Event Coverage | Motion Auto Show 2012 (Pt. III)

May 24, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

MAS 2012-205
Why does it feel like the week is going faster than usual? I remember writing up part 1 on Monday, but it's already Thursday and I'm writing the final part of my Motion Auto Show coverage. O well~ It might be good for some of you guys who felt as if these past few days were slow as hell.
Today's coverage will cover the other parts of the showcase area and I'll be talking about some random things that I observed throughout the show. I actually stayed until 6pm chilling with my boys at Import Fashion's booth, but didn't get a chance to hear the awards being announced. I have no idea why I missed the last part...because....I can't remember what the hell I was doing. Those dam gummy bears...Ged..you know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyways, in the words of comedian David So, "LGI son! Let's get it! Let's go!"

Event Coverage | Motion Auto Show 2012 (Pt. II)

May 22, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

MAS 2012-195
Harro~! Welcome back NI fans. I really appreciate many of you guys leaving comments and liking my part 1 coverage of MAS 2012. It means a lot when a compliment is made on whatever I do that's involved with cars. I'm just a blogger and NI is a personal blog, so whenever I do get a positive feedback, that means I'm doing something right and you guys are enjoying my coverages and features. Right?

While in the topic of feedbacks and compliments, something pretty awesome happened last week at a bar/lounge I go to in koreatown called Gaam. If you love food and drinking, then you should know about this place because it is THE spot in ktown to chill with your homies. On Saturday, I met up with Steve and Luke, who are very well known photographers, to have some 'fun' (you can define that word in any way) until the place closed, which was around 2am. Afterwards, a guy named Jin came up to me, asking if I was the owner of Night Import. The conversation continued on and I found out he was a huge fan of my blog. He even knew all the recent posts I made on this site you guys are in right now. I really appreciate all of ya'll who take a look at the photos and words I post up on the fanpage, but I appreciate those who check my official blog even more. I'm just mentioning this small story because I want to say thanks to Jin for coming up to me and complimenting about my site. *thumbs up* Also, shout out to my new friends Steve and Luke who really made my day on Saturday. It was CHILL!

I gotta get back to my MAS coverage instead of talking about some random events that aren't related, so fast forwarding to Sunday, there were a lot of things I saw and heard other than cars in general. Some are confidential because I don't want to create some drama, but there will be some short stories/opinions/thoughts I want to mention for certain photos I'll be posting up today or maybe in my part 3 coverage.
I remember last year's MAS was really packed. When I mean by packed, I'm talking about cars parked close together and few aisles overcrowded with spectators. But for some reason, I felt as if the crowd was lacking and not a lot of teams/crews participated. It sort of brought back the memories of last year's event schedule when Nisei, MAS, SpoCom, and Wekfest were all happening within 2 months or so. Anyways, I decided to start off with one of my favorite cars at MAS, which was this WALD Black Bison LS600h built by VIP Auto Salon. I actually saw this car in ktown while watching the Lakers play and it was rolling into a lot filled with people waiting in line to eat at a restaurant. I don't know about you guys, but if I was one of those hungry people in line, I would've been a bit full checking out this car. Stunning!

Event Coverage | Motion Auto Show 2012 (Pt. I)

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

MAS 2012-7
Wow. It felt amazing last week to FINALLY attend a major car show here in SoCal. The last show I went to was the one in Puente Hills hosted by Prestige Marketing and that was like..2~3 months ago. If you are active in the car scene as a blogger, then you know exactly how it feels to rest for that long. Because of time conflicts and being so tired during my resting period, the only way to be updated with cars was to check out blogs and sites that update very frequently, such as Speedhunters, MotorMavens, StanceWorks, etc. I was particularly interested in SoCal car news because I live in SoCal and want to be updated with cars that have never came out or the ones I've seen before but with new setups for this year. Knowing how seeing cars in person and online have a difference and the fact that MAS was on a Sunday when I didn't work, I was really excited. Wait, let me exaggerate a bit more... I was extremely fu*king excited!

On Saturday when I usually stay up all night chilling with my homies, I actually came home early (around 3am...*cough*) to rest up, woke up at around 8am, got ready, and right when I was about to leave, I felt as if I needed to check my tires, so I started from the back checking the treads. Rears were fine considering it's on -8 camber and I was rolling on them for 7 months now, but the front passenger side tire was almost gone! I was like.. fu*k it..and just drove the tC slowly to Long Beach Convention Center. I arrived at around 11am, got my Media pass, and the coverage started from then on. I was debating on which photo to start with, and decided to give Michael Mao's NSX the spotlight. I'll get back to his car later on throughout the coverage. You guys ready? Because I am! LEGO!!!!

