Event Coverage | AutoCon 2011 (Pt. II)

December 13, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

AutoCon 2011-196
AutoCon is back! No no~ I'm talking about my coverage! But~! The next and exact date of AutoCon in 2012 will be announced through AutoCon's fanpage pretty soon so go ahead and LIKE their page. I've been seeing a lot of comments from those who missed out on this event because of work or family plans. That's why you need to mark this event on your calenders as early as possible and make an excuse just to attend AutoCon! If you have finals or something, that's a different story, but work? Come on~ missing only one day won't hurt you that much (^-^). Ok..I think I'm becoming those small Devils you see in cartoons where they sit next to your shoulders and lure you into the wrong direction, so I'll be the Angel and continue on with my coverage.

As mentioned in Part 1, AutoCon was more of a festival + car show. It wasn't only cars that took the spotlight, but also the attendance of more than 15 famous Food Trucks and side activities such as FREE Air Balloon rides all day long! How awesome is that? Have you ever been to a car show like this? I don't think so~~~~ I get a bit too excited after attending such an awesome event, so please excuse my over-exaggerations.

I personally think AutoCon was held at the right time and place because Christmas is coming soon and people will be going on vacations. It was sort of cumbersome to know that HIN was going to happen a week before AutoCon and I had to support both events as much as possible, but my priority was to fully promote AutoCon and that's what I've been doing since day one. I'm not saying I brought the majority of crowds, but out of all the events I've been helping out for this year, AutoCon was probably the 2nd event I fully supported after Sideway Sundays. I was very pleased to see the event packed with spectators and car show participants, and really appreciate those who kept the event threads I posted on forums active. Moving along, because we are all in the Christmas spirit, I decided to use the Domo display Kelvin made in front of his widebody Do-Luck Evo 9 as the cover. Tsuneo G┼Źda would be proud!

AutoCon 2011-120
Most of the BP VIP rides were shown in my HIN coverage, but good  these guys came out again so that I can redeem myself with better shots compared to the awful ones I took at HIN.

AutoCon 2011-121
Ojay's LS still dominates 24/7.

AutoCon 2011-122
I just found out there are 2 Black SCs in BP VIP. Boss status!

AutoCon 2011-123
Matthew made some progress since the last time I saw his car.

AutoCon 2011-124
Looks rounddd~

AutoCon 2011-125
Carl's Stylish IS.

AutoCon 2011-126
Absolutely gorgeous! I now have something for Blue VIP cars.

AutoCon 2011-131
I'm not sure if this SC was part of BP VIP, but the execution was great.

AutoCon 2011-129
This couple was bothering me so much, I decided to take a snap. (Just kidding <3)
  AutoCon 2011-135
Flushed out 350Z on SSRs.

AutoCon 2011-136
Carbon Fiber front end and Volk RE30s. Win! Btw, the owner tracks it!

AutoCon 2011-137
Looks like the 996 I spotted at SEMA. Those Work Meister S1s look gorgeous on the car.

AutoCon 2011-138
Next to it was my homie, 1UP member, and EuroTuner star, Jose's Audi with a new front bumper. I think he recently added that splitter.

AutoCon 2011-139
Very few Evo 10s have this kit and I think Jon's Evo was the first one to go all out with Varis. I'll be doing a full feature on his car once he gets those Volk TE37s. Yes! You heard me son!
He was showing with 1UP temporarily and I'll get back with the other cars from the team later on.

AutoCon 2011-140
Very clean M3.

AutoCon 2011-142
Volk TE37s look good on any car. It's a fact!

AutoCon 2011-144
How about a Lotus on CCWs?

AutoCon 2011-145
You don't come across modified BMW M Coupes these days.

AutoCon 2011-147
Mmm...addition of Bride seats.

AutoCon 2011-153
This is one of my favorite BMWs since last year but it hasn't been getting much attention for some reason. Maybe it did, but I just missed out on all the other coverage's on events when this car was present.

AutoCon 2011-150
Track built!

AutoCon 2011-152
I'v seen this beauty at SEMA.

AutoCon 2011-141
Time to move on to the infamous team in SoCal, Auto Concept Elite, or some of you guys might know them as High End Performance.

AutoCon 2011-143
Sickest 'custom' GT-R R35 you'll ever come across. Owner is this really buff guy and I thought he was going to be scary, but he was actually very nice. If I heard him correctly when the car was on top of the podium, he drives it daily.

AutoCon 2011-146
One of the most competitive Gs in CA.

AutoCon 2011-148
Ouuuuuu I thought those Gold reflections were actual Gold so I tried to pick it up (--)

AutoCon 2011-149
Two guys impressed with Billy Shea's IS.

AutoCon 2011-151
When I see this Mini, I always think of "Best of Show".

AutoCon 2011-155
Bumped into Eric, Jackson, Vivian, and someone driving by.

AutoCon 2011-158
Fuuuu~~ SL65 AMG with a Black Series kit on some 3-piece wheels.

AutoCon 2011-160
aFe Power's 1 series on CCWs.

AutoCon 2011-161
Gosh~ Blue on Blue couldn't look any better! Loving the combination of Euro + JDM wheels.

AutoCon 2011-164
It seems like CCWs are becoming a trend on BMWs.

AutoCon 2011-165
So while I was walking around, I spotted this grandpa I've been seeing since the day I first attended a Model present event. He's those guys you see with a handy-dandy camera taking pics of only models. He's so famous that almost every model knows who he is and gives him a hug....me jelly.

AutoCon 2011-166
That LS from Royal Flush I showed you guys in Part 1.

AutoCon 2011-188
Cambered and fitted on BBS RSs.

AutoCon 2011-189
Every time I see this GS, I wonder if the ride is on Air because the owner actually drives it on that height. Props!

