Special Coverage | Bulletproof's 11th Anniversary Car Meet

October 16, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Bulletproof Meet-49
Managing my own personal blog for a year now led me to so many situations and through those situations, accomplishing goals within this scene. It might sound awkward to some of you guys when I say the word goal, but seeing so many different events occurring in a community, there are things you really want to see a change, such as improvements in certain fields of the automotive industry or giving some spotlight to those who deserve it. My intentions were straightforward when I created Night Import and so far, I have to say I've been doing a pretty darn good job. Naw, I don't think I'm being cocky at all because I still have a long way to go and lack the knowledge in many parts of this field, but looking through how I spent my past year in the car scene, there were times when I said to myself "Wow..serious?" because of feeling honored or just thrilled.

Few months ago when Bulletproof Automotive contacted me to be the main Media for their upcoming meet, I felt as if what I've been working for came to a point where it was all worth it.
Bulletproof is known for being a distributor of Japan aftermarket parts, but also for their blog, Real JDM. Unlike other companies, keeping things authentic is what this company is all about and if you read through their blog, you'll either see/read about their project cars or thoughts about the automotive industry, which is not doing so well today. You'll rarely come across blogs that talk about sensitive subjects and speak the truth, which is why I personally consider Bulletproof as one of the best companies and blogs out there today. Their 11th Anniversary meet held at K1 Speed in Torrance, CA yesterday was a day for those who followed Bulletproof for a long time or recent fans like me, knowing what was good and being supportive with originality . Although there weren't a crazy amount of cars like local night meets, this meet was more of quality than quantity.

Bulletproof Meet-53
I rarely stay from the beginning to end, but this meet was different. It was not only because of the cars, but everyone who attended had the same minds and I think that's the reason why it was comfortable talking with people I've never met before. We know the market is being overwhelmed with replica parts and no originality can be found in any of these companies. One part some of you guys need to understand is that it's not the hate on people who rock replica parts, but to those not appreciating the real products. Anyways, I'll be talking more about it throughout this coverage or maybe on a separate post. There were a few cars Bulletproof chose to park in a separate lot and were given this special decal. Awesomeness!

Bulletproof Meet-7
Here are two sexy Evos; Jon's Evo with a full Varis kit and Jason's Evo currently being built. You'll be seeing more on these rides soon.

Bulletproof Meet-1
Ted's EK recently got some goodies. The front lip is a First Molding Front Lip, rare piece that many EKs don't have, and a Mugen Wing. There are some other things Ted is working on, so stay tuned!

Bulletproof Meet-24

Bulletproof Meet-25 Bulletproof Meet-2

Bulletproof Meet-79

Bulletproof Meet-14
Rich's RPS13 is such a win! Those Gold SSR SP3s along with the Top Secret FB makes me drool!

Bulletproof Meet-4
It's been a long time since I saw Henry's Evo. It went through a few changes after I featured it few months ago. Keep it up brotha!

Bulletproof Meet-5
Full Powerhouse Amuse 370Z.

Bulletproof Meet-57

Bulletproof Meet-43
Rich's brother, Randy, had his beauty go through a lot of changes. Fully polished SSRs, new paint.. and much more. Low N Slow is going all out these days!

Bulletproof Meet-8
I was debating if I should post a photo of Robert's R32 because it's going to be the next Nightlight feature..but..why not! Ha!

Bulletproof Meet-10
Win Win Cr-Z! Loved the Mugen MF10s and Spoon BBK peaking through those spokes.

Bulletproof Meet-89
Even the engine bay was full of win.

Bulletproof Meet-12

Bulletproof Meet-35

Bulletproof Meet-23
Jon's Evo will get its Nightlight feature as well. One of the Evos that got the Varis kit when it first came out.

Bulletproof Meet-15

Bulletproof Meet-78
Kelvin's Do-Luck widebody Evo is known worldwide. Since his last feature, Track Ready Show Killer, it is now equipped with an upgraded turbo setup.

Bulletproof Meet-16
Good to see Eric and his Back Yard Special, Toda Powered, sexy DC5.

Bulletproof Meet-17
Alex's Genesis and Jason's Evo, staffs of Bulletproof.

