NightLife | Tab Tuesday/OC Food Truck Meet at Westminister

December 22, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Here's something different compared to how I usually do coverage on a nighttime meet. O wait..'nightlight' meet (^-^). Instead of photos, I'll share the Nlog (NightLog) coverage I did on OC Food Truck Meet held at Westminister last Sunday. If that doesn't sound familiar, then I think Tab Tuesday should ring a bell because both organizations collaborated a while ago to have a Food Truck meet in the OC area since early this year. Out of all the Tab Tuesday/OC Food Truck meets though, this one was a bit special because crews Low Ballers and Royal Origin collaborated as well.

As enthusiasts, we always want the year to end with an awesome meet or event. Event wise, AutoCon pretty much dominated every single event out there for this year. I even ranked it as one of the top events in SoCal, so for someone like me who has been to hundreds of events to pick AutoCon, disregarding the fact that everyone doesn’t have the same perspectives, it was definitely enjoyable and memorable. Because all the major events are now in its resting period, it was all up to which meet would end this year; Tab Tuesday/OC Food Truck meet. This meet always had a great turnout with more than 200 cars in attendance, hundreds of people, foods from unbelievably delicious Food Trucks, and tons of single guys trying to find a cute/sexy/pretty girl to ask out. I have no idea how I didn’t know about this meet, but it was good to know because I had shit to do. Driving to Westminister takes me an hour and you guys know no matter how often you drive for an hour in a week, it is still a long ass drive. But I've been missing out on Tab Tuesday/OC Food Truck Meets for a long time, so Jose and I decided to roll through and see how it was. Check out the video and see what was up! Enjoy!

Recorded with Galaxy S, so watch in 720P!


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