Random Spotlight: Clean EF Sedan

April 27, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

It's been awhile since we did a 'Random Spotlight' and this Civic EF Sedan I spotted at the Fancy Fed Car Show was well worth its own.

Event Coverage: IDRC / Fancy Fed Car Show (Pt. II)

April 25, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Along with IDRC, DSPORT hosted a car show like last year but with a different title; 'Fancy Fed Car Show'. If you read the first part of this coverage, I've mentioned the insane hot weather and good turnout last year, but it was the opposite for this year's event. The weather was rather chilly and the amount of cars was smaller than expected. It seems as if the high gas prices are keeping show car owners to stay at home and go to meets rather than events, which is respectable in every way. Despite the small turnout, DSPORT did a tremendous job keeping the car show organized and hosting the overall event. Our last coverage will consist of the show cars, vendors, and some Drag racing.

By the way, while I'm in the subject of 'Drag racing', I've noticed all these local meets here in SoCal getting raided by cops because of illegal street racing. To all you immature drivers, instead of challenging others at public roads and acting like a hard ass as if you can burn almost any car, bring your ride to events like this, pay the fee, and challenge others in a legal way. Let the local meets continue and save yourself from getting a ticket. The hosts of a meet can go up to you any time and tell you to leave, but because a meet is usually ran in a privately owned property, they just don't have the right to do so. Once again, please let 'car meets' continue.

Back to the coverage, I started off Part 2 with Raichelle Viado posing in front of the Evo we featured a few weeks ago. More photos will be shown at the bottom.

Event Coverage: IDRC / Fancy Fed Car Show (Pt. I)

April 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

IDRC (Import Drag Racing Circuit) started since 1998 and the popularity amongst racers is at its highest since the opening day. Like every other automotive sport, such as Drifting and Rallying, Drag Racing is also a popular category to many automotive enthusiasts.
Most of the cars that came to participate and compete were fully built to race in a 1/4 drag strip and some were even outrageously built to rip up the track. Within IDRC were 4 shootouts; Supra's, Evo's, Subaru's, and Drift Cars, but it was more about the Honda's when it came to competition.
If you remember our coverage from last year, 2010 IDRC West Coast Nationals, the competitiveness grew even stronger and cars that competed last year were built even better for this year's event.

DSPORT collaborated with IDRC for this year as well to host a car show with a different title called "Fancy Fed Car Show", and we will be covering the car show section in Part II.

Special Coverage: OC Food Truck Car Meet #4

April 20, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

The continuous success of OC (Orange County) Food Truck Car Meet since day one left a positive impression to every automotive enthusiast and the popularity of this meet reached its peak. It's more than the facebook invites, but the spread of word that makes everyone know about this meet to come and eat foods from the top Food Trucks in SoCal. As always, Johnny Ho hosted this meet, but for the first time, Team SupaStar collaborated with John to re-launch Tab Tuesday, a well-known car meet that started years ago. Because of the two teams helping out each other to create the 4th OC Food Truck Car Meet, the turnout was absolutely amazing.

Event Coverage: Modified Live / Oulton Park

April 18, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Rich Mckee / Words by William Lee

Modified Live is one of those events in the UK consisting of a Car Show, Time Attack, and Drifting. We usually don't see these 3 separate events happening at once all together.
Here's a short summary of the event shared by Rich from his site Fast-N-Modded.
Sleep, often we all take it for granted but as 4am rolled around on Saturday morning its the one thing we all wanted more than anything, but knowing the great show that was in store we soon chirped up after some filthy dubstep and monster!

Leaving the Humber Bridge lorry park at 5am we set out to meet the crazy Goole gang which included Carl, Matthew and a few others. For some strange reason we had a lot of drop outs, some cars not being ready in time, money issues etc but as we rolled out of Yorkshire with 4 top modified cars all entering the Kleers show & shine competition we still felt that it was going to be a good day, after all.. its what you make of it !

The journey there was one of the most uneventful things ever in history with us munching the motorway miles in no time, before we knew it we where creeping over the speed bumps into Oulton park.

The sun was just breaking through the mist and through the trees as we parked the cars up, traders already up and ready , polish and wax busted open, we cleaned all the cars up and then headed trackside to catch some action !
Let's start this off!

Nightlight | Built Like No Other

April 17, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Charles's s2k-24
Perhaps this might be over exaggerating, but S2000s represent the Honda scene with its sporty look and compactness. The discontinuation of this model became a disappointment in the automotive community and seeing one just triggered the greediness of almost every sports car fans to buy one. Slick body design, simple yet unique interior, and highly respectable performance stats of an s2k is the reason why the car has its fame.
We've seen numerous S2000s featured on blogs, sites, and magazines, some highly modified ones to just simply clean, but today, you'll be seeing one that's like no other; updated body design, simple but quality equipped interior and fully tuned and built stock motor. Still don't understand? Let's just start it off with an introduction; Charles's custom built widebody s2k.

