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December 28, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Fatlace me
Photo by Yogi from Fatlace

**Because this article is becoming an issue, I want to clarify myself so that everyone, including the people who are disagreeing with what I had to say, understands my point. First off, how I defined a 'photographer' was not based on what is written in the dictionary or any online source, but my own. Secondly, my article might have been blown out of proportion and some parts were said to the extreme, but please do not take any of this into heart, especially to those who are already pro's in the scene. To those who just started with photography or blogging, please don't be discouraged with what I had to say, because I've been in the scene for only a year and one of those guys who still gets hate upon with my own style of photography. However, I decided to write about this issue because it was a topic being discussed by many professionals and I just jumped into it. Am I a pro? Hell no! But what they said was correct and it was a turning point for me to realize I wasn't even good enough and a had to try even harder to become a better photographer. I did not want to put certain people in the spotlight because there are plenty of people who relate to this topic. Not everyone agreed with what I had to say, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me. If you were one of those guys who started out as an amateur and now a pro or just a higher level than an amateur, you should understand what I'm trying to say. The article was edited with the term "pro" in front of "photographers".

Was it just me or for those who are over 21 felt as if Christmas wasn't even Christmas (-_-;)...I don't know about you guys, but my Christmas was boring as fuk....It's not that I wanted to get something from someone, but I think of Christmas as a day to spend some time with your family. Well...that didn't even happen because my parents went to play Golf. Ok..FINE! It's because I don't have a girlfriend and I'm sad as hell, trying to find a dam excuse...
Anyways, today's post is not about "Why I hate Christmas", but to talk about something that I personally think is an ongoing issue within the automotive scene or maybe just in general. I've discussed about this topic numerous times with many people and I think it's time to share my thoughts, which most of them will be complaints rather than compliments. What is it about? The title of this post should say it all; Pro-Photographers. Actually, I can't just say pro-photographers because some of these guys don't even deserve to be called photographers. I know what I just said might create an even greater crowd of NI haters, but read this through and try to understand my point. (1/4/12) If you consider yourself to be one, read what I have to say today, and categorize yourself accordingly. Like always, don't get butt hurt just because of my opinions.

I don't want to confuse you guys with the cover photo taken by Fatlace of me shooting at something, because I don't consider myself to be a 'professional' photographer yet. I'm still in the process of learning different styles and techniques, and it will go on forever until I take photography to another level. It's really a hobby that I enjoy, but an element impossible to avoid, which is why I try to take it much more seriously than any other component that makes up my blog. I personally think this should apply to everyone who plans on starting a blog or for those who already have one, place photography as one of the priorities along with writing. While in the topic of blogs, let me make a point here. Just because you shoot for a blog does not mean you are a pro-photographer. The long-depressed outrage inside of me suddenly bursts when I see someone claiming to be a pro-photographer just because of their certain position on a site and when I see their work, I wonder and become clueless.

Straight to the point, I personally think becoming a pro-photographer is not easy. Becoming a Pro in anything is difficult, but just because you ordered a DSLR through an online camera store doesn't make you automatically become a professional. It's ridiculous when I see some of these photography work on Flickr, Facebook, and different sites and see these individuals considering themselves to be a pro-photographer just because of having a bulky camera body with a lens and on top of that, buying a battery grip just to make the camera look like a pro's. Wait..even worse than what I've just mentioned, just because many pro-photographers say "It's all about the lens", I see some of these guys buying professional series lenses but can't shoot for crap with it. Why does this happen? Because of the 'pro image' that people want. If you plan on buying a camera for style, then don't even bother calling yourself to be a pro-photographer. It's not only embarrassing, but lowers the reputation of actual photographers who work for their title. Learn how to use your camera instead of falsifying yourself and others with what you have and the way of usage.

Once again, this is just my thought, but how to become a pro-photographer is something you need to feel and realize, and I'm saying this after reading and talking with numerous professional photographers. It's important what others say about your work, but there is a stage when you'll obviously realize you are more than just a camera-holding person but an actual pro-photographer. The title of being just a 'photographer' is not even easy to come by. Your work needs to prove it and obviously the approvals by others, not just enthusiasts but by those who already clench the name of being one. Don't think you're already up there because someone paid you to shoot their car. Some of you guys might think otherwise, but I've seen some people who claim to be photogs just because of getting paid to shoot, but their photos were horrendous! In the eyes by just enthusiast, it might be OK, but for those who are already professionals, it's really difficult to accept some level of photography work. Get critiques, know people in the photography community, and be experienced.

All I wanted to say in this article was for those who have cameras not to classify themselves to be a pro-photographer just because of having a camera. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone, but only a few. If that's what you think makes you a photog, then a little kid holding a camera is in the same position as you. Learn what it's like to be one, do thorough research, place it as a priority for your blog or as a hobby if you plan on being serious, and make it worth it. **Here's a photo I found that relates to what I had to say in this post. (1/4/12)


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