Random Nightlight | Scion FR-S by GReddy

December 1, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Along with the official Scion FR-S on display was another FR-S modified by GReddy. I'm pretty sure a lot of people who attended this special event had no clue about this one because it's pretty uncommon to see a newly introduced car in the states already having aftermarket parts to it. Introducing the TRD Toyota 86 in Japan is a different story because that's an actual package offered by Toyota, but this one was really unexpected. I'm speculating GReddy was the first aftermarket company to work on this car because there were several parts on this FR-S that were more than just simple.

Scion FRS-51

Scion FRS-65

Scion FRS-66
Other than the drop, the slick exterior was same as stock. Scion will be offering the FR-S in 7 different colors, and what you see here is the FR-S in Black. I have no clue on the color code, so don't ask!

Scion FRS-52
An overall outstanding execution cannot be completed without a proper drop. A functional stance on the FR-S is what many enthusiasts wanted to see. When I see a properly fitted car, I tend to look at the fenders and guess what, they were already rolled! Now, Speedhunters also mentioned this in their article, and the sizing of the wheels as well, which were "19x8.5 +45 at the front and 19x9.5 +45 at the rear." Those are some high offsets, but I can already see someone slapping on some low offset wheels and making the car look flush.

Scion FRS-57
As mentioned earlier in this feature, every aftermarket part on this car was made by GReddy. I'm sure all you guys planning to buy the FR-S next Spring have GReddy marked down as your aftermarket supplier :)

Scion FRS-62
I was very pleased with the wheel choice. Rays introduced a few new models this year and this one was one of them; VOLK Racing G12.

Scion FRS-56

Scion FRS-60
The GReddy dual exhaust with Titanium burnt tips gave the car an extra sexy look.

Scion FRS-59
Gorgeous looking car!

Scion FRS-64

Scion FRS-54
It is now up to you enthusiasts to decide if the Scion FR-S will be the right car for you. Refrain yourself from judging the car by its badge because the Scion model is exactly the same as Toyota 86 and GT86. I'm very excited to see what other aftermarket companies have in store for this car and hopefully, see a few other modified ones at Tokyo Auto Salon.


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