Special Coverage | -Suds of Love- Charity Car Wash (Pt. II)

June 29, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz | Words by William Lee

We are back with the coverage on last weeks Charity Car Wash for Big Abe. If you read Part 1, I mentioned shooting with our photographer Nick Schultz throughout the whole event, so it's time to share Nick's coverage and just a heads up, don't read this at work.

Special Coverage | VIP Modular Wheels x Team Praxis Japan Relief Gathering (Pt. II)

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

VIP Mod. x Praxis Charity Meet-74
Continuing on from Part 1, I'll be going over the rest of the showcase lot and some other detailed photos. As mentioned previously, the purpose of this meet was to donate canned foods and money to the victims in Japan. The booth you guys see is where all the donated goods were handed in.

Special Coverage | VIP Modular Wheels x Team Praxis Japan Relief Gathering (Pt. I)

June 28, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

VIP Mod. x Praxis Charity Meet-103
Although it's been months since Japan was hit by a massive earthquake, the country is still in its stage of reconstruction and many victims are still homeless. Here in Southern California, there have been several charity events to help raise money for Japan, such as Sideway Sundays, Krispy Kreme Donut Meet, and Rebuilding Japan meet in Little Tokyo. Events/meets for such causes are still happening and this month, our supporters VIP Modular Wheels collaborated with Team Praxis to host a charity event at VIP Modular's HQ.

Event Coverage | Blox Open House

June 27, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Andy Nguyen | Words by William Lee

It's been a few weeks now since Blox had its Open House in NorCal and our photographer Andy Nguyen was able to make it out to cover the event for our site. Andy recently moved up to NorCal from SoCal and was eager to find an event to cover. Luckily, after Wekfest, another huge event occurred in the following weeks hosted by Blox.
Last year was Blox's first Open House and by looking through few coverage's, the turnout was amazing with hundreds of cars and thousands of spectators. The 2nd event was even bigger and better and Blox is now known for its event turnouts here in California.

Special Coverage | -Suds of Love- Charity Car Wash (Pt. I)

June 26, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Big Abe Charity Car Wash-60
This charity event with models was more than just models in bikinis washing cars, but to support an icon in the automotive scene, Big Abe. Most of you guys should know Big Abe by his appearance at various events with a wheel around his neck. Couple of weeks ago, an unfortunate news was shared by Big Abe about his new born daughter leaving earth and now, resting in a better place. It was a shocking news to many of us who knows Big Abe and since then, his friends wanted to help him out in any way, which is why this charity event was held for the funeral cost and other things related to his daughter. I haven't known Big Abe for a long time, but since the first time I met this guy, he was always welcoming me as a good friend, and I had to make it out to this event to support.

Special Coverage | SILK Road Auto Show (Keskin Tuning Grand Opening)

June 25, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Keskin Meet-22
A few meets/events were going on today and I was able to make it to two, one being Keskin Tuning's Grand Opening in Anaheim, CA. Keskin is a company pretty famous in the Euro scene with their line of wheels and has been in the automotive scene for quite a long time, originating from Europe and now branching out to the United States.

Special Coverage | Guppy House Meet by 1013MM

June 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Guppy Meet-4

Guppy Meet-5 Guppy Meet-3
I remember seeing the Guppy House Meet event page on facebook a few weeks ago and realized it was being hosted by a good friend of mine, John Zhang from 1013MM Photography. I'm pretty sure most of you guys know John by his amazing photo coverages for Canibeat, but that's not the only site he shoots for when it comes to cars. Also being a photographer for HRE wheels and many others, yesterday's meet was John's first time ever hosting his own meet and the turnout was absolutely exceptional. Not knowing John for a long time but having a good impression since the first day I met him, his favor of asking me to promote the meet on forums didn't make me think twice to say yes. At least 50 forums were noticed about this meet and with great responses on each forum, more than 200 cars showed up, overcrowding Guppy House's parking lot. If you don't know about Guppy House, you'll have to try out their foods because from what I've heard, they got some good Shaved Ice and other goodies.

