Random Spotlight: RMR's Hyundai Genesis Coupe

March 31, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

When we thought there was a limit in tuning a Hyundai, Rhys Millen Racing(RMR) created this monster; a 500HP, relocated v8 engine, Genesis Coupe.

Special Coverage: NFS Shift 2 Launch Meet by Speedhunters

March 28, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee and Jay Ebue

It's pretty rare for Speedhunters to host a meet. Wait, let me take that back; they 'never' created a meet and even if they did, it never happened in SoCal. I might be wrong, but stepping into the automotive scene since June of 2010, checking Speedhunters was a daily routine and I've never seen or heard Speedhunters creating a meet/event.
This month's theme for Speedhunters was 'meets' and at the right time, they coincided with the launch date of NFS's new Shift series, Shift 2, to have a launch release party/meet. For some reason, this special event wasn't promoted as much. However, top rides in SoCal came to support and Source Interlink Media's office was opened for spectators to look around and tryout the new game. Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chris Rado were present with their ultimate cars as well.

Special Coverage: LTBMW Grand Opening Meet

March 27, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


There were a few events going on yesterday and attending every single one was almost impossible. Cars & Coffee happens every week and the turnouts are always great, but an hour drive weekly isn't really worth the time when nearly 70% of the cars are the same unless it's a marque. After checking my list of events schedule, I decided to hit up LTBMW's Grand Opening after seeing a coverage that was done last year by Canibeat.
This was LTBMW's second grand opening, an overall of three meets in total hosted by the shop for BMW owners.
I would say the turnout was as big as Savini Wheels meet a few months ago, but with more quality cars.

Random Spotlight: RMR's Hyundai Equus

March 26, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

During the coverage of Global Rallysport on Friday, I came across two project cars by RMR (Rhys Millen Racing), one of them being this Hyundai Equus.

Event Coverage: Global RallyCross

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

For the first time ever, Irwindale Speedway hosted the Global RallyCross event, partially renovating the track with hills, jumps, etc. Today's event was basically a practice round for all the drivers who participated to get a feel of the course and master it for today's championship round.
The Rally is separated into two categories: 2WD and AWD. Here's a list of the drivers and cars.
Dillon Van Way - 2002 Ford Focus
Matthew Johnson - 2004 Mazda RX‐8
Randy Zimmer - 1996 Mazda Miata
Tyler Turnbull - 2002 Ford Focus
Andrew Sutherland - 1995 Honda Civic
Lauchlin O'Sullivan - 1987 Toyota FX‐16
Jeremy Barnes - 2011 Mazda 2
Keith Covey - 1993 Honda Civic

Marcus Grönholm - Finland 2011 Ford Fiesta
Michael Jernberg
Tanner Foust - 2011 Ford Fiesta
Pontus Tidemand - 2008 Ford Fiesta
Rhys Millen - 2012 Hyundai Veloster
Stephan Verdier - 2006 Subaru STI
Joseph Burke - 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 9
Marcus Dodd - 2012 Hyundai Veloster
Jimmy Keeney - 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Arkadiusz Gruszka - 2006 Mitsubishi EVO IX

Nightlight | Aesthetically Pleasing BMW

March 25, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Jonathan Ray

Jacky  (6)
What makes a car full of surprises can be based on a lot of components, but from all, it's the flawless body work and parts that flow well with the car.
This beauty owned by Jacky is exactly what makes a car aesthetically pleasing.

Random Spotlight: Junction Produce Previa

March 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

11.18.10 -12

If you love VIP cars, I'm pretty sure you know much about Estima's in Japan.
So far, I haven't seen a JDM Estima here in the states, but found one that was nearly identical; a Toyota Previa with JDM Toyota Estima conversion with a Full Junction Produce body kit.
Owner of this ride is Normandie, a very good friend of mine who loves cars and has been in the automotive scene for quite a long time. I always promised a photoshoot, but the timing always slipped. Luckily, I found a set of photos I took during the Low N Slow Northridge meet, so here are a few shots I want to share.

Event Coverage: Sideway Sundays (Pt. II)

March 23, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee & Andy Nguyen

We are back with our coverage on Sideway Sundays and it's none other than our drifting photographer Andy Nguyen who took over the drifting area.
Andy came down from NorCal (again!) to support Night-Import and to practice/attempt drifting shots in the rain. The weather was freezing, raining, and windy but we all managed to make it through the whole event.
Despite the horrible weather condition for the photographers, car show participants, and spectators, it was actually a good sign for drifters because they didn't have to worry about tire wear; however, many of the participants were oversteering because of the slippery track, but I'm pretty sure the 1 1/2 hours was worth their time.
($80 = 3 sessions, each session is 1 1/2 hours).

