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November 13, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

I don't even clearly remember when I first saw a RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF (RWB) Porsche, but do remember I was in awe and couldn't help myself but to wake up every morning and look at Nakai-san's personal RWB, Stella Artois, through photos and videos. Yea yea..I might sound like a total fan...because....I am! Nakai-san's work is absolutely amazing and knowing the fact that he designs and constructs the necessary parts for the car on spot makes me even more impressed. The stunning lines that define a quality built car equates to his work. As many of you guys know by now, Nakai-san and Fatlace joined together to create a RWB shop next to Fatlace's facility in Northern California. Upon Nakai-san's arrival, he worked on Mark Arcenal's 964, customer's 993, and another 964 for a company called Hoonigan, which I'll explain later on. Two of these cars were at SEMA, each car placed in separate halls. I'm pretty sure many of you guys have already seen so much on these beauties and to be honest, so did I, but I want to write up something small for my own and Night Import fans. Let's get into the two RWBs shown in the cover photo; Matte Green RWB 965 'Pandora One' and Matte White RWB 965 'Hoonigan'.

Fatlace RWB
I've seen few photos on Mark Arcenal's Porsche when it was getting worked on by Nakai-san. The teasers floating around the net was an absolute hype in the automotive community because many of us know that Mark Arcenal is known for having numerous cars from highly modded to stock rare classics. Being the first RWB 911 owner in the US was news to share around the world. I was even clenching my fists and felt the excitement rushing through my body because of knowing that I'll be attending SEMA and see Nakai-san's work in person for the first time. As expected, the photos I've seen on this RWB 964 were nothing compared to looking at the car in person. One thing that popped up in my head was seeing some resemblance on Mark Arcenal's RWB 964 and a RWB 993 in Japan called Rough Rhythm. Both cars are in Green (Mark's is in Matte Green) and the overall stance is extremely low but fully functional.
I didn't capture too many shots on this car because of looking at it for a long time while drooling and waiting in this area for an hour just to see Nakai-san, which didn't happen at all, so i'll continue on with another RWB Porsche that was in Central Hall, called Hoonigan.

Hoonigan RWB
Before I even went to SEMA, there was one photo going around on Facebook, which was this RWB 964 rolling in the streets of Vegas. Some of you guys might think these RWBs are non-functional, but think again! The Hoonigan drove nearly 850 miles to Vegas after its completion in NorCal.

Hoonigan RWB
So what does Hoonigan mean and how was the name created? According to some articles, if you are a fan of any kind of racing, even drifting, you are technically called a 'Hoonigan'. With this in mind, it recently became a new motorsport lifestyle brand created by Gymkhana and DC Shoes.

Hoonigan RWB
The company's official introduction and release to the public was on the day of SEMA, but before their appearance, they collaborated with Nakai-san to build a RWB 911.

Hoonigan RWB
Nakai-san is known for choosing SSR SP1s on his builds, but for a change, he collaborated with few wheel companies here in the US. For Mark Arcenal's 964, Nakai-san joined forces with Rotiform and for this particular car, it was Fifteen 52 and their 3GS Tarmac Split wheels with a Red finish.

Hoonigan RWB
Personally, I loved the Matte White color along with the Fifteen 52 wheels, but for some reason, something about this RWB was different. I'm not sure what it was, but it seemed like the car didn’t have that original RWB look… I’m probably not making sense here, but either way, the car was amazing.

Hoonigan RWB
This feature was supposed to be short, so sorry with the long story and boring descriptions. If you guys haven't seen the RWBs yet, I urge you to take a trip to RWB Northern California, next to Fatlace's facility, to take a look and get some shots, because these cars are in another level.
As of today, Nakai-san is in Texas working on MayDayGarage's 911, so stay tuned and read updates through their fanpage.


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