Random Spotlight: Fit is Fitted

December 30, 2010


How often do you see a Honda Fit on HRE wheels AND on Air.
If you haven't seen one yet, let me introduce you to Icky's Honda Fit from Indonesia.
We've seen few Honda Fits rolling around in our neighborhood and I've actually seen some at events/shows here in SoCal, but have never seen one like Icky's Fit.
This is one of the two rides Icky owns, the other being a
Noblesse Lux. Both are absolutely breath taking, but we'll be talking about only one today because I can only handle a certain amount of amazement.

Nightlight | Chilling Fiesta

December 28, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Rich Mckee


If you live in the UK, this ride should look familiar because of its feature on the well known UK car magazine, Max Power. It was listed under the 'Best of British' and was recognized for its unique Yellow and Black body work and much more.
For those who are not familiar with the magazine or the ride, let me introduce you to Alexander Tsirtsikos's Ford Fiesta RsR, a ride that's been going through a lot of changes and ending up being one of the most unique looking Fiesta's out there today.

Random Video: 3 Car Tandem Onramp Drifting

I've seen couple of dangerous drifting attempts on 'public' freeways and this video I'm about to show you guys is probably the most sexiest drift ever. No, it's not only one, but 3 cars going onramp drifting! PLEASE do NOT attempt even if you are a professional drifter!
Check it out!!!!!

Wheel Appreciation: BBS RS

December 27, 2010


It's always a pleasure to feature cars and write up coverages, but why not do something different? I've personally put some thought into this and today, want to officially start a 'Wheel Appreciation' post.
Today, we'll be focusing on the wheel brand and model BBS RS.
Yes, a favorite to many Euro car owners, but here are some non-Euro cars on RS's.
Hope this post can help those who are planning to get BBS RS's and if you do, share it with us!

Nightlight | Demon Camber VIP

December 25, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


How does the VIP scene work in Japan?
Well we've seen it on almost every automotive blog and with responses like, 'how the hell can a car be driven like that?'
Oni-Kyan, also known as Demon Camber, is one of the modifications seen on many VIP cars in Japan, but not in the States. Obviously, roads are horrible in the US and if we do see someone attempting to go Oni-Kyan, it's either a love or hate situation.
Despite mixed responses and feelings about this 'trend' that's been growing back in the days in Japan, its not too common to see a Oni-Kyan VIP car at your local meet and greet.
Overcoming the limits by stretching small tires on rims with widths more than 10 is insane but looks too sexy, like this beautiful Q45 owned by Charles Lam.

Video Coverage: The 512 Project Coverage

December 23, 2010

Visiting almost every major automotive blogs/sites in the net, I came across an awesome video coverage on StanceWorks, recorded by AWOL. The 512 Project was an event held by StanceWorks and Hellaflush. If you missed this event like we did for this year, you should definitely check this out.
Mad respect to AWOL on making this fabulous video.

AWOL E3 S1 Teaser from AWOL on Vimeo.

Nightlight | Shyne'ing VIP

December 21, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Dial in the camber, drop it, and let the mesmerizing begin. The attention this car gets at every show it attends is either with a sound or a silence of an amazement.

This VIP style White G35 Sedan is owned by Levon Pilavjian from Arcadia, CA, who is a member of the well known G35 group, Shyne. There were couple of features in the past on G's repping Shyne, such as John's G35 Coupe featured on Just Stance.
First of all, I'm pretty sure you were amazed by the overall camber,  but what you see is only a start. From the wheels to small exterior and interior parts, this car will not only show how a VIP style car should look, but defining the term VIP style.

Event Coverage: South Coast Subaru Love-A-Pet Adoption Drive

December 20, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Jay Ebue


Some places might be snowing, but in California, it is raining like crazy.
It's usually not a one day happening, especially during Winter, and if it starts pouring it will POUR! Checking the weather forecast for this week, we will submerged in water until Thursday :(
Although in this horrible weather condition, Jay Ebue was able to make it out to the Love-A-Pet Adoption Drive held at South Coast Subaru.
This event was a bit different from the ones we've been to because it wasn't for only cars but for dogs/puppies that needed a new home. Check out cars and little/big dogs? I wouldn't mind :)
There were couple of Subaru's at the event and Jay did a great job shooting inside and outside.

Event Coverage: KNW Christmas Cruise

December 19, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee


I first want to thank Rich McKee, our photographer, again for making out to another cruise and also, promoting our site and officially becoming a sponsor for the KNW Christmas Cruise.

Model of the Week #2: Katharine Kimiko

December 18, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


If you kept your eyes wide open during AutoCon, Kathrine Kimiko should've been seen walking back and forth with our photographers to do some shooting.
She's pretty new to the automotive scene and trying to be active with her sponsored company Elite-AutoSports.
Although she's an amateur, keep yourselves updated with Kat because she might be one of the most popular models in the future.

