Event Coverage: Rally of the Tall Pines

November 30, 2010


Rally of the Tall Pines is one of those events you do not want to miss if you live in Canada.
Small but powerful cars come to this event to compete with others by driving through forest roads, dodging, accelerating, and even flying!
You can feel the exhilaration when cars are sliding through the sand and taking sharp turns to get the best time and result.

Event Coverage: ID Auto Festival

November 29, 2010


Have you ever imagined your favorite aftermarket companies doing a huge garage sale, but all on the same day? Well don't worry about going back and forth because you'll see all those companies at one place, which is the day of ID Auto Festival. ID Auto Festival is one of those events you do not want to miss if you're an aftermarket fanatic. Prices are highly deducted on used or brand new items. For example, Kics R40 Neo-Chrome lug nuts, brand new, selling for $99 (MSRP $220).
There were people going in and out buying a cart load of products and that's what these companies want to see. The event also has a separate car show as well so for next year, make sure to bring your team/crew to represent and win a cash prize!

Crew Feature: Low N Slow

November 27, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Always thinking of new ideas for our site, I would like to start a 'Crew/Team Feature'.
There are plenty of teams/crews out there that don't get enough recognition in the automotive community when they actually deserve a feature.

Living near the Valley area, I've always heard of this crew at various events and never had a chance to meet them when they lived close by. Somehow, I was introduced to one of the members from the team and had an opportunity to see all the members by going to their meets, such as the weekly Tuesday Pho-King meets and 818 Pavilion meet on Wednesdays. This crew is a group of guys who love to slam their rides with the perfect fitments. It's in their crew name, 'Low N Slow'.

Random Spotlight: SCupra

November 25, 2010


SC's has always been in my top list of favorite cars.
If you're asking why, I believe it has the body that can beat the sexiness of any car out there today.
The long but striking sharp and round design of the overall body structure is just amazing.
Now it got much better when I saw one almost slammed to the ground with wheels sitting flush to the fenders.
This SC300, owned by Oliver, is a great example of showing how fitment should be done.

Video Coverage: Rhys Millen Released!!!

Do you guys remember seeing this photo that was posted up on our Facebook Fan Page?

Enkei first announced Rhys Millen's attempt to drift in the famous Rio Do Rastro in Brazil.
The course is spectacular and makes it even better when a sexy Hyundai Genesis Coupe drifts around those sharp corners.
Well the video is finally released! Hope you guys enjoy it.

Event Coverage: Los Angeles Auto Show (Part II)

November 23, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


The weather has been getting really cold after the massive amount of rain throughout this weekend. While you guys are warming up inside your room or at work, sit back and relax by checking out our LA Auto Show's second coverage.
Continuing Part 1 from yesterday, I'll be covering the Kentia Hall where most of the tuner vehicles and products were located.

I started off with the amazing Bisimoto's 533BHP CR-Z.

Event Coverage: Los Angeles Auto Show (Part I)

November 22, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was pouring here in CA and most of the events I was planning to go to got cancelled, which is the worse thing that can ever happen to me. I try to enjoy my weekends with cars but cancelled events?
But luckily, LA Auto Show was going on throughout the whole week and I had to step out of the house to enjoy some new released cars.

First of all, if you have Mysophobia (fear of germs, etc.), you better take a hand sanitizer when you plan on going to this show. This was my first time going to the LA Auto Show as a photographer so I observed all my surroundings. People sneeze in the cars, touch almost every single interior part, etc. It was far more worse than SEMA. I even seen some spectators touching and hitting the hoods of some R8's, AMG's, and all those high end cars, which you DON'T want to see if you're a car lover like me.

Anyways, I had a very difficult time taking photos for this event. It got even worse when I found out half of my photos got deleted. The wide angle I borrowed is not in my possession anymore so I had to use one of my other lenses to compensate a good coverage. It was a Sunday so the place was packed! but I tried my best so hope you guys like the coverage.

I'm starting the post off with the new, but prototype, Mazda Shinari. How the design originated was by looking into a cat that was about to leap or something. I don't know the full story but this car is gorgeous!

Event Coverage: UK Innovation Cruise


Winter is almost here, actually, I should say it's already here after feeling some frost on my windows today in the morning. Cars are now parked in the garage or for the rides out in the streets, some revving will need to be done to heat up the engine.
Well in the UK, you'll be seeing cars traveling back and forth, morning to night. Winter season means the start of the UK cruise season and car owners are pumped up!
I have couple of friends who live in the UK and the car shows never seem to die out.
Once again, Rich McKee shared some photos of this event.
He will be giving us some awesome coverages and features in the future so make sure to visit his blog and his work.