Nightlife | Drift Faction 2012

May 15, 2012

Night Import: Photography by Jim Davis | Words by William Lee

Drift Faction 5/11/12 To some of us, it's the smell of burnt tires in the morning that replaces the caffeine in coffee. The drifters who participated in the recent drifting event called Drift Fraction are the ones who fit into that category. Not too long ago, Jim brought us a coverage on last year's Drift Faction and the response from the community was overwhelming. It's always a pleasurable sight to see such organized events for the grassroots because there aren't so many out there and through my blog, I'm pleased to share such events so that the popularity of this event can grow and give some sort of an idea to those who plan on organizing one. This year's Drift Faction event was as good as last year's, tons of people participating and showing off their skills.

Nightlight | Night Import Rides

May 12, 2012

Night Import: Photography by staffs | Words by William Lee

Most of the contents that are published on my blog are event coverages and features. I know many of you guys enjoyed it and so did I, even though it was written by me, but there weren't many times I posted something related to our contributors. Today is somewhat of a special post, because it's the first time ever revealing the cars driven by our staffs. I've been promising myself to make this post asap, but because of not having so much time to even write a simple post on my blog, it's been postponed for weeks! Well finally, it's time! Now some of you guys might be expecting a lot from us because of the sheer amount of fans we have on facebook. It's not the rides that made our blog somewhat known to the automotive scene, but the coverage and contents we post up on the fanpage and the blog by our contributors. Personally, I think what our staffs drive ain't that bad! So let's get on to the introduction and pics.

Jim Davis's S2000 

Jim has been a contributor for quite a long time. He's obviously known for his photography skills, and soon enough, will be active and known in the car scene with his S2k after he installs all the upcoming parts ordered through various companies. I can mention a few products that are in the shipping/ordering process, but I rather wait and show you guys the complete look of his ride. To give you guys a glimpse of the upcoming parts...
Jim: "17X10 +45 bronze Volk CE28N's, Fortune Auto 500 coilovers with Swift springs (10K front/9K rear), Fortune Auto brushed titanium shift knob all waiting to be installed after the wheels arrive. "
Another ride driven by Jim. I never expected him to drive a truck, so this was pretty new.

   DSC_0080-2.jpgAndy Nguyen's Prius 

Woohoo!!! I love the Prius after looking at the Aimgain Prius not too long ago. I know it's not a favorite amongst the hybrid line up, but it still saves you tons of gas and probably shits on most of our rides when it comes to gas mileage.
Modifications: Tein Htechs Prius Five Fog Lights All LED bulbs 5K HIDs lows and fogs 20% tint all round Black painted lower bumper trims In these photos: XXR 522(?) 18x9.5 +38F +33R Falken ZE912 225/40 all round
I've been talking with Andy for months about his Prius, because I want him to install air ride and get the aimgain kit. Who knows, he might go with it :)

Nick Schult'z IS

I actually jacked this photo from Nick's facebook page because he doesn't have too many shots of his recent IS look on flickr. Nick has been slowly modifying his car and is stepping up big time. Stay tuned once everything settles. Also, his ride had a small feature on Modified magazine, so pick up the last month's issue and check it out.
  Summer Daze-31Edgar's G35 

 I'll just post the mod list of Edgar's ride. It should explain everything.
Engine: ARC Blow off Valve ARC Oil Cooler ARC Intercooler ARC Strutbar ARC Radiator ARC Oil Pan ARC Oil Cap ARC Radiator Cap Cosworth Intake Manifold Cosworth Fuel Rails Custom Purple Valve Covers Engine Bay Wire Tuck Purple Samco Hoses Mishimoto Fan Shroud Vortech Supercharger Custom Intake pipe Custom Super Charger piping fully polished Polished Super Charger Bracket Power Enterprises 510cc injectors Invidia Gemini Exhaust Motordyne ART Test Pipes Interior BRIDE CUGAS custom Suede Diamond Stitched inserts Custom Diamond stitched door inserts and backseats Custom Black Suede interior Takata harness Defi Advanced CR Guages Boost,Oil Temp AEM EUGO A/F Guage KEY!s Racing steering wheel FET QRSII quick release Exterior: Custom Purple Pearl Mix "EGGPLANT PEARL" paint Custom Widened K2 front bumper Custom widened Front fenders Custom rear quarter-panel pull BAUSAUTO - INGs+1 sides BAUSAUTO -Chargespeed Replica rear bumper with purple CF insert SEIBON TS Style Purple CF hood VIS Racing Rear Trunk Purple CF VIS Racing Rear Window Visor purple CF BAUSTAUTO - Guilla replica grill in CF Suspension/Brakes/Wheels: Ohlins tuned by IMPUL coilovers Whiteline Sway Bars Whiteline Endlinks SPC Front Camber arms SPC Rear Camber arms GT-Spec Under Bracing Endless 6 Pot Racing front BBK 370mm Endless 4 pot Racing rear BBK 355mm 20" SSR SP3s in Super Black Coat finish 20X9.5 -0 20X11 +3 ICE: Kenwood DNX Headunit HERTZ MILLIE Component system front HERTZ MILLIE Component System rear Audison LRx 5.1k Amplifier Image Dynamics D3 12" subwoofer
Good enough...right? :)
  1013mm tCLastly, my ride.

