Event Coverage | R's Meeting

October 11, 2012

Night Import: Photography by Charles Zee Zayas | Words by William Lee

GTR Meet-3

Like many say, better late than never..right? It's been about a month since Japan had its infamous meet...a meet that's known by many enthusiasts around the world. If you are a Skyline fan like myself, then it isn't optional, but mandatory for you to look through other blogs for a coverage on the R's Meeting or even better, checking it out on Night Import. I believe this is our second time covering this event thanks to our contributor Charles in Japan.

Many of you guys know how Japan hosts numerous car shows/events, probably even more than here in the States, and one event you just need to attend if you plan on going to Japan in September, is this one. Yea yea~ I know things can be seen online these days, but actually attending one is obviously different and an experience that cannot be forgotten.

If you know me well, my dream car is a Skyline BNR34. I made a separate post about this, just to share some of my knowledge about cars that I really want to get. So imagine how badly I want to go to Japan and just see Skylines haha. Anyways I'll stop with the talk and take you guys on a tour to the R's meeting.