this random blog, Opposite Grip, from the Zilvia forums and I was very impressed with the build and photography.
You guys check it out and be the judge :)


Supra looking 300ZX


The best part about having an oldy car is to fix it up like crazy. Forget about the resell value. :)
I remember reading an article about the 300ZX's and was astonished about how much potential it has to become such a nice car.
So here's a 300ZX that I've been eyeing for quite a long time, but never had a chance to talk to the owner.

Never seen such a nicely stanced and modded 300ZX.
I first thought it was a Supra.

Accords reppin "Stance" in SoCal

September 14, 2010

I love these Accords... :O
Keith owns the white Accord and I don't know anything about the other ride.
Anyways, both are sick like crazy.
You have to see these cars in person. Pics don't do justice.

Keith and his friends did a small photoshoot in LA and I want to share some photos with you guys. These cars define the word "stance."


Gangsta + VIP LS430

I want to share two teaser pics of this LS430 that I saw from S:N.
Don't know if he's going to share some info regarding his car,
but from all the LS's i've seen, this one is just jaw dropping....



Model of the Week: Kim Mi Hye

In the import scene, you can't forget about models.
So I'll be looking for famous or known models all around the world and feature one model per week.

Today's model is Kim Mi Hye from South Korea.
From Car&Model.com, Kim Mi Hae is currently ranked as #1.

(Click for Larger Version)


Name: Kim Mi Hye
Age: 11.23.1985
Height/Weight: 171cm, 49kg

Finest Mazda 3


One of Houston's finest Mazda, this 2005 Mazda 3 Hatchback in Titanium Grey Metallic belongs to Kevin Nangcas from Houston.
I've seen many Mazda3's rolling around in my neighborhood and on the freeways and I gotta admit, they don't really look that nice in stock height :/
I think that has to do with any car nowadays :D
Well this one is different and looking good than any other Mazada 3's.

Special Coverage: Bisimoto Luxury Exotic Car Meet

September 13, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Sept 11. Events -167-2

After the two events, I went to City of Industry for the Bisimoto meet to take some photos and do my final coverage of the day. I was really exhausted but managed to stay until all the cars came in. Pictures are all angled out and look weird so sorry about that :)
Anyways, big thanks to Randy (Sale Manager for Bisimoto) for hooking it up with the VIP pass. First time talking to him and we had a long conversation about business and stuff. Awesome guy to talk to so if you're planning to get products from Bisimoto, talk to Randy.
I also met some photographers; from MotorMavens and Honda-Wired.
Cool guys as well.

Event Coverage: New Dimensions - Longo Scion (M2-Motoring)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


New Dimensions was going on yesterday for Scion owners @ Irwindale Speedway.
Left pretty early, but the pre-staging parking lot was packed!
Looked around for awhile...and was looking for cars to take pics of...
andddd to be honest, I didn't want to take any pics of other cars except BB Squad. A lot of the cars weren't my taste at all so I walked around taking pics of wheels, mostly xB's, and couple of tC's.

Special Coverage: Skunk2 Unmeet 1.0

September 12, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Sept 11. Events -112-2

Out of all the meets that went on during Saturday, I personally think the Skunk2 unmeet was the best. Sick cars and awesome food. I don't want to forget about the awesome people I talked to as well.
Met the president of Fckyourcrew and people from Simple Wheel Werks.
A lot of people supported this meet, so the turn out was better than I thought.
Took some photos of the rides that came to the meet.

Sexiest NSX EVER!


I think i'm having a heart attack..
This car is amazing. Purely amazing.
Being a huge "white" car fan, I have to say..this is one of the best looking cars that I've seen so far.

Event Coverage: S-Chassis Car Show

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Sept 11. Events -58-2

3 events were going on in one day...
and~~~~I managed to go to all 3 so good job to me :D

Aggressive looking 240sx

September 11, 2010


I'm pretty sure you guys have seen this car on Canibeat.

But incase if you didn't, here's a chance to check it out!

Upcoming Events

September 10, 2010

Wow. So many meets going on this week.
Well let me make a post about the meets that are coming up.
I have an "event" section at the top so you guys can check that out as well.

1. Skunk2's Unmeet 1.0 9-11-10 Anaheim, CA


325is in Style 5's

My Love

You know what I like about old classic cars?
Keeping it clean and having the wheels make it look sexy as hell.

Lowest Cleanest Si


I have seen a lot of Si's, stance to pure performance.
Being a fan of white cars, this "car" is one of the "best" in my list.
You heard it right, not from the Si's but from cars.

Oni Camber Compilation

September 9, 2010

There are a lot of mixed reviews about "Oni Camber."
Some say too extreme and others say sexy!

I'm just amazed how people make this work. :)
Recently, S:N did a post about Oni camber, so I wanted to make a post with random pics of cars from Japan, U.S., etc. into the Oni Camber scene.




Si on CCW's


I've been wanting to feature a non-stanced car for awhile.
Although I'm into the stance scene, I love imports that are fixed up nicely.
Not too wild, but to the point when people look at a car and say "wow!"

Sitting Pretty

September 8, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Design is pretty darn sexy, right?
This is a sneak peak of my boi, Noel's (owner of SSR MS1 G35 Coupe) new business logo!
If you've been to Greddy Fest or Shakotan, he was handing these out to people who had cars that were sitting flush~
Keep yourselfs updated with "Sitting Pretty."
I'll also be updating Noel's business through facebook or through my blog as well.

Drop, Stretch, Wheels, Stance


A lot of STI's these days in the stance scene.
Well...heard that subaru's started the wrong fitment, so when they get serious, they become REALLY serious.