Special Coverage: Boba Cafe Meet @ Cerritos

March 22, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


We are a bit late with this meet coverage, but posted the photos up on our facebook fanpage a few days ago. There was a good response by our fans and we were glad to see people commenting on certain rides.
This was the first time Boba Cafe decided to put a meet together. Several photographers from blogs, such as SoCalZine and Speedhunters, came to do some coverage and I'm pretty sure they were satisfied with the turnout.

Random Spotlight: Fancy 911

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

We've seen a few 911's but I'm sure most of the ones you saw were purely built for performance. How about one that might have both the show quality and performance? or maybe modified to only show?
I've seen this ride at the ShowStoppers event last month and fell in love with the paint, interior, and exterior mods.

Event Coverage: Sideway Sundays (Pt. I)

March 21, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee & Andy Nguyen

One of the events many enthusiasts were looking forward to was Sideway Sundays @ Irwindale Speedway, which Night-Import were the first ones to announce on major forums & facebook. We were definitely stoked about this event and so were many others, but unfortunately, the first event that was supposed to be held on February 27th got postponed because of the 'expected' rainy weather condition. It actually didn't rain on that day and as many of those that were disappointed about the decision, we were feeling the same as well.
The organization decided to move the event on March 20th, 2011, which was yesterday, and when we were all thinking the weather was going to be sunny, it was the opposite.
There were many questions being asked on forums and through messages on facebook, so let me clarify a few points:
1. We are updating nearly 40+ forums with this event. Most of the updated infos will be 'replied' or updated on the original post, so even though you guys hate reading, please understand that we have to go through tons of forums and let's make it easier for both of us by reading the 'entire' information posted.
2. The reason why our logo is not on the flyer is because of the technical difficulties the organization had in the past. We are 100% supporting and promoting this event.
3. Night-Import is the head of the Media. If you have the proper credentials to register for media, please contact us. Also, we are now limiting 4 people from each site for media. You CANNOT ask if a friend can come along just because media registrants get a free pass and you personally know any of Night-Import staffs.
I hope this clarified most of your questions. Questions regarding the event can be asked on our Sideway Sundays event page on facebook or your forum (if the event is not on your forum, please contact us).
Now let's start the coverage on the first Sideway Sundays!

Event Coverage: Puente Hills Hyundai Annual Meet

March 19, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

One of the reasons why I like going to meets is because of talking and meeting new people in the automotive scene. This meet was hosted by the same people (Prestige Marketing) who created the Mitsubishi meet a few weeks ago. Compared to the last meet, the turnout was much better; more people, cars, and great food.
Even known models, Nikita Esco and Natalia Marie, came to support the meet.

Nightlight | Breaking the Limits

Night-Import: Photography by Jonathan Ray

Greg (2)
We love to feature cars that are well-built, especially the ones that have both the looks and performance. The term 'well-built' can be defined in several ways, but for the car that's being featured today, how about Horsepower Freaks turbo Stage 2 pulling 648WHP on race/meth. Good enough? Although our site is mostly dedicated to imports (depends on how you define it), this beauty deserves its feature on any magazine/blogs out there today.

Nightlight | RB Brothers

March 17, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Joe Alonzo


If the horsepower wasn't enough for 240sx owners to drift or track their cars, probably the first choice the majority will make is to swap in a SR engine, but for those who want to take that extra mile, you meet these two guys who go all out in power, putting in a RB25DET and pretty much set with all the engine modifications.
It's been awhile since we did a double feature, but we are glad and excited to bring back the title with these two beautiful 240sx's from Florida.

Event Coverage: XDC/Remix Event (Pt. V)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee,Nick Schultz, Andy Nguyen, Jay Ebue, and Hooni


This will probably be our last coverage of XDC/Remix. I hope the other 4 coverages of XDC/Remix was enjoyable to all of our fans. We like to keep our coverages fun to read and will try our best to entertain you guys at work, home, your girlfriend/boyfriends house, etc.

Part V will be a compilation of all the unseen photos from Part 1, 2, 3, and 4. I'm going to start it off with Nick's own coverage from the track and car show area.

