Random Nightlight | RB S13

December 4, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

HIN 2011-192
I'm actually behind with a lot of features, so I'm very sorry with the ones I promised to post up on the day of announcement, but had to delay it for a few days. As many of you SoCal residents and my blog followers know, HIN (Hot Import Nights) was held at LA Convention Center yesterday night. The full coverage of the event will be up today or tomorrow, but before I get to it, I want to start it off with a small spotlight on a car I spotted and instantly fell in love with.

HIN 2011-193
Here's a freshly done S13 on Black SSR SP1s that was parked with Bulletproof Automotive cars near the back area. I did talk with the owner when I was in a rush to cover the whole event within 15 minutes, so our conversation was very short but to the point.

HIN 2011-220 HIN 2011-221
This beauty went through a paint job few weeks before the event and while keeping it simple as possible with the paint and overall look, the attractive part was obviously the stance. I didn't ask the specs on the wheels, but the fronts were sitting perfectly to the fenders and the rears were tucked in with more camber compared to the fronts. It had that drift flush, which many of us love to see on Silvias.

HIN 2011-223
After hearing from the owner's friend that an engine swap was done, I was suspecting it to have a RB, and sure enough, it had a RB25. I can already imagine this car on the track ripping it up!

HIN 2011-222
This is what clean cars are all about. Keeping it simple while having the perfect stance! Thanks again to the owner for participating with this small shoot v(^0^)v


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