Event Coverage: Rallycross @ Blyton

November 21, 2010


Here in CA, the car shows hasn't been dying at all; however, in some countries where weather becomes a huge impact for cars to perform and to be managed, it's the next season or year when shows will start opening again.
The automotive scene is spreading like a disease in the U.K., but towards the end of the year, almost everything dies out.
I met Rich McKee on facebook and he's an active photographer in almost every automotive field.
Recently, he went to do a Rallycross event to do a short coverage and as expected, not a lot of participants showed up. Only those who felt the tingling sensation of driving mad in the dirt came to do what they do best. Either way, he did enjoy the event and was kind enough to share some photos.

Random Spotlight: Specialized-Performance GT-R

November 20, 2010


During 2005, the prototype of the GT-R, which was almost confirmed to be its design, was a hype to many Nissan fans. Now in 2007, at the Tokyo Motor Show, the GT-R was finalized and the buying began.
Here's a GT-R that's a bit special compared to all the other models because it was the first GT-R released in Florida and bought buy the owner, Adrey from Specialized-Performance.

Video Coverage: Wagon Lover

I love how this video was made.
Awesome videography, sexy wagon...what more else to say?

Event Coverage: Redline Time Attack/Showcase (Part 2)

November 19, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


We are back with the second part of Redline Time Attack/Showcase.
The first part was mostly covering the Showcase section and some racers, but this one will be dedicated to all the Redline models and some other cars that participated for the Time Attack.

If you read Part 1, this girl was Miss Redline for two years.

Now to the contestants. I don't know any of their names :(

Event Coverage: Redline Time Attack/Showcase (Part I)

November 18, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Redline Time Attack is a show that's been popular to many automotive enthusiast since 2005.
Other time attack events are usually opened to only pros, but Redline gives opportunities to Amateurs as well, which is why the show has been successful for 5 years straight.

Last week was pretty dead with events/shows and hearing about Time Attack was my only hope of enjoying my weekend with cars.
The Redline Time Attack is divided into two events; Time Attack and Showcase.
It was my first time going to this event and the amount of cars that showed up for the showcase was weak. There were awards for various categories, but it seemed like everyone was still recovering from the SEMA week.

Event Coverage: REMIX (Models!!)

November 17, 2010


I should say this is Part II for the REMIX coverage.
As usual, you see sick cars all around the lot, but also the fine models.
Check this model out putting those Takatas on.
I know she's suppose to be topless like the original model for Takatas, but she kept it PG-13.

Event Coverage: REMIX Car Show & World of Dance @ NorCal

November 16, 2010


When I thought all the car shows were going to die out, it was actually becoming the opposite.
Well that's good for us because we get to share some awesome coverages done by our photograhers and fans!
Unfortunately, I was not able to head out to NorCal for one of the biggest events, REMIX.
It was the first event we were sponsoring, but because of certain problems and three events going on in SoCal, I had to stay and do some local coverages. Most of our photographers live out of CA and the ones living in SoCal were busy doing other coverages as well. I personally want to make an apology to Nathan Leon who is one of the heads for REMIX.

Although we weren't there, one of our fans, Anh D Vu, was kind enough to help us out. He actually won a trophy so congratulations Anh!
According to some of my friends who participated, the show itself was awesome like always.
A well organized event with great people will always continue yearly, which is why we see REMIX happening all around the world with a successful turnout!

I always like to start off a coverage with an attractive picture and this model was sexy enough to win all the others :)

Random Spotlight: Only in Indonesia

November 15, 2010


You guys know we like to bring some variety with our features.
Today, instead of sedans or coupes, I want to share a ride that's pretty different from all the cars we've seen so far.
It's a RHD 1994 Toyota Tamarraw TX owned by Haikal Taufik from Jakarta, Indonesia.
I was clicking on random threads in the WrongFitmentCrew forums and came across this ride.
At first, I was really clueless on the model of the car, but after doing some google'ing and looking at images, I have to say Haikal has the sickest stanced Tamarraw TX.

Special Coverage: Platinum VIP

November 14, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


I remember being in awe seeing a group of VIP cars driving to an event.
Never have I seen such cars being so low and on wheels with massive lips.
It was a group of cars with a vinyl placed in front of their window, 'Platinum VIP'.
I was very fortunate to be invited to Platinum VIP's warehouse at Irwindale, CA this past Friday.
If you live in CA, or even live out of the states and a fan of VIP, this group/crew should ring a bell.
Matter of fact, I had no idea Platinum VIP was a shop until a friend of mine told me at a local show.
To explain more in depth, it's a Collision Center and an Automotive Spa for any brands/models and specializing mostly in VIP/VIP style cars.  As the word 'Platinum' is in their companies name, all of their clients will be treated as a family and even a non-client will always be welcomed like myself.

