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December 9, 2011

Night Import: Photography by no one | Words by William Lee

I've already made numerous announcements about this event on the fanpage and if you're active in a major forum, then you probably saw my post (ID night87) on the regional section as well. AutoCon is fukin back! Why am I so overly exaggeratedly excited? Well if you think of all the awesome things happening at this event, it might be the best Car Show in SoCal history. There I go again~ exaggerating myself, but seriously, just look at the highlights I'm about to mention and ask yourself if there was any event like the upcoming AutoCon.

- More than 15 Food Trucks are confirmed to come. You know those Food Trucks you see on Television or the ones people talk about 24/7? Yea~  Those Food Trucks are coming. Don't even think about eating tonight if you plan on grubbing tons of food tomorrow, because it will be worth it.

- FREE Air Balloon rides. I'm not kidding around here guys. Who would've thought of this idea? Only AutoCon! I've never been on an Air Balloon and not plan on going on one until I get a girl, but if you don't give a fuk, you are more than welcomed to ride one by yourself. Actually, I'm predicting there will be some hotties there, so just go up to one and ask out on an Air Balloon date. Who knows~ you guys might be going out in the near future.

- Best of the Best Cars will be there! It's not only the ones we know of in SoCal, but others out of States are planned to attend as well. Let me name a few crews/company crews/teams that are confirmed to attend.

Low N Slow, 1UP, Auto Concept Elite, AutoFashion, Europrojektz, Team Praxis, BP VIP, Royal Origins/Low ballers, Ar-Kan, Supastar, Platinum VIP, SoCalDriven, and much more!

- Toys for Tots and Charity! Although this is a car show, please keep in mind AutoCon is also a Charity event to help those who are in need. Don't forget to bring a Toy!

- Raffles baby! Hell yes! Who doesn't like free stuff? We all do dammit!

- 70+ Awards! For those showing, hope you stepped up your game by adding new products to your car or detailed the shit out of it because there will be tons of high quality cars.

- Models Models Models. I'm not a fan of most of the models in the scene today, but the ones I like will be there. Of course there will be pervs here and there, so I might do some lurking shots to post them up in my coverage. Anyways, charge your camera batteries!

I can go on and on about this event and it will never stop, so I'll shut up right now and leave it up to you guys to decide if this event is worth your time. Let me say something before I let you guys go. I've been to almost every single event in SoCal, and I have this feeling that AutoCon will be the best event out of all. Don't think of AutoCon as a one-time event where you show your car and leave with a trophy if you get one. It's an event where ALL automotive enthusiasts will gather at one place to enjoy what we truly love. Meet new people and check out some cars you've never seen before. I hope to see everyone there and most importantly, have fun! Bring your coat, jacket, extra shirt, bikini, or whatever it is to keep yourself warm. See ya'll tomorrow!

*If you didn't buy tickets yet, CLICK HERE and use code NIMPORT11 for a discount. If you plan on buying tickets on the day of the event, take a flyer with you to get $3 off.

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