Event Coverage: Ultimate Dubs UK

March 16, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee

Rich has been sending us some teaser shots through facebook, covering the biggest Euro show in the UK, Ultimate Dubs 2011.
This event brings the best Euros around the world so you can imagine how crazy it can get, not with only the amount of cars, but VAG enthusiasts as well.

The show included:
- The best VW, Audi and Seat Show Cars from the U.K and Europe, including stock, modified and custom models.
- Accessory, Parts, Tuning, I.C.E, Wheel & Styling Companies
- European, National and Regional Club Display Stands
- Special Vehicle Displays (Indoors and Outdoors)
- Autojumble (Indoors)
- Cars for Sale Area

We can pretty much say it's like HIN or SpoCom, but a show strictly for Euros. Let's go ahead and check out the cars!

Event Coverage: XDC/Remix Event (Pt. IV)

March 15, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee and Jay Ebue

I know I know. You guys were waiting for the model coverage and finally, it's here.
Like always, if you live with your girlfriend, tell her to go outside for a sec before taking a look at these photos. If you're at work and can't wait...then...too bad. You will have to wait until you go home :D
Jay also took amazing photos of the models so you'll see his work at the bottom as well.

Event Coverage: Performance World Custom Car Show

Night-Import: Photography by Jeff Kerr

Our photographer, Jeff Kerr from Canada, is back with a coverage from the recent Performance World Custom Car Show in Ontario, Canada. This event started since 2009 and has been continuously holding the show for 3 days every year. The sickest cars around Canada and even from different countries were brought out to this event.

Nightlight | 'Shaved' Classic

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

IMG_3491 copy
We can probably use a whole page to jot down the states that are huge in the automotive scene.
How about Baja, Mexico? We've probably seen some youtube clips and photo coverages of Mexico's automotive events, such as Rally and occasionally drifting, but not of a specific car that's finely modified as the one you'll be seeing today.

Event Coverage: NastIE Garage Car Meet

March 14, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Yesterday was one of those days I was looking forward to because of two car meets with a very high attendance rate (according to facebook) and the first meet happened in Pomona, hosted by NastIE Garage, a Honda performance based aftermarket shop. Allen from SocalZine arrived at the location around 10:30am and texted me about the turnout; lots were filled with cars and the area was swamped with spectators. Edgar and I arrived later on and as Allen said, we were pretty surprised with the amount of cars.

Event Coverage: XDC/Remix Event (Pt. III)

Night-Import: Photography by Andy Nguyen and Jay Ebue

Two of our photographers did an awesome job inside the track area at XDC. Andy came all the way from NorCal to represent us and Jay was also present as well. If you didn't know, Jay is a photographer for Wired on Honda and I didn't know he was shooting for us on the day of the event. Thanks Jay! Time for some drifting photos for part 3 coverage and we'll be back with part 4 soon.
Here's the XDC Irwindale Driver’s List:

1. Dave Briggs (Long Beach, CA) - Nissan 240SX
2. Joshua Chang (Tracy, CA) - Nissan 240SX
3. Carlos Cano Estrella (Sylmar, CA) - Nissan
4. George Marstanovic (Flagstaff, AZ) - Mazda RX-7
5. Adam Knapik (Westminster, CA) - Nissan 240SX
6. Ron Freitas (Vallejo, CA) - Nissan 240SX
7. Vitaly Sopkin (Phoenix, AZ) - Nissan 240SX
8. Mike Skudlarek (Plymouth, MI) - Nissan 240SX
9. Dan Burkett (Costa Mesa, CA) - Mazda RX-7
10. Chris Vallet (Gilbert, AZ) - Nissan 240SX
11. Daniel Kuo (Rowland Heights, CA) - Mazda RX-7
12. Kelvin Arreola (North Hollywood, CA) - Mazda RX-7
13. Sam Yousif (Mesa, AZ) - Nissan 350Z
14. Benjamin Kunk (Tucson, AZ) - Nissan 240SX
15. Joe Dycus (Beaumont, CA) - Nissan 350Z
16. Christopher Billedo (Fontana, CA) - Nissan 240SX
17. Kris Kregorian - Nissan 350Z
18. Nate Hamilton (Garland, TX) - Nissan 240SX
19. Chelsea DeNofa (Seabrook, TX) - BMW
20. Cyrus Martinez (Murrieta, CA) - Nissan 240SX
21. Aurimas ‘Odi’ Backhis (Wrightwood, CA) - Nissan 240SX
22. Jeff Abbot (Winchester, CA) - Mazda Miata
23. Will Parsons (Tulsa, OK) - Toyota Corolla
24. Sarah Burgess (Los Angeles, CA) - Mazda RX-8
25. Jeff Jones (Sunland, CA) - Nissan 240SX
26. Joshua Steele (Maui, HI) - Nissan 240SX
27. Matthew Dale (Las Vegas, NV) - Nissan 240SX
28. Robert Turnbow (Victoria, TX) - Toyota Cressida
29. Ross Petty (Gardena, CA ) - Nissan S14
30. Justin Moore (Temecula, CA) - Mazda RX-7
31. John Lee
32. Yoshie Shuyama

