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December 21, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Today, I want to talk about an ongoing issue in the automotive community, as well as an incident that occurred few months ago and re-occurred yesterday at OC's Food Truck Meet in Westminister, CA. For those who follow my fanpage, you have an idea about what's about to be discussed, but for those who are new to the site, welcome! and please read this post through because it's something that I personally think is critical. I'm not going to try to keep this post professional because it pisses the fuk out of me when this happens.

Before I start, I want everyone to know that this story was told by multiple people and friends, and because every single story had the exact same storyline, I'm going to assume it is accurate.

Few months ago, crew Royal Origin member Rocky went through a difficult time because the custom Work Eurolines on his girlfriend's Miata got stolen as well as the car itself. For those who've been a victim in similar cases know how frustrating it is, and even worse, trying to find that stolen item is like a needle in a haystack. Even if found, one cannot judge an item/product if it's theirs without any evidence or proof; however, it was a different story with Rocky and his girlfriend. These custom Eurolines are one of a kind in a certain size and offset. There is none, absolutely NONE, that has the same specs as these wheels because they were custom re-barreled and re-finished to accommodate the stance on the Miata. Furthermore, there was one wheel that had marks to clearly identify it belonged to the owner of the Miata. If I write down the sizing of the wheels and you check it through google, only 2 cars will show up; the previous owner's car before Rocky's gf got the wheels and Rocky's gf's Miata. How the wheels were stolen is still a mystery, but the story gets interesting from now on.

Two months ago during 1013mm's birthday meet, an EF hatch rolled into the underground parking lot with wheels that looked very similar to the eyes of Royal Origin (RO) members. A few RO members walked toward the EF hatch to inspect the wheels and after thorough inspection, it was determined that the wheels did belong to Rocky's gf's and upon the decision, RO decided to report it to the cops on the day of 1013mm's meet. Unfortunately, the EF hatch went off site before the cops came, but all the detailed information of the car was written down on paper and a pictures were taken from every angle. The EF might have left the scene, but it did not mean RO was going to quit and let the guy go. Why? Because what truly belongs to the original owner should come back.

As many of you guys know, yesterday was the last OC Food Truck Meet hosted by OC's Finest Meets, Royal Origin, Low Ballers, and team SupaStar.
You might be asking yourself, "Wait...so this dude shows up again to a meet hosted by a crew with a member that was the original owner of the wheel?" Don't be too hasty! I'll get to it pretty soon!
I drove with my boy Jose (EuroTuner star) to the meet without knowing the EF hatch's appearance. Upon arrival, the exact same EF hatch that I saw at 1013mm's meet was parked in front of a Food Truck with a flat on the driver's side rear wheel. Obviously, he couldn't drive the car in that condition, so he was wandering around asking his friends to help him out. While I was watching this whole situation going on, RO members came up to me, telling me if I knew the car, what was going to happen, who the EF hatch owner was, and etc. I decided to bust out my handy dandy sexy Galaxy S to record the situation, which is the video you guys see above. There's really nothing going on there except a small conversation, but the most important part of it was not recorded! The EF owner had to say things that would convince RO members that he didn't steal the wheels, nor mention anything about him knowing the fact that the wheels were stolen; however, he fucked up big time by later admitting he knew that the wheels were stolen before the OC Food Truck meet date when he stated that he didn't in the beginning. I do not want to assume he was lying, but if he was saying the truth, according to him, he was saying he didn't know the wheels were stolen when he paid $800 to pick them up from the seller. He's now in a disadvantaged state and this is when one of his 'high' friends talks some gangster language to a RO member by saying inappropriate slang terms, such as "ni**a", "foo", "get the fuck out", etc. This is when I sort of got pissed because he jumps into a conversation when he shouldn't have and literally acts like a hard ass as if he knew what was going on. He even said at one point, "I know the guy who sold the wheels to my friends", but later on said "No~ I don't know the guy who sold the wheels to my friend".... What the fuck? Seriously?

Royal Origin members called the cops and when I suspected only 1 or 2 to show up, more than 10 show up and decides to invade the meet, closing down the Food Trucks and telling everyone to get off site. There were still stupid ass cars revving the shit out of their  fart cans and few of them got tickets (YES!), but putting that part of the story aside, the cops come up to RO members to hear the story. Long story short, they needed Rocky to come down to show some proof that the wheels belonged to his girlfriend's and after a few minutes later, Rocky appears. Rocky and the RO members have a long conversation with the cops and I decide to leave the site because it was freezing. After spending some time with Import Fashion and a few friends, I come home to see how the situation concluded and according to a RO member, the wheels were not returned to the original owner, cops left, and the EF hatch owner friend’s mocked RO members including Rocky because they were lucky enough to keep the wheels.

Here's what I have to say, so take this as a serious note and please refer this to your friends if they can't act as an adult in the automotive scene. If you want something, work for it instead of stealing it. Stealing something is one of the stupidest and jacked up shit that anyone can ever think of. I don't care if you're poor, jobless, or whatever it is that keeps you into a low-level financial state. Do something to earn it. To the guy who stole the Eurolines, do know one day, what you did will return to you and you'll regret it big time. Act like an adult, be up-front, and most importantly, say the fukin truth. To you EF hatch owner and your friends, if you guys were saying the truth, PLEASE cooperate with RO members to hunt down the guy who sold the wheels. If you weren't saying the truth, fuck you and do know thousands of people have eyes on you. A video of your whole crew is on youtube and it's becoming viral. That's all I have to say, so I'll wrap it up. Latez!


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