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December 15, 2011

Night Import: Photography by Nick Schultz and William Lee | Words by William Lee

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Today's post will either cause some rage or a time for girls who are interested in the car scene to think thoroughly before stepping into the 'Import Model' scene. You'll see why I'm bringing this up, but I do want to take this time to re-introduce our two models as well as introducing a new model we decided to support last week. I personally want to say the judgments were made by me because Night Import is eventually a personal blog, but all the current contributing photographers and editors decided to help me out on this one and we all agreed upon this decision, so it basically was all of us that chimed in. Although I'm not a huge fan of models, which will also be explained later on, the car scene can't be separated from the model scene because that's how it was and known for, for decades. I can go on and on with the lack of knowledge I have on models and cars, but let's just jump into what I planned on doing. The two models you see above might look familiar to you if you've been in the automotive scene since last year. If not, let me re-introduce Raichelle Viado (left) and Eva Skye (right).

Raichelle Viado is the first model we've decided to support. To be honest, I don't even remember when and where I saw Raichelle, but clearly do remember she was memorable because of her personality and attitude. During this time period, we actually had two more models in the list to support but decided to drop them out because of their bitchiness and separate personalities when in the scene and not; however, Raichelle was different. She's one of those girls that keep the scene active as much as possible by being positive and interacting with people. It's the smile, laughter, and activeness of Raichelle's that make her so special in the scene and the reason why she is known by many enthusiasts. I have never seen her being tired or lazy, and even if she was, it would be covered with her positiveness. I've had opportunities to chill with her outside of car shows and there was no difference! I can't forget to mention her cute looks and I'm sure many of you guys will agree with me on this one.

Eva Skye was an instant attraction after I saw her through photos that were taken at AutoCon 2010. I was present at the event, but didn't even see her, neither knew who she was until I randomly came across this one photo of her posing in front of Jason's S14. A few months later, I attended Women of Perfection and that's when I actually got to see Eva again. Without any doubt, I had a feeling she was going to make it into a magazine cover in no time and because of her looks, I decided to support her without even discussing with our staffs. You can check out her small feature here, but to sum it up, she was hot and that was good enough. Ok~ so you might be asking, "What about her personality?" It might be difficult to accept, but she had the looks and personality, a win win situation. I did get to talk with her a few times outside of car shows and my thoughts of her didn't change. Matter of fact, she recently got featured in Super Street. I'm not saying I was a major part of her success in the scene, but just knew it wasn't going to take long for her to reach where she is today.

HIN 2011-96
Last but not least, let me introduce you to our new supporting model, Gabby Jeanne. Gabby's already known in the scene, so I don't think I need to say much about her. She got a cover and feature on Import Tuner, Super Street, cover girl on various posters/flyers, in M/V's, and the list goes on and on and on. There was only one major reason why I decided to support her and discussed it with our staffs, and it was by overhearing her conversation with a friend of mine of why she was keeping it classy at HIN and AutoCon. I won't say much, but will say her thoughts were exactly the same as mine.

So there it is, the three models we're now supporting and will do this as long as we feel like doing it. All three models are what I call true models, not some fake ones where they dress themselves up and change to whoever they want to be just to entertain others. These models keep it real and have all the qualities of what a model should have. What are those qualities? Attitude, personality, body, and looks.

Now is the time where I'll be complaining, bitching, shitting, or whatever it is you want to call it. Also, I will not be saying models, but girls. First off, I've not been in the scene as much as some of you OG guys were, but there will be no need to teach me lessons because one year of constantly going to shows should be good enough to observe how the automotive scene is with models. For spectators, and I'm sure for many car show participants as well, a car show is not a show without models. It's been like that for years and I personally think it should continue because some of us can get tired of seeing just cars and need to shift our attentions to something else for a few minutes. It's not like models are there for guys to ask out on a date. Models are at car shows for a reason; to model for their own good, show the crowd who they are and build up a portfolio, and for people like us, a source of eye candy. However, I want to say something to all the girls out there who plan on modeling for the car scene as a career; "Step your game up!"

Look, I'm not against girls who wear bikinis AS LONG AS they have the body for it. It's totally absurd to see some girls that are out of shape big time, being more than half naked, and posing in front of a camera or even worse, in front of a car. Pick up an issue of DSPORT, PAS, Import Tuner, or Super Street and look at all the girls that were featured... are they out of shape? I don't think so. At least have a body that's pleasing to the eyes for the majority, not just a few! I'm pretty sure it's not only the wealth, but fame that some of these girls want. If so, control your eating habits, shed some fat, and get that sleek body. There are occasions when a girl doesn't need to be skinny or in shape if the majority of enthusiasts like the way how they are. You can totally tell by going to car shows and hearing what others say. If so again, then I guess they're good to go, but the majority likes to see girls in shape. Notice I didn't say all, but majority.

Keep it classy! As I said before, I'm not totally against girls who are half naked, but if possible, it would be nice to see girls wearing a dress or something that doesn't expose too much. The beauty of a lady doesn't need to be expressed with less clothing! A perfect example is the models that weren't in the model lounge at Motion Auto Show. I don't want to post photos, but I spotted a few models at certain booths that kept it classy from the beginning to end. To non-perverts, it was definitely a pleasing sight and much attractable than other girls. Let me emphasize this, you DO NOT need to wear a bikini to become a model!

You know what the stupidest thing I've ever seen at a car show? You've probably seen this, but girls asking for money to take a photo of or with them. What in the holy fuk is that? Aren't you supposed to come to a show to promote your work and show who you are rather than being a cocky biatch and telling photographers to get away if you aren't going to get paid? Serious? I don't know about you guys, but that was the lamest shiet I've ever seen. I brought this up because there were only a handful of girls acting in such ways, so to all you girls doing this, fix your attitude gawd dammit!! While I'm at it, what is up with these strippers at car shows.. (-_-;) Now I heard this was happening because many Import Models are going to AdultCon and such, which pretty much grabs all the attention and strippers think if they come to the automotive scene, it will work for them as well. Fuck no! Think again because a car show ain't only for adults.

One more note I want to make and this is pretty darn sensitive. The looks of all these girls I've been seeing at car shows modeling is getting worse.  I do spot a few pretty ones here and there, and I know we don't all have the same taste, but there are too many so-called 'models' that lack it big time. I don't know if these girls get their hopes up because their parents said they were pretty, but let's face the facts...what parent would say to their daughter, "You are ugly." Ok ok~ maybe I'm being a bit too harsh, but all in seriousness, I'm not asking for some of these models to go through plastic surgery or so just to model in the scene. There are plenty of other modeling careers a girl can take, but for the automotive scene, you really do need the looks if the goal is to be on a magazine. Even if it ain't for a mag, ... o gawd... I don't even know what to say...  Let me just say the prettier, cuter, sexier.. the better. Yes..I know..the truth fukin hurts.

I think I made myself clear enough for all you guys that wanted to hear my opinion about models today. For the girls that plan on modeling, you can hate me as much as you want, but I just had to state the truth to open ya'll eyes about what the automotive scene is like and what the majority of enthusiasts want to see at a car show. I love girls, don't get me wrong. It's just that what I've been seeing these days was not pleasing even a single bit. Haters are going to hate, and I'm hating right now. Peace.


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