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December 8, 2011

Night Import: Photography by various blogs | Words by William Lee

Hello guys (^-^)/
Like always, this is William, the owner/creator of Night Import. It's been over a year now since I've been actively communicating with you fans and I'm very blessed and pleased with how my site turned out. There were definitely ups and downs since I started, and while I do want to talk about those experiences, I also want to take some time to answer frequently asked questions I've been getting through e-mails and comments on the fanpage. It might seem sort of awkward to put myself in the spot, but I didn't want to ignore all the repetitive questions I've been asked, so I was waiting for the right time to answer all of them at once. Also, because the fanpage just reached 40K FANS!! (as of right now..it's just a #), why not take this moment to do this? Maybe today is the right time or maybe not, but before I forget and move on with what I always do, it's time for some answers! I've got nothing to hide and as many of you guys know by now, I'm objective and open-minded, so in case you have a weak heart or get butt-hurted easily, I recommend you to not read this post... But seriously, don't take the things I say to heart because it's all out of all love~! Anyways, let's get to the questions and answers! LEGO!

Mayday me
Photo by MayDayGarage

So I've basically lowered it down to only 3 questions because these three were asked numerous times! One question I've been asked the most, is how do I keep the fanpage active. You old-time followers probably noticed the fanpage gets updated almost every 30 minutes to an hour. This usually does not happen during the weekends because I'm out there at an event or meet doing my thing for the blog. I sometimes upload photos through my phone while doing coverage, but if my phone fuks up on me, then it's a wait for you guys and for myself. Other than the weekends though, how I update the fanpage is through my phone or laptop because both of them are with me 24/7. Those 2 things are very crucial because it's a way to communicate with all you guys (including my family..you guys are my family too).
YES! I do work! I'm sure that was a question floating around. I did major in Bio-medical/Pre-medicine and planning on going to Medical School, but as many of you guys know, that's a biatch to deal with! I'm off work as of now and focusing on studying again, so that's one of the reasons why I'm a bit free these days. I don't want to say free because my face is in front of Princeton's MCAT books almost every single day, but you guys get the point. While I'm talking about my educational history, some of you guys have been complaining about my poor writing style. Check this out, Night Import was not created to keep professionalism or follow that route to share the ideas of what one individual has to say or share about issues occurring in the automotive scene. I don't want to sound like a professor, nor a smart ass when I'm not. I know how I write will reflect the maturity level of fans, but Night Import is for everyone. If you can't be open-minded, I'll try my best to make you so. If you have a complaint, I'll try to state my opinion and make you think again if possible. I can't satisfy everyone with what I have to say because let's face it; there will always be haters. But do know my intentions when writing about something is not to create an issue, but to just share what I have to say like every other enthusiast. Don't look at me differently because of the number of fans. Instead of defining me as Night Import, get to know who William Lee is and then be the judge. I don't want to surpass anyone...it's just a fucking blog by a kid who got into the scene for only a year.

Nick and William
Photo by Daily-Driven

To the second question, how can I become a photographer for Night Import?
There are a few qualifications and although it's not too strict, they are very important for my site and for you as well. The main reason why I decided to get photographers for my blog is because I realized tons of talented photographers out there that don't get enough recognition. Their work might not be in the level of professionals, but dam good enough to make people like you and I go WOW! Posting such contents on my blog will not only help fans look at the photographer's work, but also categorize my blog as being one of those blogs with quality content. All of the current contributing photographers are listed once you click on this tab here, but for those who are lazy; big ups to Andy Nguyen, Nick Schultz, Jim Davis, Dan Purpura, Jay Ebue, Rich McKee, Charles Zee Zayas, and Kaoru Shoji. I am not recruiting photographers at the moment, but if I do, I'll make an announcement on the fanpage.

Import Fashion me me
Photo by Photojunkie. At the left is the owner of our supporting site Import Fashion.

Now to the last frequently asked question or maybe a request, Can you support my blog/site?
It's still a question right? Well..sort of a favor. Either way, let's get to the point. There are millions of blogs and websites out there that just started and the owners are working their asses off promoting them. I know how that feels because I went through that whole process when I first started Night Import. However, I personally think there are a few guidelines you need to follow and please, this is my opinion so don't get hurt.

Don't spam! Gosh! I see some of ya'll promote your sites like every 30 minutes by posting it on my fanpage or other pages. For crying out loud, give some time for the page owners to check out your site before jumping into conclusions! What you can do is e-mail the page owner(s) or find some way to contact them and ask if they can promote your page. Take it step by step instead of rushing.

Quality content! This is VERY important in order for your site to succeed. I'm not saying my blog succeeded yet! nor saying I post up quality stuff! You might think otherwise because of the # of fans on the fanpage, but that really doesn't matter to me. Now, let me tell you, there is a difference between owning a facebook fanpage and a blog. Just because you have tons of fans on your fanpage does not mean your blog is as popular. You can link your blogging contents through facebook, but seriously, how many people actually click on it to read what you wrote? The only occasion I see this actually happening is when there is quality content, meaning exceptional photography or professional writing. It doesn't matter shit if you pay for advertising or ask your friends who are popular in the automotive community to promote your site. If you don't put up good stuff, I don't see any of this happening...
Let me mention one more factor; Be active! Sitting in front of your computer and uploading photos won't do jack! Maybe you can write about your life on your blog and discuss automotive related issues all the time, but I've rarely come across those blogs/sites. Go out there and do what you do IF you truly have a passion for it. If taking photos is your hobby and you really think you can make something out of it, DO IT! If you're good in talking, go out there and talk with people! Don't expect to succeed without dedication. If you love what you do and think it will prolong for years, then update your blog/site while managing the fanpage. I know Facebook is like the central for all social networking, but please don't think that will lead your site to fame!

Well there it is guys! The end of my bitching or opinions depending on how you want to take it. I am in no position to give lectures or suggestions, but as mentioned before, these specific questions were asked numerous times, so all I did was to answer them in an appropriate(?) way.

In conclusion~ (college status), I really love what I do as a hobby, but will never take this route as a career. There are many reasons why, but those reasons are personal and not really worth sharing. I can tell you right now though, that Night Import will one day stop or move on to another owner, but while it's still owned and managed by me, I'll try my best to be the best. I don't really give a shit if other blogs or people talk crap about my blog because this is a personal blog where I can discuss and write freely. There will always be issues and haters, but that doesn't mean I'll ignore them. What they say will be a stimulus  to try even harder and I'll definitely take those words/suggestions by them into consideration. I'm not always right, but not always wrong. I'm just a normal kid who likes to share opinions and thoughts and want this community to become a family. I appreciate all of your support and continuous love guys. It really means a lot and without you fans, Night Import wouldn't have been where it is right now (tear drop). MUCH LOVE! and NIGHT IMPORT FTW!


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