Event Coverage | SevenStock 14 - "Long Live the Rotary"

October 30, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Sevenstock 14-21
SevenStock is probably the most anticipated event of the year in Southern California for Rotary fans and owners. I clearly remember as if it was yesterday attending SevenStock last year, running and walking around every single aisle like a little kid, trying to take a photo of every single car that attended. It was during the time period when I didn't know jack about cars, especially rotaries, except knowing the fact that Rx-7s were the shit! Well...that's what I heard, so ever since then, my interest in Rx-7 FDs was growing and as of now, it's my favorite car. Yea~ I know I know~ Rotaries are difficult to manage and not really cost efficient when a problem occurs, but I really don't care! It's like falling in love with someone and willing to do anything it takes to keep her v(^-^)v If I do get one in the near future, I'll definitely make a separate savings account just for the car :D
Anyways, back to SevenStock, the event location for this year was different than last year. Last year's event was at Mazda HQ in Irvine, CA where Cars and Coffee is held every Saturday. I'm not sure if this was the first time, but for this year, it was held at Fairplex, Pomona, CA. Now a few things changed, such as admission fees for people who wanted to show their ride and general + parking fees for spectators. Considering all these 'economic' changes, I was a bit worried with the amount of showcase cars and spectators because last year's free event was totally off the hook. Arriving with our editor Edgar Lozoya at the event around 12pm and taking a quick glimpse of the area, the showcase lot was smaller, amount of cars participating was smaller, and the quality of cars went downhill big time compared to SevenStock 13. I was sort of disappointed, but seeing one well-done FD was good enough, such as the one shown above owned by Ryan from R-Ryde. Let's get to the coverage, so that you guys can enjoy some rotaries!

Sevenstock 14-1
Dam..it's been such a long time since I came to this place. I think it was during high school when I came here with my X.

Sevenstock 14-2
The entrance was covered with past SevenStock banners. Already 14 years and still going strong!

Sevenstock 14-3

Sevenstock 14-109

Sevenstock 14-108
I wasn't familiar with how things were set up this year because of the new location, but if I did go through every lot as planned, there was an indoor and outdoor section. I'll start from the indoor section because it was hot as hell.

Sevenstock 14-107
Loved the finish on those Weds SA-67Rs.

Sevenstock 14-5
FC on Blitz.

Sevenstock 14-6
Super clean! Can't go wrong with Enkei RPF1s.

Sevenstock 14-7

Sevenstock 14-9

Sevenstock 14-38

Sevenstock 14-105
You'll see this FC in a famous magazine pretty soon.

Sevenstock 14-8
2 flushed out skateboards and a flushed Rx-8.

Sevenstock 14-10
Whoa! Look at the color.

Sevenstock 14-11

Sevenstock 14-12
Sitting on HREs.

Sevenstock 14-13

Sevenstock 14-14
One of my favorites FDs from the indoor section.

Sevenstock 14-15

Sevenstock 14-16
A bit more aggressive sized wheels would make the car look much better.

Sevenstock 14-17
Danh's FD from More Japan.

Sevenstock 14-18

Sevenstock 14-19
Work Meisters!

Sevenstock 14-20

Sevenstock 14-103

Sevenstock 14-95
 Ryan's FD was the best looking out of ALL the cars. I found out he didn't win this year because he won last year.

Sevenstock 14-26

Sevenstock 14-25
So the trophy went to this FD. The turbo setup was definitely insane, but other than that, everything else was just plain simple to me.

Sevenstock 14-24
The only Matte Black FD.

Sevenstock 14-22

Sevenstock 14-27

Sevenstock 14-29
Slammed Rx-8! BBSs were customized by Wheelflip.

Sevenstock 14-23

Sevenstock 14-36
SSR SP1s in Black Chrome (?)

Sevenstock 14-28
Black on Black!

Sevenstock 14-30
Functional fitment on Volk TE37s.

Sevenstock 14-96

Sevenstock 14-97
Ouuuuuu. Polished in and out.