I spent about two hours taking some photos and interviewing Chris, the general manager of Platinum VIP, so for those who want to know more about this company, you came to the right site.

Meet Coverage: BulletProof Automotive Meet & Greet

November 12, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Bullet -6

I love going to local meets and sometimes, meets that are a bit far but put together by good people.
Bulletproof Automotive/GT-RR/Bespoke Ventures started since 2000 and has been growing rapidly in the automotive community. The whole group being a family, they have a blog called "The Real JDM," updating automotive enthusiasts with various car related news and their own project cars. Having many fans checking their blog, they decided to create the first BulletProof Automotive meet & greet.
I was pretty surprised with the turn out.
100+ cars came to show and the company even brought their own cars including their project GT-R.

Event Coverage: Las Vegas 360 Car Show

Night-Import: Photography by Jay Peña


SEMA was not the only event happening 2 weeks ago. There was Fatlace's WWW meet on Thursday and on Saturday, a major car event called 360. Domestics to Imports, 300+ cars came to support the event, which is obviously a great turn out.
Our photographer, Jay Peña, was able to attend this event after going through a tough week with SEMA. People who showed their cars at SEMA and many spectators stayed an extra day at Vegas only to attend this show and I was waiting to see the pictures for this event. Great job Jay!

Spotlight: Fanatic of Carbon Fiber

November 11, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Tan's S2K -1
How often do you see a small, compact car meant for purely performance, covered in carbon fiber?
I hope you are seated and ready to be amazed, because what you see is not your ordinary S2K.
If you own or even a fan of JDM cars, you've probably heard of a company called Password:JDM. Nor only did they succeed in the aftermarket automotive industry, but achieved a status greater than others by recently sending fifteen cars to this years SEMA. As much as the company exceeds in its quality of own labeled products, their availability of products have also reached out to many high-end, luxurious cars as well.
During this past month, I was able to attend Password:JDM's annual garage sale. If you know me, I don't attend these events to buy a cart load of aftermarket products, but to check out cars that come by and most importantly, the rides of staffs and project cars.
It was then when this S2K caught my attention.

Random Spotlight: One Dirty GS

November 10, 2010


We are back with our daily features and would like to share this beautiful but dirty GS owned by Albert from the DC.
Appreciating the VIP scene even more after going to AutoFashion's VIP Festival, I am amazed on how VIP owners concentrate on every single, even small, parts.
An overall slick looking body kit, interior modified to perfection, and sometimes a turbo or supercharger to feel that extra excitement while driving on the freeway.

Event Coverage: 2010 SEMA @ Las Vegas (Part V-Final)

November 9, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Welcome back guys! Hope everyone enjoyed the AutoFashion's VIP Festival coverage.
Such events like SEMA and AF happen once a year so I try my best to do a full coverage and to make you guys feel as if you were there rather than posting random photos and writing nonsense.
Well today's SEMA coverage part 5 will be our final and I'll be showing you some new places within the center and everyones favorite, photos of models.

The model you see at the top was stationed at Giovanna wheels. No one was paying attention to the cars when the model was posing. You can see the group of gentlemen talking to each other but their eyes looking at something else.

Event Coverage: AutoFashion 4th Annual VIP Festival

November 8, 2010


People who own VIP/VIP style cars and VIP enthusiasts were stoked about AutoFashion's VIP Festival. I remember first seeing a VIP styled car at Hellaflush 5 and had no idea how the style and word originated, but that was before I got into cars this year. I heard from many others, even from staffs from AutoFashion, telling me how the show started out very small but grew every single year with people coming down from other states and even from other countries.
Some people thought the VIP scene was going to die out, but it's been the opposite.
The movement is growing and getting better in the U.S.

Event Coverage: 2010 SEMA @ Las Vegas (Part IV)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


This weekend was pretty busy with events and should be an overall good coverage for you guys to check out. But before I start on a different topic and daily features, I want to finish off the SEMA coverages, which I think today will be the 2nd to the last one.
Some of you guys might prefer just checking out the pictures, but because blogspot doesn't have the option of setting galleries like wordpress, etc., please bare with us until we change our server to a more organized and professional layout.