Special Coverage: Skunk2 Unmeet 2.0

April 16, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Skunk2 had a great meet last year, Skunk2 Unmeet 1.0, and when I mean by great meet, I'm talking about the turnout, quality of cars, and behavior. I had my hopes up for this years meet, driving for about 2 hours in traffic, but after arrival, it wasn't as 'good' as I expected.

Event Coverage: Lexus LFA Track Day

April 14, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by Nick Schultz

Exclusive, Luxurious, yet Exotic and Nimble, The Lexus LFA
This actually happened over 2 months ago. But I finally had some time to write up about it. I recieved a rare opportunity to shoot two LFA’s. One of the Corporate Lexus guys in the advanced business department saw one of my shots of a lexus sponsored car at an event. He liked it so he invited me to come shoot the LFA as customers who already bought the LFA (and ones interested) test drove the car where they could really let it loose, Fontana Auto Club Speedway.
It started around 8 in the morning, with customers coming for their appointments to drive the LFA. Customers waited in a garage at the track that was setup to be a lounge. It had some Five Axis/F-Sport modified Lexus Cars(GS, IS), as well as the new CT200H on display. It had several tables with complimentary refreshments and food snacks, fruit, cookies, drinks, coffee and later for lunch we had lasagna. Also there where 2 IS-F driving simulators specifically made for Lexus. Customers could have some fun while they waited for their turn to do the real thing on the track. I didn’t get a photo of this area because I was to excited and focused on taking pictures of the car lol! my mistake…
After grabbing some coffe I walked out to the track to 2 beautiful LFA’s waiting to be driven, several IS-F’s, Several Lexus drivers and Scott Pruett. Scott Pruett is known as one of the best American road racers. More recently, He achieved 1st place of the 24 Hours of Daytona race 2011.
Have you seen a Lexus LFA commercial on TV where they break the glass with the shear sound of the exhaust note?
How about the one where they dangle several lexus vehicles over an LFA?
If you have, then you have seen Scott, the driver behind the wheel. He was there to show people a great time, in both by driving the LFA and in IS-F’s and just by his presence.
So here we are at the break of dawn with all these incredible machines, well over one million USD worth of vehicles.

Event Coverage: Formula Drift | RD1 Streets of Long Beach (Pt. VI)

April 13, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Andy Nguyen

It's finally here! 'Our' final coverage on Formula D will end with Andy Nguyen's coverage inside the track area. I took a glimpse t all the photos and as always, it was dam impressive.
Formula D Round 1 is probably one of the biggest events within the Championship rounds and an opportunity to see who will be drifting for the year. As always, the skills of these drifters improve every year and the upgraded engine in these beasts always amazes us.
If you read our Part III coverage, I told you guys about the issue Andy was facing and unfortunately, the shots from the Top 32 qualifying rounds were saved but only 9 or so from the actual day of the event. Well at least we get to share some photos taken by Andy so let's start this off!

Event Coverage: Formula Drift | RD1 Streets of Long Beach (Pt. V)

April 12, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

This will finally be my last coverage on Formula D, but still a few more to share done by our photographer Andy Nguyen. As mentioned on our previous coverages, there were tons of sick cars at the Fatlace:Slammed Society Car Show area and I was saving the best for last. Starting it off, you guys are looking at Fatlace's project Q45. It's first debut was at Wekfest in NorCal and the second appearance here at Streets of Long Beach Formula D. The Q is running on Air Runner, AME XG-23 wheels, and the aggressive looking K-Break Cima bodykit. Great job by Wraptivo on the Matte White and Black look.

Event Coverage: Formula Drift | RD1 Streets of Long Beach (Pt. IV)

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz

While Andy and I were busy doing our own thing, photographer Nick Schultz was walking around the main area taking photos of models, displayed cars, and the crowd. I'm sure you guys will like this coverage because Nick does an exceptional job in taking photos of models. All you models reading this coverage should hit him up!

Event Coverage: Formula Drift | RD1 Streets of Long Beach (Pt. III)

April 11, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

We're back with our coverage on Formula D and I have to share some depressing news with you guys. Andy Nguyen, our photographer who had media access, lost some of his own photos while transferring the data to his laptop :(
But let's keep our hopes up!!!! Who knows~ a miracle might happen and probably all the photos got transferred.
After showing you guys a 'preview' of what went on in the Slammed Society Car Show area, I want to share some photos from the actual opening of the main area where all the vendors/sponsors/drivers were located, which you also saw a preview from Part I.