Event Coverage: XDC/Remix Event (Pt. II)

March 13, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee, Andy Nguyen, Nick Schultz, and Hooni

Hope all of you guys enjoyed the first part of XDC/Remix event coverage. Until our photographers submit their photos from the event, I'll be covering the entire car show area and of course, for you model fans, tons of model photos later on.
Recalling the first part of this event coverage, there were plenty of car show participants, but not too many spectators compared to other events in Irwindale; however, there were a lot of models and I'm pretty sure all the males enjoyed their time at XDC/Remix.
Let's get back to the car show area.

Event Coverage: XDC/Remix Event (Pt. I)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee, Andy Nguyen, Nick Schultz, and Hooni

XDC (Xtreme Drift Circuit) is one of those events opened to many amateurs, or according to XDC, privateer drivers, to compete against each other for the XDC Championship title. When and how the event started is a mystery to us, but according to many participants and spectators at the event today, it seems like XDC started last year.
Yesterday's event was the official first launch of the season and for the first time ever, XDC collaborated with REMIX for an even better show. There were two separate sections; car show and drifting.

Personally, this event will probably be one of my most memorable events ever because it was the first time our CA staffs went full force and had all media access. Our photographers Andy Nguyen, Nick Schultz, and Hooni covered the drifting event and Edgar Lozoya and I were walking around the car show area to do interviews and coverage. There are tons of photos to share and as always, we'll be sharing every single photo as much as possible. (Coverage will be separated according to our photographers assigned area).

Random Spotlight: Falken's RX-7 FD3S

March 12, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


If you read our Sideway Sundays Preview coverage this week, Falken's FD3S RX-7 probably caught your attention. One of the reasons why I personally enjoyed 1 1/2 hours of being at this place was because of Dan drifting with his LS1 FC Rx-7, but also because of this car.
Regarding who actually drifts this car is even a mystery to us. On this day, Justin Pawlak (JTP) was drifting the RX-7, but we didn't have an opportunity to ask who it belonged to (of course Falken, but the actually drifter).
One thing that I'm pretty sure of is that this wasn't Calvin Wan's Rx-7.

Here are some words I read through searching from the net:
"I wish JTP was staying rotary, he could hop into the Falken RX7. I don't think I've seen anyone drive that car recently."

"Although this FD RX7 looks a bit like Calvin's personal car, it's not. It's actually the same car that was driven by Tony Angelo back in 2005. It'd certainly be nice to see this thing on the track again."

Nightlight | Track Devil

March 11, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Jonathan Ray

Porsche GT3 (1)

This sexy photo should remind you of a well-known photographer. He really doesn't need an introduction, but in case if you don't know who he is, let me introduce to you to Jonathan Ray, the owner of JMR Photography and a photographer for Stance:Nation. We were very fortunate to hear from Jon and excited after hearing he'll be our partial photographer from now on. How amazing is this guy? Well let's start off with Jon's first feature of a Porsche, a Porsche GT3.

Special Coverage: Sideway Sundays Preview

March 10, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee, present with Edgar Lozoya

I've been spreading the word about the upcoming event Sideway Sundays @ Irwindale Speedway on Facebook and tons of forums throughout the last two months and a half. There were several questions asked to us and I would like to clarify and answer them.
1. Why are you guys promoting it?
- We were the first blog site to know about this event and decided to promote it on facebook and forums.
2. You guys decided to 'not' promote the event several times.
- There was a miscommunication with the organization. We sorted the situation out and Night-Import is now a part of the Sideway Sundays group.
3. Are you guys part of the sponsor for Sideway Sundays?
- We don't really care if we are. Our logo is not on the finalized flyer and you'll see one during XDC event this Saturday. However, we are still promoting and supporting the event.
4. When will be the postponed event?
- March 20, 2011. This is a finalized and 'not to change' date, so please come.
If you still have ANY questions, please e-mail us to night-import@hotmail.com