Event Announcement | Motion Auto Show 2011

June 21, 2011

Night-Import: Words by William Lee

I usually don't make an announcement on our official site when it comes down to events, but this one is a bit special to me and to our site. Most of you guys already know about this event, so I'll get straight to the point.
On August 21, 2011, Pro-Motion Distributing will be launching its first major show, Motion Auto Show. You know those events where you get to see cars you've never seen before? I'm talking about the ones that are magazine feature worthy. Well this is your chance to go and check it out or even take your own car and compete with others. I'll be listing the important links for everyone to check out after the banner. Also, Pro-Motion Distributing will be having a Grand Opening + Mini-Meet on July 16th, so make sure to check that out as well.

Motion-Flyer-Front Motion-Flyer-Back
-> Click on the banner for higher resolution <- 

Special Coverage | Cars & Coffee @ Irvine #2

June 19, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz, Words by William Lee

One of the best ways to enjoy a Saturday morning is to attend Cars & Coffee at Irvine. Unlike other Cars & Coffee that happen weekly, the one at Irvine always has an enormous turnout. If wanting to show your ride, attending between 7~7:30am is a must and being a bit late will give you no choice but to park at a lot with all the visitors.
Nick Schultz was able to make it to yesterday's Cars & Coffee and as expected, tons of cars made it out to the meet.

Nightlight | VIP Fusion

June 14, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Kain tC-20
“Hidden in the Shadows..” is a common phrase used in many adventurous novels or maybe in fantasy movies. Those characters or objects come out of nowhere, getting that sudden attention and becoming one of the most memorable moments by readers and viewers. Surprisingly, the automotive scene is no different. Cars you’ve never seen before is parked at an event or meet and it blows your mind, not realizing the time flying by while the cars are being scrutinized by others and you yourself. This car I’m about to introduce to you guys has rarely gone out to meets or events and you had to be lucky enough to see a photo in its current stage. Today, this car will be properly introduced for the first time and will never be seen in a few months. Read along the story to find out why..

Special Coverage | Mfest Invades Smartwax

June 12, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Mfest Smartwax-111
Once in awhile, Smartwax opens its warehouse to invite certain enthusiasts and this month, they invited the members of Mfest. It wasn't too long ago since Mfest had its own event at Las Vegas, but for those who still wanted to feel that excitement of an only BMW car meet, yesterday's meet was perfect for BMW owners.

Event Coverage | Modified Nationals 2011 (Pt. II)

June 10, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee, Words by William Lee

Modified Nationals is the largest indoor and outdoor car show, but along with what goes on that's automotive related, this event has tons of side events and most importantly, models showing off their skills in... well you'll see what I mean if you read through our final coverage today. Looking through the photos our photographer and Fast-N-Modded staff Rich McKee took at this event showed the hype and excitement a show can have.
Continuing on from where we left off, our last coverage on Modified Nationals will cover the outdoor car show area and side events.

Event Coverage | Wekfest Los Angeles 2011 (Pt. IV)

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee, Nick Schultz, and Jay Ebue / Words by William Lee

Finally, this will be our last coverage on Wekfest! Some of you guys might be complaining on why I had to separate the coverage's into 3 parts, but please understand that we have tons of photos to share and dumping all of them in one coverage is just not my style. My computer can't even handle a post with more than 50+ photos. It will take forever to load and I did hear from few of my friends having the same problem. This final part of Wekfest will have A LOT of photos so if you have a slow computer, I recommend you steal or borrow a fast one.
Now, I'll continue on from where I left off from Part 3. Part 4 will cover the asphalt area of the event and like Part 3, I'll be including Jay's photo coverage and will add Nick's photos as well.

Event Coverage | Modified Nationals 2011 (Pt. I)

June 9, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee, Words by William Lee and Rich McKee

It's been around a week now since UK had its largest car show of the year, Modified Nationals. As always, our photographer Rich McKee made it out with his crew, Fast-N-Modded, to cover the event for both sites and I'm more than excited to share this coverage with you guys today.

