Event Coverage | Tokyo Motor Show 2011

December 2, 2011

Night Import: Photography by Kaoru Shoji | Words by William Lee

If you guys were waiting for the unveiling of Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, I was waiting for the whole package; the event coverage on Tokyo Motor Show. TMS is a must-to-attend event if you live in Japan or for those who work in the automotive industry, because it's not about what kind of 'modified' cars will be on display, but newly introduced cars from Japan and major announcements that affects the whole world. We all know Japan is the largest vehicle manufacturer, so such events like TMS and TAS are events not to miss.
I'm very pleased that both our photographers in Japan, Charles Zee Zayas and Kaoru Shoji, got accepted as Press to attend TMS and today, I'll be showing you guys the coverage done by Kaoru-san. It was truly amazing looking through past coverage on this event done by other blogs and it's now to the point where I'll be writing a few things with the help of our photogs and editors! I kept myself updated with all the cars that were planned to be at TMS, so I'll try my best to walk you guys through every section Kaoru-san covered.

Starting from the Volkswagon area, TMS introduced two new VWs, one of them being this Cross Coupe. The Cross Coupe is a hybrid, ran by a turbocharged 1.4 TSI engine along with 2 electric motors. The price was pretty cheap considering it being a hybrid. Actually, because of all these automakers focusing on eco-friendly cars, the price on future vehicles will be competitive.


Many cars at TMS were also at LA Auto Show, which I did a full coverage on, so if you missed it, don't forget to check them out.
Part 1
Part 2

An interesting looking Box car by VW.

The MiEV technology by Mitsubishi is becoming noteworthy. The use of its technology was shown by this MiEV 'minicab' displayed with a full set of electrical rock band instruments.

Suzuki is not a brand that's popular in the US, so I didn't pay too much attention on how this company was doing with their new cars. This particular vehicle is the all new 5 door hatchback called Regina. Sounds like a girl's name eh? Well it weighs pretty darn light, just about 730kg. Many bloggers and photographers loved this car, so I'm guessing it's already getting good reviews.

The difference in cars on display between Honda in the US and Japan were huge. At LA Auto Show, the Honda Fit eV and CR-V might have been attention worthy to only those involved in the industry, but for tuners like us, it was just a pass by. However, in its homeland, they had a very strong lineup that caught attention from every angle.
The photo shown above is the insanely gorgeous looking AC-X (Advanced Cruiser Experience), powered by a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine with 2 electric motors. A futuristic looking car like this is definitely worth the money.


Here's another concept called the EV-STER. It's an electric car like all the concepts introduced by Honda, but the 'wow' factor is its built-in technology and overall construction. Not only is it a RWD, but has handlebars, CF parts, and much more.

What's really awesome about Japan automakers introducing new cars in their homeland is their president or main representative actually introducing the car. It might not be a big thing for you guys, but for me, it's an experience I want to go through! The other two concepts were well described to the Press, as well as this one called the 'Micro Commuter' Concept Smart car. It's dam small, but for its size, it has the speed and surprisingly, pretty comfortable.

The last concept shown by Honda was this box looking car called the N Concept 4. Reading some info about this car through other blogs, not a lot of details were given out to the public.


PB302632 PB302625

PB302660 PB302661

PB302645 PB302656
I'm a total newb when it comes to Motorcycles, so I'll skip the commentary on this one and leave it up to you guys v(^-^)v

You're either surprised or clueless when seeing this vehicle. This is a X-Bow R made by a motorcycle manufacturer in Australia called KTM. According to several sites, this go-kart looking car makes almost 300HP and 300 foot pounds of torque. Interesting~


We see Rays, or Mackin Industries in the US, only at SEMA, but in Japan, the company is out there at almost every event.

Smart enough?

Ah~! Here's one car I didn't see at LA Auto Show. I actually read about this car in the recent issue of Motor Trend and it was worth my time. Mercedes-Benz introduced this Concept A-Class at TMS this year and from the looks of it, it's definitely an eye-catcher. Remember that Blue technology by Benz I talked about in my LA Auto Show coverage? Well this concept has that technology as well. Along with the high tech is the uniqueness of the grill and a body line that resembles Benz own F800.

Maybach cars look way too luxurious and maybe the reason why it's so difficult to spot one even in Beverly Hills or the streets of Malibu. The best part about buying a Maybach is having the power to customize one. I mean...if you're rich enough to buy one, why can't you build one yourself, right? I'm not sure about the 57 model, but for the 62, you can replace the 9 inch monitor for a 19 inch. Forget playing games at home if you have this car. I'll actually live in one.



I can tell Kaoru-san loved the AMG as much as I did when I covered LA Auto Show. Not is this car only powerful, but the sexy lines are good enough to attract any girl.