Ok, so back to our special coverage, Edgar Lozoya (Editor) and I made it to the layout/testing day at Irwindale Speedway today. The one who is in charge/hosting this event is Troy from Adams Motorsports and he's been putting a lot of work into this event. Let me tell you, this event will NOT be like those drifting events you guys have been to during the past few years. There will be various activities, but you'll have to be there to experience it.
One of the BEST parts about this event is the 'Car Show'. Why? Click Read More

Nightlight | Classic Fanciness

March 8, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Mark Bello

d8 copy

You're walking or driving around the streets of Washington and hear metal scraping or see sparks flying on the freeway and notice it's a Datsun 510, the owner not caring about what's going on and looks forward driving in style. The ride has already been featured on Slammed:Society and Sarapbuhay, but why not introduce it once again with the help of our photographer Mark Bello.

Nightlight | Devil on Gold

March 7, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Joe Alonzo


One of the best ways to introduce new blog photographers is by showing their photography work, and today, I would like to welcome and introduce a new Night-Import family member, Joe Alonzo from Florida, CA, with his previously done photoshoot of a 2002 Lexus IS 300.

Random Spotlight: Whiteness in Detail

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

When we think of VW's, there are two modifications that come in mind; low offset wheels and air ride. Accomplishing those two finalizes the look of many VW's and many have been featured on magazines and blogs. There was one, however, continuously coming out with new looks and I was fortunate to find that specific VW to be exclusively featured on our site today. If you had a difficult time understanding the phrase 'attention to detail', this car will not only show you but will define it.

Meet Coverage: UCKK1 Cruise

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee

As always, Rich brings us fresh coverage's, no matter how big or small the meets are, from the UK. It's always difficult to work for multiple sites, but I always thank Rich for representing Night-Import. Now getting back to our coverage content, we all know by now that UK is pretty big with nightly cruises and most of the upcoming cruise infos can be found at UKcarcuise. This cruise, however, had a special purpose, which was to raise money for the Army of Angels. It's something like these events that bring the automotive enthusiasts together. Rich and his Fast-N-Modded staffs had a convoy to the location and the overall turnout was amazing. By the way, it wasn't only a single convoy going on, but happened at several locations.

That's a huge list of convoys going on and if you're looking closely enough, you can see our logo on the flyer! (Thanks Rich!)

Special Coverage: NOS Energy Drink Tour and Interview

March 6, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee, Interview by William Lee and Edgar Lozoya

*Please be advised the interview was recorded and directly transferred to words.
When we think of an automotive sports drink, what brand comes in mind?
I don't know about you guys, but going to events since last year till today, the booth I've seen the most and being one of the most active booths out of all was NOS Energy Drinks. On most of our event and meet coverage's, there was at least one photo of NOS. I'm not trying to emphasize myself, but take a look at our event coverages. The work and amount of time NOS spent to promote themselves is beyond our speculations.
Last week, our editor Edgar Lozoya and I went down to NOS Energy Drink's Marketing Department to do an interview with the head marketing team leader Brian Khou. We already know about NOS, but we wanted to know more about the company and the history behind it.
Luckily, the company had their general staffs meeting on the day of the interview, including the models, so we started off the coverage with a pleasant photo.

Event Coverage: Showstoppers USA Grand Opening

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


During the Puente Hills Mitsubishi meet on Saturday, my friend Jose Romo, EuroTuner star, told me about another meet that was going on in Glendale, which wasn't too far from where I lived. I'm usually updated with all the local meets, but it seems like I missed one because of the hectic week at work. This grand opening event by Showstoppers was suppose to happen last week like the Mitsubishi event, but it got postponed to a week later because of the weather.
To be honest, this was my first time hearing about Showstoppers, so I did some research to find out more about the company.
Showstoppers USA has a long history in the automotive scene, starting since 2002 and still going strong. Almost every aftermarket product can be purchased through their site or locally if you live near by. Their previous store was located in Monrovia, CA, but now relocated to Glendale, CA which is why this event was created.

Event Coverage: Puente Hills Mitsubishi Car Meet

March 5, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

If you live in SoCal, you'll definitely be expecting a meet or event near your area, which is the best part of living in California because the automotive scene is always active!
I got informed about this meet from the Redline Showcase staffs. The show was suppose to happen last week, but because of unexpected weathers in California, the event was postponed to next week, which was today.
We, Night-Import, did invite people through facebook, but b/c of the short notice, the turnout wasn't so great; however, there was free food and prizes being raffled out.