Event Coverage: Norm Reeves Honda Car Show & Toy Drive

December 16, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Imagine the sickest Honda's at one place. Not having any interest in cars last year, I didn't know such events existed. Matter of fact, all the events I attended this year was my first and now knowing certain events being held annually, Norm Reeves Honda Car Show & Toy Drive will be in my list of attending events. This show was not as big like other major events but worth the time because some Honda's you don't see at certain shows show up to this one.


It's seriously difficult to predict the weather in California because it changes randomly so you have to be prepared. I usually don't sweat a lot but on this day, I was actually trying to hide from the sun.
Despite the weather condition, there were a decent amount of spectators to check out some cars.
I walked around the whole section first before taking photos to see what cars were new, reflecting to my past attendance at car shows and seeing thousands of cars.
It seemed like the same model cars were divided into sections except for some vendors/sponsors that were present.

Event Coverage: OTT Modified Cruise 2010

December 15, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee

If you guys read our coverage about the UK Innovation Cruise, covered by our photographer Rich Rich McKee, it should be obvious now that Winter is the season for events in the UK.
Cruises are one of the main events and unlike others we've seen with cars revving and acting immaturely, the UK Cruises show how an actual cruise should be done. It's not all about what type of cars participate but the collaboration of automotive enthusiasts.
Rich was able to make it out to the OTT Modified Cruise and did an awesome job taking photos.


Video: Stunt Attitude - The Ring Race

December 14, 2010

The video will speak for itself.

The excitement of the car racing in the framework of one of the most beautiful cities in the world : it is The RingRace! Fun and furious, completely show-off, this tricks sport-chic will propel to the 4 corners of the city and pleasure to be alone selfish in Paris. Directed by Antoine Reckless


Stunt Attitude : The Ring Race from Antoine Elizabé on Vimeo.

Event Coverage: AutoCon Los Angeles (Part III) Final

Night-Import: Photography by Jay Ebue


After taking some shots for about an hour, our photographer Jay Ebue joined us for the rest of the event. Also a photographer for Wired on Honda, Jay did an awesome job capturing the moments I missed.
I've always appreciated Jay's work because his photography focuses on main points and you'll be seeing some for today's final coverage of AutoCon.
From cars to models, let's get this started.

Special Coverage: AutoCon Los Angeles Video Compilation

December 13, 2010


I still can't get my mind off this event.
It was such a blast and I'm really hoping it continues on for next year.

Here's a special post for all of you guys who missed this event.
There were tons of media crews that were present and I know many of you guys saw enough photo coverages but if you didn't check out the video coverages, here ya go!

Escaped from Wonderland


White, a color that has so many meanings, but when it comes to cars, I shorten it down to three; purity, cleanliness, and sexiness.
Since my interest in cars, I've seen various brands/models, fixed up to the owners liking and resulting in a hate or like situation by others. It's either a crazy modded up ride or something just very simple.
This White Volkswagen, also known as the Rabbit S, is in that category of being simple but having all the three major aspects of having a white car.

Event Coverage: AutoCon Los Angeles (Part II)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Back with our coverage for AutoCon!
We received a lot of positive feedback for this event coverage despite some mistakes I made :D
Still in the learning phase and trying to understand more about cars so hope you guys understand.
Anyways, Part 2 will have much more better photos because of some lighting and a different lens. (Thanks Sean from LEDmod.com)

As mentioned previously, there were lines of models from It's JDM yO! and gorgeous Chaba is the one you guys see at the top. There will be more photos of models in this post so keep your eyes opened.

Event Coverage: AutoCon Los Angeles (Part I)

December 12, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Like always, almost every weekend is packed with events and our photographers and I are busy doing coverages. I'm always hyped up when the weekends come by because it's my time to go out and enjoy what I love to do and this past weekend, I was really excited and looking forward to go to this event called AutoCon. Why? Because it was the first underground Automotive event in Southern California!
You've probably seen this events post on your forums, or almost every major forums in the net because Night-Import was an official media and supported this event as much as it could. Posting it in almost 50+ forums and handing/sending out flyers, we were looking forward to see a decent turnout and we were right. More than 150+ cars participated, tons of models and sponsors, food trucks, and most importantly, massive spectators.

You don't see a lot of events going on 'underground' and only see them happening in movies like Fast and the Furious, but Justin Fong, the president of AutoCon, made it happen. Justin prepared this event for months and was finalized to be held at an underground parking structure @ City of Industry. It's not a small location, but pretty big, accommodating about 250 cars. Tons of sponsors came in early to setup their booths and three food trucks were parked at the top for participants and spectators.