Special Coverage: Platte Forme A.G. Grand Opening

April 10, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

It was a tiring day yesterday, attending Formula D and editing hundreds of photos, but as always, there will be a meet/event on the weekends and I couldn't miss today's grand opening of Platte Forme A.G. located in Alhambra, CA. Platte Forme A.G. mainly specializes in Euro cars, but also JDM cars as well. The meet was opened to any make & model, but it was mostly BMW's and luxurious cars.

Event Coverage: Formula Drift | RD1 Streets of Long Beach (Pt. II)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

By the time I took out my camera to shoot at the Fatlace:Slammed Society Car Show area, the top 32 qualified drifters were practicing and the air was filled with tire smoke (look at the cover photo!). But for some reason, I loved it! I was missing an actual drifting event after last year's Formula D at Irwindale Speedway.
What was important for our site though, was to bring our fans coverage on all the areas of Formula D, which is why our photographers had to separate and be responsible for what they had to do. In my case, I took care of the Car Show area hosted by Fatlace.
I might've missed some cars, so don't get all crazy if you don't see your ride on our coverage. We still love you! (not in a gay way).

Event Coverage: Formula Drift | RD1 Streets of Long Beach (Pt. I)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

We've been waiting for long time and it finally begins. The excitement and adrenaline rushing through our veins can be felt once again by watching the top drifters competing against each other.
Formula D Championships officially started yesterday with Round 1 at the Streets of Long Beach and it couldn't get any better. The stands were overcrowded with drifting fans and the top 32 drifters put on a hell of a show. Sounds of V8 engines were echoing across Long Beach and even with the skies filled with tire smoke and rubber pieces falling like rain, everyone seemed to have fun, especially for those who were fans of drifting for a long time.
Night-Import photographers, Andy Nguyen, Nick Schultz, and I, walked around the whole stadium taking photos and we're more than excited to share our coverages . Andy Nguyen was in the track area most of the time and with his baller equipment's, he did an awesome job capturing the intense and dangerous moments so stay tuned!
But to start off, I'll share some photos that were taken in the morning before the event started, so let's do this!

Nightlight | Track Ready Show Killer

April 8, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

A typical 'modified' Evo will have the same look all around. You'll see most of them lowered on coilovers or springs, deep toned exhaust, or maybe a set of decent aftermarket wheels to give the exterior look some flavor.
On the other hand, you will occasionally see Evos that take it to another level by adding some high-end aftermarket products inside and outside.
However, this car you see today will be like no other. Be warned; one of the rarest equipped Evos will be make your jaw drop and maybe too much for you to handle.
Without further ado, let me introduce you to Kelvin Hsiu's Widebody Evo 9.

Random Spotlight: Power Rx-7

April 5, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

One of the cars that got the main spotlight near the end of Rebuilding Japan in Los Angeles Car Meet was this FD Rx-7, fully built to dominate almost any field in the automotive sport.

Event Coverage: Rebuilding Japan From Los Angeles (Pt. II)

April 4, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Tons of cars and people, good food by Dos Chinos and Shaved Ice, and a meet for a good cause..what more can you ask?
This place was packed and to those who were at the meet know what we are talking about.
We ended part 1 with the ruckus crew chilling and will continue on with more sick cars and small stories.

Event Coverage: Rebuilding Japan From Los Angeles (Pt. I)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

We all know what happened in Japan and even though the recovery is still in process, many of the families lost their loved ones and homes. As of today, the death toll reached 12,157 and still rising. 15,496 people are still missing, but according to some officials, the missing numbers will most likely be the number of people who died by the earthquake.
According to usgs.gov, a magnitude of 4.0~6.0 earthquakes occurred 15 times on March 28th, 2011 in the east coast of Honshu, Japan. Probably at this moment or in an hour or so, another earthquake might be hitting Japan and thinking about this catastrophic situation almost every day makes us worry even more. We, the staffs of Night-Import, want to wish the best to all the people in Japan and hope the disaster ends as soon as possible.

Many of us are seeing the news on TV or paper and the only way for us to help is by giving donations or creating a fundraiser event. For automotive enthusiasts, the best way to donate was to create an event and there were many throughout this past month. In SoCal, Joshua Urquidi decided to throw an event at Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple in Little Tokyo, the parking lot right behind the lot that was used for NISEI week. Tons of people were participating online and as expected, the day of the event had a turnout bigger than one can imagine. Personally, I would say this was the biggest event after Hellaflush 5. Cars that usually don't come out to shows came to this event to support. According to Josh, the event raised $4,677!

Event Coverage: Formula D Tech Day @ UTI

April 2, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee with Edgar Lozoya

The eighth season of Formula Drift is about to begin and all you drift fans, like ourselves, are excited to see the new cars, drivers, and action.
Every year before the first round of Formula D, Universal Technical Institute holds a tech day for all the drivers to come with their cars to get inspected. As always, we always try to attend these important side events to get a glimpse at what's in store.