Event Coverage | SEMA 2014

November 17, 2014

Night Import: Photography by Seijin Dootson | Words by William Lee


How long has it been since I actually logged in and updated my blog? .... I have no idea .... I am truly sorry for all my NI fans. It's not the lack of interest in the car scene guys. I've been hearing from all my friends about the car scene and I always try to keep myself updated by checking out other car blogs. If I have to make another excuse like every blog post I write, I don't shoot anymore and pretty dam busy with my job. O well... but HEY! I'm back again! Let's jump right into what I have to show you guys today.

If you are a fan of my blog, you know that every year, I post up a coverage on SEMA. It's either me going there and covering it alone or sending my guys. Unfortunately for this year, my guys and I couldn't make it :/ So I had to look through my facebook friends/groups/etc. to see who would contribute their work for my blog. Luckily, I came across UCI's facebook group and saw a photo posted by Seijin Dootson. He gladly accepted my request and sent a few photos yesterday for my blog to share with you guys.

The first car you see up there is one of my favorite cars, the Mazda RX-7 FD. It kinda sucks to know that the FD doesn't get much recognition like the old days, but I still love it and will be one of my favorites until I die. What you see is a bit different from other modified FDs you've seen at car shows/events. The widebody is the popular Rocket Bunny kit with a wheel I have never seen by Enkei, the Enkei92. The color combo is a love at first sight kind of feeling.

Event Coverage | Autofashion 2014

April 29, 2014

Night Import: Photography by Clinton Lum | Words by William Lee

It's been a long time since I updated my blog. Yea yea, I'm going to make the same excuse like I usually do. Work & laziness lol. Well there were so many events during these past few months and one event I regret missing was Autofashion's VIP meet/event. Autofashion's meet is an awesome event to attend if you are new to the scene. The reason why this is a must-to-go meet is because a lot of cars you get to see at SEMA will be at Autofashion's meet. You will get to see (of course) VIP cars, non-VIP cars, etc. With the help of a good friend, Clinton sent me a set of photos he took at the meet. I've known Clinton for more than 2 years now and I bump into this guy so often, he's like my next door neighbor haha. Let's get on with the coverage shall we?

Event Coverage | Tokyo Auto Salon (Pt. II)

February 26, 2014

Night Import: Photography by All That Low | Words by William Lee

TAS (51 of 92)

It's been a long time since I posted something up for you guys. If you remember our Part 1 coverage on Tokyo Auto Salon, we mainly focused on the White cars that caught our attention. Charles did a great job finding the cars he liked and like always, sending me the photos. Today, we'll show you around more of what went on in TAS. There won't be a certain focus with this Part 2 coverage, so sit back, relax, and enjoy while scrolling down.

Event Coverage | 2014 HKS Premium Day

February 3, 2014

Night Import: Photography by All That Low (Charles Zee Zayas) | Words by William Lee

HKS (12 of 74)

One of the most biggest events after Tokyo Auto Salon is an event held by a very well-known tuning company called HKS. I'm pretty sure for those who have been in the scene for quite a long time know this company by its reputation of high-end performance. As always, their event was held at Fuji Speedway and a good amount of spectators and participants crowded the location.

This event is not like any other events that are held in the states. I would say the only event that reminds me of both displaying your car and actually driving it on the track was Sideway Sundays. Most of the events are only known for displaying and that pretty much sums up everything when it comes to a car event. However, HKS takes its event to another level. Not only do other prestigious aftermarket companies participate at this event, but they also get an opportunity to track their car on the track, competing with each other for the fastest lap. You can pretty much tell that it's not only about the looks of your car that matters in Japan, but everything is well modified internally and externally. To experience that feeling, HKS Premium Day is a must-to-attend event in Japan.

Event Coverage | Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 (Pt. I - Theme White)

January 14, 2014

Night Import: Photography by All That Low (Charles Zee Zayas) | Words by William Lee

TAS14 (29 of 77)

Hello everyone! Ok..I don't want to act like this is my first blog post.. WSUP GUYS!!!! Long time no see. I actually forgot to add coverage on an event in Japan that happened few months ago, so I'll postpone that one and start with a fresh one, actually, a first blog post for the year of 2014. I'm pretty sure many of you guys were looking forward to see NI's coverage on Tokyo Auto Salon, because we had a good amount of comments and feedback for our 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon coverage.

Like usual, our boy Charles in Japan participated at this year's TAS and he had a lot to say about it. According to Charles, the cars were phenomenal and the people were really awesome, other than what he had to say about the waiting in line haha. You guys will see what he had to say about the event in a bit, but before that, I want to share my thoughts about this year's TAS, even though I did not have the time to attend.

I've been keeping myself updated with almost every event that happens around the world. I can't say which event was the best because every event had its own taste of cars. Today's post is about TAS, so let's talk about that. Here in the States, the FRS and BRZ were the cars that got the most attention. It was the same in Japan, but a lot more kits and other parts were introduced for the Toyota 86 as well as for other make/models. If you guys know of SEMA, you can think of TAS being the Japan version of SEMA. It's all about modified cars and newly introduced car parts, such as wheels, coilovers, body kits, etc. being displayed for those who attend the event. I'm not only talking about FRSs and BRZs, but other JDM cars and even European cars that are also introduced/showcased with new parts. In a company's perspectives, they attend TAS to stock up JDM parts or make contracts with widely known companies such as Top Secret, Varis, Amuse, etc., but for bloggers like us, we capture the details of almost every modified cars that is in attendance. Here is what Charles had to say about the event. After you guys read it, we will start with the coverage.

By the way, we are going to do something different compared to all the other blogs that did a coverage on TAS 2014. Today, we will show you guys most of the spotted White cars by Charles.
2014 is here and I want to thank Night Import for one, bringing me up in this game, and two, for allowing me the opportunity to show my content here. Friday morning, I woke up at 6am to catch a bus from Yokohama Station to head to TAS Press DAY. Upon arrival, I was highly disappointed as it seemed they let every nut in the place who said they were "PRESS". I'm not special or anything but trying to provide you guys through Night Import is special enough for me. But the old weirdo's with video cameras and huge DSLR's pointed directly into the model faces and trying to get up-skirt photos is just not what press day is for me. But I hear there is a market to push photos like that. I myself don’t have the time and patience to sit there and battle for lead position to take a photo of a chick I don’t even know. Haha. However, the event itself was actually not bad. This year, I had a plan set out in the AM, but with the amount of people allowed in before the Public opening at 1pm I was limited to what I can shoot. I know I spread the word of Night Import and my own blog Allthatlow so I hope to do some shop visits and more event coverage. I appreciate everyone's support with both of our blogs. Please follow us for more content from across that big ocean. Japan. I'm out -Zee-