Special Interview: Vehicle Import Legality

March 3, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Interview by William Lee,Rich McKee, and Andy Nguyen

*We are posting Skyline photos taken by Night-Import. The content is related to Skylines in general so please understand the use of the photos.

One of the most debated and spreading news around automotive websites/blogs are the legalities of Skylines or Imports in general to the States. NicoClub brought us the detailed news about Skylines being seized by the U.S. Government and other sites were adding additional information. This was an opportunity for all automotive enthusiasts to understand more about importing such vehicles. After posting the news on our facebook fanpage, an active discussion was going on and there was one who was providing very detailed information regarding the news.
I spent some time with Rick Rosales, a staff for Right Hand Drive JAPAN, LTD., to ask some questions.

Special Coverage: Low N Slow Photoshoot (Pt. II)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

I'll be posting up a link on our fanpage, which will be forwarded to the official photoshoot site once we get confirmation. This special coverage is pretty much a behind-the-scenes of what went on during the photoshoot. As mentioned in Part 1, you'll have a better idea of what team Low N Slow is all about. It's not about competing against other teams or winning 1st or 2nd place, but to have fun!

Special Coverage: Burbank Krispy Kream Tuesdays

March 2, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

As we all know, Southern California is known for major events, such as Formula D, Redline Time Attack, Eibach Honda Meet, etc.
But it is also known for local meets and I'm not talking about 5~10 cars or a parking lot packed with stock cars.
I'm talking about underground parking structures, supermarket lots, forbidden areas, and even mountains being packed with modified cars.
What's really exciting about these meets is not knowing what kind of cars are going to roll in. It's always a surprise and even if you don't see a Aston Martin or a Ferrari Enzo, you'll see plenty of nicely modded cars from your area or people who will drive 2~3 hours just to talk with automotive enthusiasts and check out rides.

On Tuesday, our friends Elite-Autosports 'brought back' the Krispy Kream Tuesday meets in Burbank, CA. Few years ago, if there was a meet you had to attend without any questions, it was the Krispy Kream Tuesday meets. I'm not trying to exaggerate myself, but think about 300 cars parked at a plaza lot. This meet was legendary before it got raided by cops. After the notice of "do not come back", the Krispy Kream meet became history and no one expected it to come back; however, after things got settled, Elite-Autosports decided to re-open the gates to the legendary Krispy Kreme meet.

As expected, there were tons of cars and the behavior level was good enough to call it a 'great' meet.

Special Coverage: Low N Slow Photoshoot (Pt. I)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


This past Sunday, I was able to make it to team Low N Slow's photoshoot before the OC Food Truck meet and M&M Donut meet. Peter Tadros scheduled the team for a photoshoot and everyone was able to make it except Carlos's 350Z.
I was going to write up a separate feature one by one, but I wanted to share all the photos and re-introduce you guys to the members.

Event Coverage: Blyton Drift Day

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee

One of the most rapidly advancing sports in the automotive scene, or maybe in general, is drifting. It's not all about what car you drive or the competitiveness each one holds, but the love, enjoyment, and adrenaline rushing through your veins through sliding and speeding. More and more young adults are participating and learning about drifting and one of those events in the UK that are opened to such age groups is Blyton Drift Day.
As mentioned by our supporters Fast-N-Modded, "Drifting is more about the go than the show", which is why you'll see many of the cars today enjoying the moment of drifting in the mud, cement, puddles, etc. Forget about the cleanliness of the cars. It comes down to how well you take those sharp corners and completing the given route.

Special Coverage: OC Food Truck Car Meet #3

March 1, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz and William Lee


This past weekend was filled with meets and we tried our best to attend every single one. There were suppose to be 2 'events' during the weekends; Sideway Sundays and Free open invitation Car Meet with raffles by Redline Showcase, but unfortunately the weather had to postpone both events to another day. Make sure to check out our facebook fanpage for the changed dates.

On Sunday, Johnny Ho hosted another Food Truck meet in Orange County. I have to give this guy props for bringing out all the trucks and creating a meet at a huge parking lot. After a sudden notice of all the removals of food trucks from the Sideway Sundays event, Johnny acted quickly and called up all the Food Trucks that were suppose to attend. He decided to move the location from Irwindale Speedway to OC and although the meet itself was at a different location than OC Food Truck Meet #2, the turnout was pretty decent.