Sevenstock 14-98

Sevenstock 14-99
Nicely done FCs.

Sevenstock 14-100
12 Rotor Motor...how about putting this monster in a car.. ^0^

Sevenstock 14-32

Sevenstock 14-31
Rotary power!

Sevenstock 14-33
Built to track.

Sevenstock 14-35

Sevenstock 14-37
Lambo doors...

Sevenstock 14-39
Some classic trucks.

Sevenstock 14-106
This car wins at almost every event. Clean as hell.

Sevenstock 14-40
Now to the outside lot, I've seen a few Rx-3 photos going around the net, especially this one.

Sevenstock 14-41

Sevenstock 14-42
Eat you up!

Sevenstock 14-43

Sevenstock 14-44

Sevenstock 14-45
Still in the learning process with classic Mazdas.

Sevenstock 14-46
I would so drive this to work.

Sevenstock 14-47
Tracked? Looking not too shabby on Enkei NT03+Ms.

Sevenstock 14-48

Sevenstock 14-110
I had no clue RE Amemiya had an office here in the states. Seems like I'll need to visit one day.

Sevenstock 14-49
Little girl at the left falling in love with the Yellow FD.

Sevenstock 14-50
Not common at all to see cars on Racing Hart Cp S10s.

Sevenstock 14-111
OG Work Equips.

Sevenstock 14-51
Not sure if this FC drifts, but it was clean.

Sevenstock 14-53
F1 cars that always come out at Mazda related events.

Sevenstock 14-54
Meaty tires on VS-XXs is something I don't see too often.

Sevenstock 14-55
Wow. Rx-7 FC conv. on RE Amemiya kit. I have no idea why I can't remember this car...wth...

Sevenstock 14-56
Something going on here...

Sevenstock 14-57
Wouldn't this be nice as a trophy?

Sevenstock 14-114
RHD Rx-7 FD.

Sevenstock 14-115
This one won various Time Attack events.

Sevenstock 14-116
Bigger the better.

Sevenstock 14-58
Midnight purple Rx-8 on Time Attack edition Volk ce28ns.

Sevenstock 14-59

Sevenstock 14-60

Sevenstock 14-62

Sevenstock 14-77
MMMmmmm~! Another FEED equipped Rx-7 FD.

Sevenstock 14-61
You guys loved this FEED FD when I posted it up on the fanpage.

Sevenstock 14-63
Clean stance.

Sevenstock 14-65
Bumped into a blogger friend Phillip. Check out this blog called KounterKultured.

Sevenstock 14-67

Sevenstock 14-74
I was looking at this car for a good minute. It's a D1GP participated FD built by a shop called Rotary Power USA.

Sevenstock 14-75

Sevenstock 14-68
How i want my FD to look.

Sevenstock 14-69
The guy at the back looked like a cop...or maybe he was..wait...he is.

Sevenstock 14-70
Black Work Equips.

Sevenstock 14-71
Nicely done FC.

Sevenstock 14-118
I've seen this Rx-8 somewhere...

Sevenstock 14-76

Sevenstock 14-79
Epicness. Why?

Sevenstock 14-80

Sevenstock 14-81

Sevenstock 14-83
Clean stance on Volk TE37SLs.

Sevenstock 14-84
Random Nightlight on this Initial D inspired FC.

Sevenstock 14-85

Sevenstock 14-86

Sevenstock 14-87
Rx-8s from the 626 area.

Sevenstock 14-88
Serious conversation going on here with our editor Edgar Lozoya.

Sevenstock 14-89

Sevenstock 14-90
These FCs were aggressive!

Sevenstock 14-117
Last shot I took outside before going back inside for raffles.

Sevenstock 14-120
Some randomness, I spotted this guy wearing a Christian Audigier jacket/sweater and Gucci hat...both name-brands but don't match at all! What's my point? nothing really...just saying.

Sevenstock 14-121
and~~~ last shot before I left. Hope you guys enjoyed some Rotary sickness!


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