PB302706 PB302705


So here it is! The official Subaru BRZ in White and Blue. The only difference from the Subaru and Toyota model is the spoiler and fender design. I forgot to mention the difference in badging, but you guys know what I have to say about that. There's one thing I don't really understand though when reading all these comments about the BRZ looking better than the Toyota 86, when they are both nearly identical! Are you serious? Does the badge really change the look of the car?? Here's some info released by FT86club.com today, so read it through~!

Source from Motor Trend editor-in-chief:
- Subaru BRZ should go on sale in May 2012
- Starting price around $24k for Premium and about $27k for Limited.
- BRZ Premium model which includes standard navigation, eight-speaker audio, soft touch dash, limited slip differential, leather-wrapped steering wheel (tilt-telescopic), shift knob and e-brake lever, six-speed manual, aluminum pedal covers and cruise control, among other standard features.
- BRZ Limited model adds leather seats with Alcantara trim, fog lamps, rear deck spoiler, 17-inch rims and vented discs (16" front, 15" rear)
- Subaru expects sales of 3-4K units/yr
- According to Subaru a key difference between BRZ and Toyota 86/Scion FR-S are firmer front and softer rear spring rates for the BRZ
- BRZ weighs 2770 lbs (although Subaru BRZ press release says 2684 lbs)
Makes 200hp@7000rpm and 150lb-ft@64-6600rpm. Redline is 7450 (fuel cutoff)

There you go! All the introductory stuff you need to know about the BRZ.



All I knew about this year's TMS was the revealing of the BRZ, but I didn't know there was going to be a modified version. Subaru announced to participate in the GT300 class next year with the all new BRZ shown above. It's called the Subaru BRZ Super GT300 and for many of you guys that were debating on which FT-86 version to buy, I'm sure this version finalized your decision. It would've been awesome if Toyota decided to use their Toyota 86 for the GT class, but their decision on using the Prius wasn't a poor decision at all.


Most of the spotlight went to the BRZ, but the concepts were not ignored, such as this Advanced Tourer concept by Subaru. This model is a breakthrough and a stepping stone for Subaru because of its non-Subaru looking design. As expected, it will be using an electric motor with a 1.6 liter turbocharged boxer engine.

Mmm..for those who want to stick with the classic STis, this one is worth saving up some money.
Subaru announced this new STi as being the king of the kings out of all the STi tuned cars. Not only has it gained more power, but the overall design and all new suspension system will be only a few noteworthy factors to attract Subaru fanatics.


What did Nissan have in store for TMS? At LA Auto Show, it was the Nissan Juke and 2013 GT-R R35, but at TMS, there was much more. The Nissan Juke was a huge hit as well as the Nissan Esflow, which both are not pictured, but it was also the zero-emission drivetrain LEAF Nismo RC-racing car. The construction of this car will become the standard for every other electric car that will be built by Nissan, so let's see what other cars will come out next year.

I was truly waiting for thess concept cars to make an appearance. The Takeri and Shinari concepts made their first world debut at TMS and for all Mazda fans, both were worth drooling over. The names itself made the car attractive and compared to other eco-friendly cars, both had spectacular body lines. The Takeri concept is not shown, but what you see here is the Shinari. It's a concept car, so how it will change later on will be a mystery.

Audi R8 GT in Matte Sky Blue? Wow!

Audi is one of those luxurious brands that many Asians like. Seeing one in Korea is like seeing a Porsche GT3RS in the states. Wait...is that good enough? You guys get the point.

I have never come across a BMW Aplina, except the time when I was at LA Auto Show.


Both of these concepts were introduced in my LAAS coverage.

With shell...

Without shell..


Amazing, unique, technology, one-piece, what the hell, ... all these words and phrases come to mind when looking at Toyota's Fun-vii (vii - Vehichle Interactive Internet) concept. What you see here is not painted or the stock form, but an interactive screen that covers the whole body.
The whole concept of this car is to be 'linked' with the society.
I'm not sure about the 'link' part when someone can literally stalk a person by using this car...just playing.

Doraemon! Off topic, this was my favorite Manga when I was in elementary school.



There are so much information and photos on this car, I'll just pass it along to 7tune's article because Adam covered it really well.

The GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept is known to be the next generation of the renown MR-S/MR2. The first concept was introduced last year, and for this year, it had an upgraded look and drivetrain. This beauty was Hiromu Naruse's last designed car, which is why it's even more special to the industry and community.

The Daihatsu D-X is a car I have no clue on, but doing some research, it's like a lego car where you can swap out body panels here and there. It will be in the market late next year.



Kaoru-san works in the Euro part of the automotive industry, so he is very attached to Euro brands like Porsche.

Once again, a BIG thanks to Kaoru-san for covering this event for my blog. He actually signed up as Night Import when applying to Press!
ありがとうございます! (_ _)
Hope you guys enjoyed this coverage! I'm planning to go to Japan next year to attend TMS and TAS with a few friends if things work out. Let's just keep our hopes up. v(^-^)v


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