Event Coverage | SEMA 2011 (Pt. III)

November 6, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

I'm still exhausted! Walking for 4 days straight wasn't fun at all and the workout with lack of sleep is finally getting back to me. I got back home yesterday at around 12pm and knocked out for about 5 hours and slept again at 10pm and was sleeping till 9am today. One part I really regret during my week at SEMA was not staying a bit longer on Saturday because all of my friends who showcased their cars at SEMA were out of the Convention Center, which meant I had an opportunity to do a group photoshoot. Too much partying and lack of sleep was probably the reason why I totally forgot about this (-_-;)ㄱ Anyways, after waking up and clearing my mind, I was editing rest of the photos and now, finished writing my Part 3 coverage on SEMA. Today's part will be covering South Hall where all the Tire/Wheel/Accesory companies were located.
I decided to start it off with one of the cars I was looking forward to see; 911 RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF (RWB). This specific car belongs to Mark Arcenal from Fatlace and was built by the master himself, Nakai san. I was actually standing here for an hour or so because I heard Nakai san was present and I wanted to take a photo with him. Yeap~ I'm a fan of his work and meeting him would've been a great honor. He didn't show up, but looking at his work in person was a thrilling experience.

The RWB was located in Falken Tires booth. I liked how all of these wheels were legit!

Lexus LF-A...it was sexy...


Matte White Audi on Rotiforms.
Falken was always crowded because of their models. Did I take a shot of them? Nope!


Now to Pirelli's booth, I remember seeing this Ferrari last year at SEMA. If I'm not mistaken, this one was imported from Europe.

Classic swag.

Lamborghini Aventador! ME WANT!

Had to take a shot because of the lip.

Sort of awkward how I don't see Maseratis at Car Shows.

Nitto Tires had some awesome cars on display such as this widebody Mustang by Steeda. Unlike other widebody kits that are made out of polyurethane or fiberglass, this particular kit is made out of steel! and the model at the left was pretty cute.


Twin Turbo Lamborghini Murcielago by Underground Racing.

Such a clean kouki S14 with a flawless LS3 swap in Kenda Tires booth.

Next to it was this SCCA Ferrari F430.

Hankook tires had a huge booth with a few cars that caught my attention, like this eco-friendly CR-Z on Volk TE37SLs. The tires were actually eco-friendly as well.


There were two Korean models at this booth, which pretty much created a huge crowd every time I passed by. Because I'm a Korean and like Korean girls, I had to take a few pics.

Her name is Kim Ha Eun. She hated me...or I think she did...


and she's Min Soo Ah.
I didn't have my flash with me, so the photos came out pretty bad. Are the two models famous? I have no clue.

Toyo Tires had a few sick cars on display like this 1001HP CTS-V plus celebrities autographing posters.

There's Rampage. I heard his hand was as big as a Melon.


SEMA 2011-14
I'm not a fan of Konig wheels, but the widebody Rx-7 FD they had on display was stunning!


Rota wheels, the replica masters.


The only wheel booth at SEMA that did not allow taking photos of their wheels was XXR. I don't really understand why they do this because the new ones will obviously be a replica of something, but other than that, the cars on display were awesome.

Giovanna wheels has one of the biggest booths because...they are just ballers!

Matte Black is the way to go.

Luxury enough?





Yea..I know...

I saw this Truck in person at Formula D last year. The build is crazy.

If I remember correctly, it was last year when I got in contact with the head of Fox Marketing. These guys create some awesome builds that are directed to only Lexus.

Such a sexy lip on those wheels.

Epic display.

I'm a fan of Enkei wheels, so it was more of wheel spectating than taking photos.

This Datsun was probably one of the few classics inside this hallway.

because RACE CAR!

I'm not sure if this 1 Series came from Japan, but it had some aggressive stance on ACE wheels. What I really wanted to see was the crafting of its exhaust by ARQRAY.

Definitely not my choice of wheels, but the car itself was sexy as hell.

Vossen wheels had a decent sized booth, but the inside of it was very well organized.

Forgot what booth this was, but the wheels were pretty sexy.

SEMA 2011-128
I posted this photo on the fanpage and seems like most of you guys knew what car it was because of its hood. Just for those who don't have an idea, it's a custom widebody S2000.

At the way back was Continental Tires with a few high end cars on display.

SEMA 2011-5
Ouuu~ Love the color.


If you just said "WTF?", that's what I said when I saw the car.

This car was longgggggggggg (that's what she said).

SEMA 2011-10

Anyone know who the guy at the left is? He was being interviewed at the MOPAR's booth.

SEMA 2011-6

SEMA 2011-7
There were two Forgiato booths and I forgot to visit the one outside (-_-). I'm glad I walked across the one inside because the cars were gorgeous.

SEMA 2011-8

SEMA 2011-9
So hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right next to it was a SLAMMED Lamborghini from Japan. I took a photo of it with my phone, but not with my dslr. I'm slapping myself as I'm typing this...

SEMA 2011-11
Bumped into a good friend of mine, LUMDIGITAL before I ended the day.

I didn't take too many photos in South Hall because it was more of observing and spectating rather than taking numerous photos like I did in Central Hall. I'm going to move on to the next day and share some photos I took at the outside section of SEMA where side activities and cars were present.

SEMA 2011-81
Explaining or doing something here. Look at those Bronze anodized lips on the wheels!

SEMA 2011-82

SEMA 2011-83

SEMA 2011-84

SEMA 2011-85
It was really good to see Team Praxis and their upgraded rides. Jay's TL was on new wheels by VIP Modular.

SEMA 2011-86
I see this tC at major shows and love how the interior is done. I didn't realize it got turbocharged.

SEMA 2011-87

SEMA 2011-88
Sho Sexy! Good seeing you guys!

SEMA 2011-89

SEMA 2011-90

SEMA 2011-91
2JZ Aristo!

SEMA 2011-93

SEMA 2011-98

SEMA 2011-100
Gymkhana session~

SEMA 2011-102

SEMA 2011-103
I think this was the R35 that was featured in the recent issue of DSPORT Magazine. It pulls 900+ HP and daily driven!

SEMA 2011-136
I'm going to end Part 3 with this photo (^_^)v. The model at the left is pretty famous, so I'll just introduce her to you guys in my final Part 4 coverage tomorrow. The last coverage will cover North Hall and other things I missed out on during the first two days.

Before I get out of my chair to eat dinner, I want to write an overview about South Hall. I've been doing research on wheels since I started modifying my car. Matter of fact, the first mod on my car was wheels, so anything about wheels became an addiction. Walking around South Hall and seeing all these 'new' wheel companies, I realized how I didn't see any originality. Most of the wheels were made based off of another wheel, which then becomes classified as a replica. I'm not saying replicas suck (but they really do) and don't hate on those who rock them, but what I really hope to see in the near future are these new companies having their own designs and sticking with what should be true rather than falsifying and imitating what has already been out there to the public.
See ya'll tomorrow!


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