Special Coverage | SEIBON Meet and Greet

December 19, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Seibon Toy Drive-47
There are many reasons why I enjoy living in California and to mention one, it's the gorgeous weather compared to other states. That's probably why many people envy people who live in CA and also because of the continuous car events and meets happening almost every week! Yesterday was one of those days with several meets going on and from the few, I decided to drop by SEIBON's Toy Drive Meet. I'm sure you heard of this company, but if you haven't, SEIBON specializes in Carbon Fiber parts for almost every make and model in the market today. They are known worldwide, even in Japan, which is why you probably heard of Volk TE37 Seibon Edition. With their continuous success in the aftermarket industry today, the company had a meet and greet opened for everyone. What made it even more interesting was Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker's scheduled attendance! Unfortunately, I left right when he arrived, so that sort of ruined my day, but the photos I took of exotics from Luxury 4 Play and Heavy Hitters made it up. O yea..and I also forgot to take a toy I bought to donate....This clumsiness is getting worse!

Seibon Toy Drive-1
Upon arrival, a line of White and Yellow exotics were parked in front of the entrance.

Seibon Toy Drive-2
Two Datsuns parked at the far end. The one at the left is owned by my friend Kevin, who also owns a Voltex Evo 9.

Seibon Toy Drive-3
Prestige Marketing repping cars.

Seibon Toy Drive-4
Seen this custom widebody Yellow Evo at SEMA and at couple of shows as well.

Seibon Toy Drive-5
Here's Kevin's Evo, also the owner of the Red Datsun showed earlier.

Seibon Toy Drive-6
Can't go wrong with R35s.

Seibon Toy Drive-7
Keeping the 911 clean!

Seibon Toy Drive-8
Bentley is the way to go.

Seibon Toy Drive-9

Seibon Toy Drive-10

Seibon Toy Drive-11
I would love to own every single one in White.

Seibon Toy Drive-12
Heavy Hitters came out deep! I think this was my second time seeing this crew come out after Wekfest.

Seibon Toy Drive-13

Seibon Toy Drive-56

Seibon Toy Drive-14
One day...you'll be mine.

Seibon Toy Drive-15
SEIBON edition Smart. The car is light enough, but it's now even lighter.

Seibon Toy Drive-17
The famous Rx-4 from HH.

Seibon Toy Drive-18

Seibon Toy Drive-20

Seibon Toy Drive-19
Greddy turbo'd 370Z on HRE wheels. Between the spokes are the baller Greddy BBKs.

Seibon Toy Drive-22
I've seen both cars before and I clearly remember the CR-Z at the left on Volk TE37SLs from Hankook's booth from SEMA.

Seibon Toy Drive-23

Seibon Toy Drive-43
Matte Black on Black! These Domestics were over the top!

Seibon Toy Drive-24
Always good to see my friend 3T Motorsports, also the main distributors for AIMGAIN.

Seibon Toy Drive-25
Savini's Lamborghini is one of the exotics I've been seeing plenty of times this year. What's funny is that I never get tired of seeing it!

Seibon Toy Drive-26

Seibon Toy Drive-39
If I like it, I'm sure you like it as well.

Seibon Toy Drive-28
R35 on BBS LMs! What a great combination.

Seibon Toy Drive-29
Diablo in the house!

Seibon Toy Drive-30
Which car will you choose?

Seibon Toy Drive-31

Seibon Toy Drive-32

Seibon Toy Drive-34

Seibon Toy Drive-33

1980 BMW M1 AHG
How awesome is this..the only one in the United States, a 1980 BMW M1 AHG.

Seibon Toy Drive-37

Seibon Toy Drive-38
I couldn't get enough of it, so here are a few more shots to share.

Seibon Toy Drive-40

Seibon Toy Drive-41
Club4AG president Moto Miwa made an appearance. He's someone I highly respect in the automotive scene today. I was going to introduce myself to him, but didn't want to bother his conversation with numerous people.

Seibon Toy Drive-42
Midnight Purple GT-R R35. I love how the color shifts depending on where and how you look at it.

Seibon Toy Drive-44

Seibon Toy Drive-46
Goregous! Perfect fitment, Titanium tipped exhaust, and look at the hood and trunk. This is what I call Winning!

Seibon Toy Drive-48
A Camaro not to touch.

Seibon Toy Drive-50
There were a few Bikes that dropped by.

Seibon Toy Drive-52
John's FEED + RE Amemiya Rx-7 FD was parked at the way back. Guess how much HP this beauty pulls?

Seibon Toy Drive-53
Ruckus rolling shot!

Seibon Toy Drive-58
Awesome helmet.

Seibon Toy Drive-57
While talking about Ruckuses, a few more parked next to the Lamborghini.

Seibon Toy Drive-55
VIP Modular repping Infiniti F50 came in right when I was about to leave.

Seibon Toy Drive-54
I'm still mad at myself for leaving early because seriously, how often do you see a celebrity? I heard he stayed for 30 minutes, drove a Porsche, and left, but I'm super jelly of those who actually got to see him (ㅜㅜ). Either way, I had a great time talking with my friends and meeting new people. Looking forward to the next SEIBON meet!


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