Event Coverage | The Pursuit III by Longo Lexus

October 18, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

The Pursuit III-114
Last Sunday was pretty hectic. I had to jump by a few places back and forth, do some quick errands, and then finally had some time to cover events. There were two major ones happening on the same day and time, but like always, I managed to take care of both v(^-^)v.
Most of the major ones that go on annually are definitely a must-to-attend and listed on my smartphone because no one has a clue on what cars will show up. This is true because when I attended Bulletproof's 11th Anniversary meet, I found out the Carbon Fiber NSX made its first appearance to the public. To some of you guys, it might not mean anything, but to a blogger who goes to events and meets almost every week and see the same cars more than twice, it's a pretty big deal and a moment not to forget. The Pursuit was one of those events I didn’t want to miss because of having an awesome time last year, but not having enough time to thoroughly look at the cars. This event is the largest Lexus based event here in SoCal, opening the drag strip for competition along with a car show, both held at Irwindale Speedway, CA, so missing such an event is a no no! The Pursuit III was somewhat the same as The Pursuit II, so I arrived at around 12pm, covered the event for about a good 3 hours, and headed toward Race Day Car Show in Burbank. That coverage will be up hopefully by tomorrow, but today, enjoy the beautiful Lexus and other make/models.

The Pursuit III-34
This event is opened to the public for free and also free for those who want to show their cars. Here are a group of Bimmers from MFEST.

The Pursuit III-1
IS on Advans. These look pretty good on this car.

The Pursuit III-2
VIP Style IS on Leon Harditt Ordens.

The Pursuit III-3
Some sideskirts will definitely complete the look on this SC.

The Pursuit III-4
G35 spotted on some massive wheels. Those rears need to be cambered!

The Pursuit III-5
Simply dropped IS-F.

The Pursuit III-6
I think this GS was on the strip, which is why you see the mismatched wheel setup.

The Pursuit III-7

The Pursuit III-14
Forgot the owners name, but this Junction Produce GS is so much win.

The Pursuit III-8
Air'd out SC.

The Pursuit III-9
Catchiest car ever.

The Pursuit III-10
I haven't seen these wheels for such long time and seeing it on a IS? Dope!

The Pursuit III-11
Good to see Daniel's ride. Lower!!

The Pursuit III-12
Sitting on Five Axis wheels.

The Pursuit III-13

The Pursuit III-15
GPR Auto had Low N Slowcrew and a few other rides on display. Here's Jesse's 1JZ Celica.

The Pursuit III-16
Gold VS-XXs were blinging!

The Pursuit III-18

The Pursuit III-19
M3 from Heavy Hitters, repping Mastermind. I'm seriously digging those Advans...

The Pursuit III-28
Even the engine bay was sexy.

The Pursuit III-31
Allen's IS slammed on JIC wheels.

The Pursuit III-33

The Pursuit III-123

The Pursuit III-128
"The Senator of Stance."

The Pursuit III-17
Low N Slow family! Love you guys! (No homo intended).

The Pursuit III-24
Vertex USA had some sick rides on display.

The Pursuit III-25

The Pursuit III-26

The Pursuit III-27
Winning VIPs..WoW!

The Pursuit III-121
The a$$es.

The Pursuit III-20
Behind the booth was another GS, but on Ordens.

The Pursuit III-23
That kid at the right came to the right event.

The Pursuit III-21
Need4Speed x Vossen Wheels.

The Pursuit III-22
Vossen makes some unique wheels. Props!

The Pursuit III-35

The Pursuit III-36

While others were walking around in the showcase lot, I spotted this LF-A cruising at the back, so ran to the location asap before it went back to its booth. It's right behind my car!

The Pursuit III-37
Such a sexy car...

The Pursuit III-38
Going back to the showcase lot, I came across this Evo on RE30s repping Wheelflip.

The Pursuit III-39
Yeap...as expected...spotted some "let's put on some BBS center caps on non BBSs." I ain't hating, I ain't hating.....nvm..I'm gonna hate.

The Pursuit III-40
This Miata was rolling hard!

The Pursuit III-41
Stylish photographer, Clifford Sustrino! Good seeing ya!

