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Welcome to Night-Import.

In the automotive world of  stock to highly modified cars, my blog is to show and feature the overwhelming rides that will surprise and excite the automotive community.
As much as all of you guys have the passion for cars, Night-Import staffs/members are the same as well. If you are wondering why a personal blog has photographers/editors/videographer/etc., I decided to do this because there are tons of people who are talented in what they do, but never get an opportunity to show their skills/talents to the public. I try to give those people what they deserve and will continue on to make their work and name known in the automotive community.
We will bring you exclusive coverages and features from our finest photographers and flawless articles reviewed by our editors. 
Sit back and relax, reading and enjoying what we have to share. 

Why the name Night-Import?
-Starting to be involved in the car scene since 2010, I've been browsing through the net 24/7, checking out photos of cars from all around the world. It seemed as if a true figure and beauty of a car revealed itself when shot at night with proper equipment. Taking this into consideration, I decided to include the word 'Night', hence Night Import.

How do we define Import?
-We are used to classifying JDM cars as Imports, which is true, but we took that word as a general term. Any 'product' that is manufactured or transported from a different country and brought to the US is considered as an Import.
Although many might disagree with this when it comes to cars, this is how Night Import will defines the term.
If you dislike how I define it, you'll have to get used to it.

We are looking forward to hear feedbacks and suggestions.
Please e-mail us to wlee_87@hotmail.com or click 'contact' and fill in the spaces provided.

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