If you've never been to SEMA, there is always a special guest or you sometimes see a random celebrity walking around. And of course, known people like Hip-Hop DJ Flunkmaster Flex recording for a show. For some reason, I encountered all the famous guys and girls at the Ford booth.

Event Coverage: 2010 SEMA @ Las Vegas (Part III)

November 6, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Back with the SEMA coverage and now, part 3.
If you guys remember part 2, it was a tour around South Hall, the Wheel & Accessories section.
Today, we'll be checking out a part of North Hall and mostly the Central Hall.
The two girls at the top were pretty spicy~ They seemed a bit irritated with all these guys taking photos of them, but once the camera was up, these girls were in action.
Reminds me of those photos from car shows in Japan with models in front of a car.

Event Coverage: 2010 SEMA @ Las Vegas (Part II)

November 5, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

As much as I want to share every single photo with some descriptions for you guys, it took me awhile to write part 2. Huge events like SEMA is overwhelmed with people and exotic high-end cars that you usually don't see too often unless you live in a rich area. I'll definitely try my best to be accurate..if not, Big Abe, wearing the VIP Modular 24k face plate necklace, will beat me up! :D
Abe's a popular guy in the automotive world because he always has a wheel over his neck at events and this time, he went to SEMA to promote SMARTWAX and VIP Modular Wheels.

Spotlight: Uniqueness with Sexiness

November 4, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Minh's IS -15
Being unique is one of the trends these days when it comes to being stance'd. Let's be honest, the stance scene has grown so fast in the automotive world, when we go to our local car meet or event, we at least see one car that's low and on wheels sitting flush all around. When there is a major stance meet, you'll either see totally different or somewhat similar looking cars. The best way to be attractive from all the others? Be unique!
Here's a car that has a set of very common wheels but stands out from all the others. Minh, from Orange County, CA, is the owner of this sexy Lexus IS 300 on Enkei RPF1's, custom painted by Simple Wheel Werks.

Event Coverage: First Class Fitment by Canibeat


Being a huge fan of Canibeat, I was really stoked to hear about their first 'stance' event, First Class Fitment. Canibeat has been around for about a year and their popularity grew tremendously. If we talk about a stance related blog, Canibeat is a site that is always mentioned.
It took a lot of effort and help from others for Canibeat to make this event happen, especially at a location where many car events don't take place; Princeton Airport in New Jersey.
Night-Import photographers were not able to make it to the event, but with a huge help from one of our fans, Elliot Smeltzer, we were able to acquire some awesome photo coverage of the event.
The first photo you guys see were the trophies made by CCW's.

Event Coverage: Findlay Carshow @ Las Vegas

November 3, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Jay Peña


Las Vegas is not only filled with casinos and rich people riding their Bentley's, but some sick and serious cars, stanced to heavily modified. Our photographer, Jay Peña, went to an Acura/Honda show called Findlay Carshow, which is held at a dealership and happens almost every year. There are couple of cars that have been featured on our site and should look familiar to you guys, such as the 2 s2k's and the Miata.

Event Coverage: 2010 SEMA @ Las Vegas (Part I)

November 2, 2010


How's it going Night-Import fans!
It's been awhile since I did an event coverage, but finally, here's one that all of you guys should like and probably Night-Import will be the first site to show a small part of SEMA for today.
The event officially started today at 9am and ended around 6pm. This was my first time ever going to SEMA and knowing it's the biggest automotive event in the U.S., I was excited to see the sickest automobiles around the world. Walking for more than 10 hours, I met some awesome people, talked with some Representatives at booths, and took 500+ photos, but today will be a short but awesome coverage.
I was planning to only do a full car-related SEMA coverage, but want to share the travel of how everything went from the beginning to the mid day of SEMA.

Event Coverage: DZEUS VIP - VIP Kings

November 1, 2010

VIP/VIP style is growing and you VIP guys know the inspiration began by watching Japanese luxurious cars cruising through the streets of Japan. Many countries, such as the U.S., is recently getting into this trend, but others have been into VIP for quite a long time, such as Thailand.

A crew, based in Thailand, with great recognition around the web is DZEUS VIP, Asia's award winning VIP style and luxurious car community.
Most of the members on the site are very fluent in english and I was able to talk with Alvin Lee, one of the heads for the site, about a recent VIP event that was held last month called DZEUS VIP SHOWCASE @ Mean Machines 2010.


Taking a look at the event coverage, I was very surprised with how the owners took their own routes of being VIP. Check out this video event coverage and be amazed. Once again, thanks to Alvin Lee for responding to our favor and sharing information regarding the event.