The Pursuit III-42
Halloween is coming soon...

The Pursuit III-43
I think this is Francis's IS.

The Pursuit III-44
Unique! IS on Enkei NT03+Ms.

The Pursuit III-45
Minh's IS is soooo dope! Repping Low Ballers and Royal Origin.

The Pursuit III-46
Camry on VMRs. I saw it coming out from the strip, so I guess it was competing with other Lexus.

The Pursuit III-48
BBS LMs do look good on ISs. Yes, these were real.

The Pursuit III-49

The Pursuit III-50

The Pursuit III-51
Really digged the wheel color.

The Pursuit III-52
Slammed TL on HREs.

The Pursuit III-53
SCs still look good with a minimum drop.

The Pursuit III-54

The Pursuit III-57
Vincent's LS on deep dished wheels customized by Wheelflip.

The Pursuit III-55
If you guys are looking for wheels or need refinishing, customization, etc., hit up Wheelflip and mention Night Import!

The Pursuit III-56

The Pursuit III-58
I think the hood was being Vinyl wrapped...

The Pursuit III-59

The Pursuit III-83
Raffle time!

The Pursuit III-60
Forgot what company this Z was under.

The Pursuit III-62
AutoFashion in the house! I need to say hi to these guys one day. Really liking their builds.

The Pursuit III-82
Great example of a VIP car, sitting on SSRs.

The Pursuit III-61

The Pursuit III-63
I didn't realize Jon Jon's IS was with AF, now repping Vanguard Collective. Good seeing his ride like always.

The Pursuit III-64

The Pursuit III-65
Few more rides from AF's booth.

The Pursuit III-81
Rear shot of the cars.

The Pursuit III-66
Never seen this IS before.

The Pursuit III-70
Now to team Royal Flush.

The Pursuit III-67

The Pursuit III-68

The Pursuit III-69

The Pursuit III-71

The Pursuit III-72

The Pursuit III-78

The Pursuit III-79
Very nice rides.

The Pursuit III-73
Slammed SC

The Pursuit III-74
IS F-Sport.

Lowest IS ever! Look at those Rotiforms tucking in.

The Pursuit III-76
Our photographer Nick Schultz's IS with a AIT CF front lip.

The Pursuit III-77
Ouuuu. I really liked this GS.

The Pursuit III-84
Dam you! Why are you so sexy? Chick magnet!

The Pursuit III-85
I thinks the owner of this IS contacted me regarding a feature. If you're reading this, please contact me again!

The Pursuit III-86

The Pursuit III-87
BP VIP in the house!

The Pursuit III-88

The Pursuit III-89

The Pursuit III-90

The Pursuit III-91
Stylish IS.

The Pursuit III-92
Cressida on BBS RSs.

The Pursuit III-93
Pretty rare to see slammed SC430s.

The Pursuit III-109
Last car from BP VIP, John's Junction Produce LS.

The Pursuit III-94

The Pursuit III-95

The Pursuit III-97
Nicely done SCs.

The Pursuit III-96

The Pursuit III-106
Team Supreme Society.

The Pursuit III-98

The Pursuit III-99

The Pursuit III-100
Ahh!!!!! Job Design!!

The Pursuit III-101

The Pursuit III-102

The Pursuit III-103

The Pursuit III-104
Lance bumping up some music.

The Pursuit III-107
GT-R R35 from Promax.

The Pursuit III-108
There were a lot of nice cars participating for the drag event. I didn't stay too long to capture them all, but seen some ones that were clean!

The Pursuit III-111
American muscle!

The Pursuit III-112

The Pursuit III-113

The Pursuit III-115
Spectators watching.

The Pursuit III-116
Cars racing.

The Pursuit III-117

The Pursuit III-119
Wald Wald Wald! VIP AutoSalon knows wsup when it comes to modifying a Lexus.

The Pursuit III-120
Lamborghini from Savini wheels.

The Pursuit III-127
Ending the coverage with a fitted IS-F on SSR SP1s.

I want to thank James Nguyen for supporting us with this year's event and our photographer Nick Schultz representing Night Import from the beginning to end.


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