Random Spotlight: Swift it!

December 11, 2010


Some cars are not too common to see in the U.S. like this Suzuki Swift, owned by Koho Ande from Indonesia.
This small compact car can be compared to a Scion xD or xA we see today in the States,
but don't underestimate its look because of its small size, because a drop and decent wheels will definitely make a difference like todays featured ride.

Event Coverage: Motor4Toys

December 9, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


If you're a fan of high-end cars and live in California, 'Motor4Toys' should sound familiar.
For 7 straight years, this event was a huge success with about 1000 cars showing up every year.
First time hearing about this event?
Our mission is to bring the motorsport community together for the holidays to collect as many toys as possible for less fortunate children.
It's not only a car show, but a collaboration with many charitable organizations around the world.
Let's just say it's sort of a 'Cars & Coffee' but bigger and better.

Roll in time for show cars started at 6:30am and I was surprised with the amount of cars that showed up really early.
I'm speculating about 500+ cars were worth checking out.
From purely stock to highly modified, this event was unforgettable.

Event Coverage: Gymkhana Grid - Ken Block Invitational (Part VI) Final

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


The final rounds was more than intense! Stands were packed with spectators and the sound of cheers for their favorite drivers were echoing throughout the whole stadium.
Faces of participating drivers were full with confidence and enjoyment, but standing couple of feet away from them could be felt with adrenaline rushing in their body expressed by the sound of their cars.
I was not able to stay until the end, but did capture some awesome moments, so let the last coverage of Gymkhana begin!

Event Coverage: Gymkhana Grid - Ken Block Invitational (Part V)

December 8, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Continuing from our last coverage, Part IV, I headed out to the pit section to check out the cars participating in the Gymkhana. This EVO on Volk TE37SL's was being worked on after its practice rounds. Noel from Canibeat (at the left) was taking a look at what was going on.

Event Coverage: Gymkhana Grid - Ken Block Invitational (Part IV)

December 7, 2010


I just posted up a coverage done by our photographer Andy Nguyen, but want to continue by sharing more photos of sick cars from the Mass Appeal Car Show by MotorMavens.

Seriously, this event was off the hook.
Most of the cars I see at events are familiar, but this show was different.
I would say about 30% of the cars I've seen were new and fresh.
After the qualifying rounds, most of the drivers were chilling at their booths and I caught Matt Powers talking with his fans.
But before I start off with the pit section, showing some pics of the drivers and their cars,
let me take you guys to the front entrance where there were food stands, vendors, and displayed cars.

Event Coverage: Gymkhana Grid - Ken Block Invitational (Part III)

December 6, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Andy Nguyen


Instead of taking photos alone, walking around and taking photos with another photographer is much better and less boring. Andy Nguyen, our site photographer, tagged along to take some drifting shots at Gymkhana. Although he left early, before the final rounds, he took some epic shots during the practice and qualifying rounds.

Event Coverage: Gymkhana Grid - Ken Block Invitational (Part II)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


There are tons of photos left that I want to share with you guys so let the Part II coverage begin!
Here's the Turbocharger on a Scion tC. My card can literally fit into the compressor wheel.

Event Coverage: Gymkhana Grid - Ken Block Invitational (Part I)

December 5, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


What's crackin Night-Import fans!
Hope everyone had a great weekend like mine because I had a blast!

After our site getting some recognition and my attendance at various events in SoCal, our photographers, including me, are getting acceptances as a Media, which is always great news.
Yesterday, at Irwindale Speedway, was a huge event for many fans of drifting and rallying; Ken Block Invitational Gymkhana Grid.

Nightlight | Beast in the Snow

December 4, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Gordon Yarbaro


Snowing is a 'once in a life time' happening in the valley area of California, but in Utah, where our new photographer Gordon Yarbaro resides, snow is building up every day and beautiful cars are kept in the garage for the next season.
However, Gordon was able to catch this beast in the streets of Utah and it's not a slightly modified car like we see daily, but a powerful, and let me emphasize that stronger, POWERFUL, 1.8L Inline Turbocharged Audi A4.

Nightlight | 2JZ SC

December 2, 2010


You go to a car show and see a car with a motor that surprises everyone.
Matter of fact, even before the car show starts, you can hear the Turbo spooling up at a distance and your head automatically turns to the direction of the sound.
That's when you see a sexy black SC on Iforged wheels rolling in and getting the spotlight.

One of my good friends, Kain, introduced me to today's featured SC, owned by James Nguyen, couple of days ago before ID Auto Festival.
He asked if we were interested in featuring a SC and seeing so many these days, I had to ask what was so special about the car. Right when he said "2JZ", I didn't hesitate to say Yes.