 I didn't post every staff's ride because some didn't submit a photo, but once I do get them, I'll update this post. Thanks guys for checking out Night Import.

Random NightLife: Tour on Job Design

May 8, 2012

Night Import: Photo by Brian Kato | Words by William Lee

Job Design-11

Welcome back! I'm finally bringing you guys some content to enjoy. It took me awhile to get these photos edited, submitted by my good friend Brian Kato, who recently went to Japan and visited a few companies and events. He actually shared his photos with us on D1GP, so if you missed his coverage, click here to check it out.
Today, I'll be taking you guys on a tour to the famous VIP company in Japan called Job Design. Brian Kato himself drives a VIP Fuga here in the states and is a big fan of Job Design, so it was one of his listed plans to visit the company when he went to Japan. I personally love this company as well because of the luxurious and exotic style the kits hold and goes so well with a few chassis, especially Lexus. It's not so common to see a Job Design Lexus GS or LS here in the states, but if you get to see one in person, you literally stand at one spot, staring at the car for a few minutes. After seeing so many VIP rides last year, I'm planning to move to a VIP chassis instead of the Rx-7 FD I planned on getting. I mean...I just got a better position in work and have to meet a few lawyers here and there, so why not drive a boss'd out car in koreatown, right? :D Let's check out the coverage by Brian.

Random Nightlife: Lag

May 7, 2012

Night Import: Words by William Lee

Wow...I haven't been on this blog since....last week... shit... my bad guys, especially to those who actually check my blog out. I have been MIA like a mofo during these past few months because of my job. I feel really guilty now after realizing how inactive I am compared to last year. If you know me, I've been to almost every meet and event last year, not giving a shit about what I did because I was sooo into it. But after thinking about myself in the long-run, I had to step my game up and do what I had to do. Don't get me wrong, I still love cars and would LOVE to go to every single event, but I have more important things to do in my life and need to get my facts straight. What I do as a hobby, is just a hobby. Ya'll might think Night Import is my job and I get banked because of the number of fans this blog has on facebook, but all in honesty, I don't earn anything other than the decals I sell as requested and a few $ from the companies who want their ads on my blog. Yeap, I don't earn jack and I never intended to make money out of Night Import.

 So..what do I do? I already mentioned my job on one post in the past, but I work for a MRI center in Koreatown, Los Angeles. I also just got promoted as a director for an orthopedic consultation office, so my life got two times busier. I'm dam happy that my life is getting busier with a job I'm satisfied with, but at the same time, pretty depressed because I can't meet all the friends I met in the car scene or just taking my car out there to shows or meets. Few months ago, I was going to show my car at TORC, but that didn't happen. I didn't even get to go to TORC last week.

Well, to share some news with you guys today, I will be selling my tC very soon and move on to a different car. If I'm your friend, then this news should've been unexpected because I always said to you guys that I would keep my car. But, I had to go through some shit during these past few weeks, so I have no choice but to sell it. O well~! Life sucks. On the other hand, my new ride will be a................ can't share that info hahahahaha I already know what I'm going to get, so just wait and see :) That's about it guys. I just made this post to keep you guys updated with what I've been going through. In a few days, I'll be posting a coverage by Brain Kato on Job Design JP., my list of 10 things I hate seeing at car shows and meets, and some other things shared by our contributors. O yea, might make a good-bye post on my tC, so that might be interesting. Keep ya'll heads up and stay strong! Peace out!