AutoCon 2011-167
I've never heard of this company, so I'm guessing they are pretty new.

AutoCon 2011-168
I felt like taking these...BBS's FTW!!!!

AutoCon 2011-169
One of the cars representing the company above, the fitment on this GS was right-on!

AutoCon 2011-170
It ain't complete without the two brothers :D

AutoCon 2011-174
Time to visit VIP Modular Wheels.

AutoCon 2011-177
Remember that crazy School Bus I talked about in my HIN coverage? It made an appearance again with the S13.

AutoCon 2011-259
They even had some girls dancing on top of it.

AutoCon 2011-171

AutoCon 2011-172

AutoCon 2011-173
The ultimate Wagon trios.

AutoCon 2011-175
Reason why I like VIP Modulars is because of their originality. That's one of the reasons why this wheel company became successful.

AutoCon 2011-176

AutoCon 2011-178
As usual, Team Praxis repping the company.

AutoCon 2011-179

AutoCon 2011-180

AutoCon 2011-181
Few other VIP rides in VIP Modular's lineup.

AutoCon 2011-183
My boys Low N Slow! <3 As introduced in my Part 1 coverage, Noel's G35 on SSR MS1s customized and painted by Wheelflip.
  AutoCon 2011-184
Who knows Camberd? Wait..let me rephrase that.. Who doesn't know Camberd?

AutoCon 2011-182
Jesse's 1JZ powered Celica.

AutoCon 2011-185
Allen did something new to his IS. It's now Supercharged baby!
I think I missed the other rides because of the sun, so my bad guys!

AutoCon 2011-187
Hello team SupaStar~!

AutoCon 2011-186

AutoCon 2011-190
Mr. President! Ron's ride went through 3 color changes within 3 months! He's still not satisfied, but I'm digging this look. What do you guys think?

AutoCon 2011-191
There's my hilarious friend Philip doing something to Edgar...what he's doing is all up to your imagination..

AutoCon 2011-192
Whatever it was, he liked it.

AutoCon 2011-193
Right across Philip was a slammed 300ZX on MB Battles ready to run him over :D

AutoCon 2011-194

AutoCon 2011-242

AutoCon 2011-239
It was Canibeat's first time having a booth in the West Coast, so that was pretty awesome to see. Make sure to drop by their online store to purchase some goodies! Also, it was good seeing you Dave! Hope you had a kick ass time (^-^)

AutoCon 2011-195
Now, this was scary as shiet! While walking around with Jon, I spotted this tall looking dude who looked EXACTLY like our editor Edgar, but a skinnier version of him...I only caught a side shot, but I have to post this comparison photo to make you guys believe me...



AutoCon 2011-197
There's our supporting model Raichelle Viado!

AutoCon 2011-199
Aah~ Beautiful rides from Air Runner's booth.

AutoCon 2011-285
My favorite, yeap, 'not one of my', but seriously my favorite domestic car, Jon Sibal's Dodge Challenger.

AutoCon 2011-200
I forgot to take a full shot of my favorite exotic car when the sun was up high, but here's a rear shot before I show you guys a full one in Part 3.

AutoCon 2011-201
Once again, Heavy Hitters.

AutoCon 2011-202
After constantly walking and squatting for 3 hours, I finally took some time to get some food from the famous food trucks. It's darn difficult to choose which one to go to when there are more than 15... (-_-;). I chose this Vegan one because the line was short and for its price, the food was SMALL!
Shiet...waste of 8 bucks...

AutoCon 2011-228
Next time there's a food truck meet, I'm gonna go with Dogzilla because this Yakisoba looking one was like $5.50 or something and heard it was really good.

AutoCon 2011-207
Now back to do my coverage, I bumped into VIS Racing's model of the day, Sandra Wong. I'm not sure if it was her first time, but good job! More of the model photos will be shared in Part 3 taken by our photog Nick Schultz so stay tuned!

AutoCon 2011-208
Here's that classic VW I showed you guys in Part 1.

AutoCon 2011-212
Royal Origin time!!!

AutoCon 2011-213

AutoCon 2011-214
Ouuu Keith polished his MB Battles!

AutoCon 2011-216
Minh's IS on Junction Produce wheels. I chose his ride to be featured in my recent article 'Change'. You guys should check it out.

AutoCon 2011-215
Simply done on Enkei RPF1s.

AutoCon 2011-217

AutoCon 2011-218
Sick rides from LV repping Low Ballers. These guys came down to support!

AutoCon 2011-219
Rocky's ride!

AutoCon 2011-222

AutoCon 2011-223
Love it love it love it!

AutoCon 2011-224
I think this is the lowest IS here in SoCal.

AutoCon 2011-225
Look at that rear fitment..holy hell...

AutoCon 2011-227
The 'tuck' look.

AutoCon 2011-229
Alex Yoshioka's ride greeting all the people coming through the entrance gate.

AutoCon 2011-232

AutoCon 2011-234
Sick wit it!

AutoCon 2011-237
Never knew Royal Origin had a xB.

AutoCon 2011-240
Those new Work Meisters~

AutoCon 2011-243
Shavi~ Why is your ride so sexy?

AutoCon 2011-244
Check out that license plate. "Wsup Boo"

AutoCon 2011-241
RO having a story telling time.

AutoCon 2011-231
Mmm~~ Clean!

AutoCon 2011-233
There it is! My favorite S13 vert. Matt got rid of the previous wheels and went with AMEs. Good choice!

AutoCon 2011-226
Bumped into Team Nuisance again! I see these guys everywhere!

AutoCon 2011-278
I'm going to end Part 2 with this swag photo of our photographer Nick Schultz~
Be back tomorrow! v(-_-)v


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