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October 23, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
The story starts last month when I visited Irwindale Speedway to attend Dubfest 2011. While walking around doing coverage like every week, I came across a Midnight Purple car that looked pretty familiar from far away. As expected, it was this Skyline R32, but not your ordinary stock ones like you rarely see on the streets. Sadly, the car was parked so tightly between booths I didn't have a chance to look at the details. With disappointment, while heading back to my car to avoid the sunny and hot weather, I hear the MC saying a R32 was being raffled out, which struck me instantly with an outrageous expression. I'm pretty sure what I heard was true, so coming home and writing up the coverage, I mentioned what I heard and the conversation happens online with the owner of this beautiful Do-Luck Skyline R32, Robert Elias, from Los Angeles, CA. What sounded so good to be true was actually correct. I'm sure the MC was mistaken with another car or I had some potential hearing disability, but from then on, Robert and I have been talking actively online about his car and the untold story. Today, not will this R32 only amaze you with its looks, but also the history that has led this car to fame starting from Japan and now soon to be in the US.

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
The reason why I love going to meets and events is because of unexpected surprises, such as coming across Robert's R32. Once in a while, it is cars like Robert's that make my hobby worthwhile and soon after, if what I want to happen really does happen, a feature like today is what you'll expect. This car has a history that many R32s don't have. It was one of the five cars Motorex brought into the US back in 1999 and Robert became the second owner. If you ever seen this car back then, you probably won't recognize it because of the color change from White. Additionally, if you have seen it on the drag strip making low 11 1/4 records, you still will be hesitant if it was the same car as back then because of its now upgraded engine modifications making the car even faster than before.

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
But before I step into the technicalities, let's talk about some accomplishments and history. This car was already famous worldwide, but to only those who worked in the automotive industry because of being featured at SEMA once or twice. To enthusiasts like us, coming across such a rare masterpiece is not too common, which is why I had to take the opportunity to meet Robert and shoot his car at Bulletproof's 11th Anniversary Car Meet.

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
The only part I clearly saw on Robert's ride was the Do-Luck wing during Dubfest, but never imagined a Do-Luck body kit. All in honesty, what really caught my attention were the wheels. I got to admit, I am a wheel fanatic and no matter what kit is on the car, if the wheels don't go along with it, I have to press the thumbs down button; however, Robert's car was not that case. The functional drop on JIC FLT A2 Coilovers was accommodated with now discontinued Enkei NT03+Ms in sizes 18x9.5. It was sitting on the same wheels as it was for Enkei few years ago as a demo car. Suspension parts are a mix of every JIC products you can imagine for the R32, giving the car a stiff and controllable ride wherever it goes.

JIC FLT A2 Coilover Kit
NISMO Power Steering Bushings
NISMO Engine Mount Kit
NISMO Transmission Mount Kit
Super Pro Transmission Bushing Kit
JIC Negative Camber Arm Front
JIC Tension Rods Adj.
JIC Traction Rods Adj. Rear
JIC Lower Link Adj. Rear
JIC Camber Arm Adj. Rear
HICAS Eliminator Kit
Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar
Blitz Carbon Front Strut Tower Bar
Custom Rollcage- Extends through firewall to strut towers
Do-Luck ASB Front Sway Bar Kit w/ Bushings
Do-Luck ASB Rear Sway Bar Kit w/ Bushings

Stoptech 4 Piston Big Brake Kit
Stoptech 14 inch Slotted Rotors
Slotted R32 Rear Rotor Upgrade
Performance Friction Race Pads
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Removal of ABS system.

Enkei NT03 +M Wheels
18X9.5 +22 MAT Silver

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
It was not only a demo car for Enkei but for Do-Luck as well. I'm sure it's not such a surprise when this R32 is the only one in the US with a full Do-Luck kit. Along with Do-luck T2 Front Bumper, Side Skirts, and Rear Bumper are Do-Luck Carbon Fiber Hood, Carbon Spoiler, and Custom made rearview mirrors. The other Do-Luck'ness continues on with ASB Front and Rear Sway Bars.

Custom Midnight Purple Paint
Do-Luck T2 Front Bumper
Do-Luck T2 Side Skirts
Do-Luck T2 Rear Bumper
Do-Luck T2 Carbon Spoiler
Do-Luck Carbon Fiber Hood
Do-Luck Custom Made Rearview Mirrors

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
Don't be too amazed yet. The good part is about to start.

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
What you see is a RB26DETT stroked to a 2.7L. Topping it off with a rather baller mod is a HKS T04Z single turbo, which many of us want but dare to walk around with an empty wallet. The mix of HKS Fuel Rail and B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge makes it possible to reach 500+ HP. The loud roar through the HKS ceramic coated downpipe to exhaust becomes an orgasmic sound to anyone walking by.  Almost anything you can imagine with quality parts is on this R32.

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline>

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline

RB26dett stroked to a 2.7l
HKS Stage 2 pistons
Carrillo H-Beam Rods
R34 N1 Crank
ACL race barrings
SuperTech Vavle springs
SuperTech Retainers
Supertech Valve Seals
HKS 272 Cam intake
HKS 272 Cam Exhaust
Tomei Oil Restrictor
HKS Metal Racing Gasket Kit- Intake manifold etc.
HKS TO4Z Ball Bearing Turbo
HKS Ceramic Coated Downpipe with heat wrap
Blitz Intercooler 4 row
Blitz DD BOV x 2
Greddy Intake Plenum
Tomei Oil Pump- 12,000RPM capable
Greddy Oil Pan Extension w/ extended pickup
Greddy Front Differential Cover
Greddy Oil Cooler w/ oil Filter Relocator A/N Lines and Fittings
N1 Water pump
Custom Oil Catch Can
HKS GT Waste gate
SplitFire Coil Packs
Nismo Motor mounts

Fuel System
Twin intake HKS fuel pumps
Bosch 1600cc injectors x6
HKS Fuel Rail
B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge
All lines upgraded
Twin APR Fuel Filters
AEM Mentanol/Water injection Kit

HKS F-Con V-pro 3.24
Defi BL Boost Gauge
Defi BL EGT Gauge
Defi BL Oil Pressure Gauge
Defi BL Oil Temp. Gauge
Defi Control Unit
Blitz ID-Color Boost Controller
Blitz FATT Turbo Timer
Do-Luck Gauge Cluster

OS Giken Gear set with upgraded input shaft
HKS Twin Plate Clutch
Cusco 1 way front LSD

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
Interior was kept as simple as possible, while having the proper products to make it drag worthy and safety, such as the custom welded Roll cage. Holding Robert is a Bride Brix 1st gen racing seat with Takata 4 Point harness. Attached to a Works Bell RAPFIX2 is a Momo Racing steering wheel.

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline

Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
There are just way too many parts on this car that actually has a purpose and shows such a dynamic characteristic that makes it a favorable to many JDM tuner fans. I personally think Robert's car is magazine worthy, but without any hesitation, he gladly accepted a feature on my blog. It's been a long journey for Robert and his R32. Is the passion and dedication still there as it was in the beginning? In his words, "Hell yes."


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