Random Nightlight | Oni-Camber now in California

November 7, 2011

Night Import: Video by 7tune and Kevin Falk

There are some ridiculously cambered cars here in California. Trust me, when I mean by ridiculous, I mean RIDICULOUS! But today, I just saw a video of my friend's car that literally beat all the ones I've seen so far in person. This might be in the level of the infamous VIP car in Japan! Call it Oni-Camber, Demon Camber, Oni, Super Camber...fuk....I don't care..this is just INSANE!!!

P.S. Before you guys start hating on the car, please do know this is a "style" or for most of us that respect it, a "lifestyle". People who modify their cars with insane camber already know about thread life, losing function, etc. As much as this part of the flush scene respects those who focus on function, please try to understand this style rather than focusing on only one part of the tuning world. Thanks!

Christopher Cuban GS Daniel's Aristo in California, Video by Kevin Falk

Video of the "Crazy Insane VIP car in Japan" by 7tune



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