Bulletproof Meet-22
This S2000 seemed to be going in the right path.

Bulletproof Meet-26
Random shot on these beauties.

Bulletproof Meet-28
Even if you were in the scene for a year and been active, this car should be new to you because it never came out! I don't know the name of the owner or the history of this car, but I'm guessing it was built at Cantrell Concepts, the famous NSX building company.

Bulletproof Meet-29

Bulletproof Meet-33

Bulletproof Meet-85

Bulletproof Meet-86

Bulletproof Meet-52
I've never seen a car with so much Carbon Fiber! AHHH!!!

Bulletproof Meet-32

Bulletproof Meet-55

Bulletproof Meet-88

Bulletproof Meet-123
Ben Schaffer, owner of Bulletproof, owns this Top Secret colored S2000. It already has its fame worldwide.

Bulletproof Meet-31
I would love to have these two cars in my garage...right now...

Bulletproof Meet-34

Bulletproof Meet-117

Bulletproof Meet-45
Another car of Ben's is this GT-R R35. There are too many rare and expensive parts on this car, I don't even know what to say or how to say it.

Bulletproof Meet-36
Andrew Kuntjoro rolled in later on with his full Powerhouse Amuse 370Z on Volk TE37SLs.

Bulletproof Meet-51

Bulletproof Meet-47
I already did a Random Nightlight feature on his ride after seeing it at Fontana Nissan Meet few months ago. It's not only the body kit, but also the exhaust from Powerhouse Amuse.

Bulletproof Meet-37

Bulletproof Meet-39
People were showing up after an hour or so.

Bulletproof Meet-40
This is what it's all about. Quality cars.

Bulletproof Meet-41

Bulletproof Meet-42
There were so many R35s at this event, it felt like I was in R35 heaven..(I just made it up, don't hate).

Bulletproof Meet-20

Bulletproof Meet-21
This Black R35 had the new Rays wheels that weren't even properly introduced yet in the US.


Bulletproof Meet-74

Bulletproof Meet-76
I told you. Tons of R35s.

Bulletproof Meet-64
When you thought it was over, there were more coming in.

Bulletproof Meet-75

Bulletproof Meet-77
If you live in SoCal and love R35s, you missed out!

Bulletproof Meet-60
Other than the R35s, there were some really nicely done cars like this M3 on BBS LM-Rs.

Bulletproof Meet-59
Not too common to see these wheels these days.

Bulletproof Meet-61
Look at that! Engine bay was covered with Tecnocraft parts.

Bulletproof Meet-58
It also had the exhaust system by GT Haus, the one that sounds like a F1 car.

Simply fitted TL.

Bulletproof Meet-63
Took a quick break talking with some friends and buying some food from Phamish.

Bulletproof Meet-66
There were a lot of Evos next to the Food Truck and much more scattered around the lot.

Bulletproof Meet-69
Across from the Evos were nicely done Zs.

Bulletproof Meet-70
Track Stance sitting on SSR SP1s.

Bulletproof Meet-71
370Z on Rays. I forgot what bumper that was, but it looked pretty good.

Bulletproof Meet-72
Ou! Volk LE37s!

Bulletproof Meet-73
Cement 350Z on VS-XXs.

Bulletproof Meet-81
More people dropped by.

Bulletproof Meet-96
This Evo from Mackin Industries had the new Volk TE37SLs in Mag Blue. The SL line up is now available in different colors!

Bulletproof Meet-95
Such a clean GC8 on Advans.

I didn't get to talk to Jonny a lot, but this is his FD. You'll be seeing more photos of it in my upcoming SevenStock coverage.

Bulletproof Meet-82

Bulletproof Meet-83

Bulletproof Meet-94
Few classics rolled in later on.

Bulletproof Meet-98

Bulletproof Meet-93

Bulletproof Meet-92
It was this classic that was a jaw dropper. Hakosuka!!!

Bulletproof Meet-114
Me likey...

Bulletproof Meet-121

Going to end the coverage with some extreme sexiness. Thanks again to Bulletproof for the invitation and always supporting my blog! Much love!


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