For those who have never heard about this event, Modified Nationals is more than just a regular car show. Starting since 2002, this event brought more than 20,000 enthusiasts from all around the world and organized one heck of a show. It's not only the best cars from the UK that participates, but also models and singers. Unlike the quiet crowd we have here in California, UK people know how to throw a crazy car show. What do I mean by crazy?

Event Coverage | Wekfest Los Angeles 2011 (Pt. III)

June 8, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Jay Ebue and William Lee, Words by William Lee

Continuing on from where we left off, Part 3 will include photos by our photographer Jay Ebue with my own, so this will be a pretty good one (^_^)v
Having to shoot more than 500 cars and random moments at Wekfest, rather than being bored and talking throughout the whole event, I actually had a good time because of the proportion of new cars I've never seen before. You'll be seeing some new ones in this coverage and I'm sure your time will be well spent looking through our photos.

Event Coverage | Wekfest LA: All in the Details

June 7, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by Andy Nguyen

Wekfest Los Angeles was probably one of the best gatherings of cars I’ve seen in a while. Most shows I go to, I see many of the same cars and maybe a handful of new ones. Although many of the cars are quite stunning, a little variety can go a long way. That being said, I saw the great cars that have been showing all season in addition to many new cars I haven’t seen before the event this past Sunday.
Although the show didn’t start until 12 noon and that being up on various sites, I somehow mistakenly thought that the show started at 8am. While I didn’t get up until 7:30am and arrive until 9am, I was actually pretty lucky because even when I arrived at the event at 9:30/10am, there was already a sizeable line beginning.

Special Coverage | CarZone Nissan & Infiniti Meet

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Encore was happening in the later afternoon last Saturday, so I decided to head out to a small but local meet put together by an automotive repair company, CarZone. There were several meets happening on this day but because of a coverage request I received from CarZone a few weeks ago, I kept my promise and made it out.
According to some of my friends, CarZone has been in the Nissan and Infiniti scene for quite a long time and have great service with reasonable prices when it comes to repairing, oil changes, etc. I wouldn't have even bother saying this because it seems like I'm trying to tell you guys to go here, but close friends of mine owning nice cars and saying positive things about this shop means they do an outstanding job.

Event Coverage | Wekfest Los Angeles 2011 (Pt. II)

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Woke up around 4am today staring at the wall thinking about various things. Then I catch myself laying my fingers on top of the laptop keyboard. For a hour or so, I had no idea what the hell I was doing and thinking. I'm speculating it's because of the massive amount of sexy cars I saw at Wekfest last Sunday and I had to stop with Part 1 yesterday. Let's continue on with the event!

Special Coverage | Models and Cars of Encore Charity Meet

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz, Words by William Lee

Great way to enjoy a meet or event coverage is to see some models, right?
Our photographer Nick Schultz has a talent when it comes to model photography and I was glad to see him at Encore this past weekend. While I was busy taking shots of some cars, Nick went around taking photos of the attended models, which you will soon see. Just to let you guys know, any photos you guys want as a wallpaper can be requested at the bottom so that you can download them through our Wallpaper section by clicking on the 'Wallpaper' tab at the top. Photos from this coverage can be downloaded by visiting Nick's website.

Event Coverage | Wekfest Los Angeles 2011 (Pt. I)

June 6, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

What a long weekend! I would say out of all the events I've been to this year, yesterday's Wekfest Los Angeles was probably one of the most tiring but convivial events. Those who live out of California might be clueless on why people get hyped up when this event comes around and you'll find the answer within this coverage, but to summarize it in a simple and straight-forward way, cars you don't see at meets or sometimes major events come to Wekfest. I don't know the actual history of it, but I do know it's an event created by an aftermarket sales store in NorCal called Weksos.
Now another question might be floating in your heads after realizing Wekfest did happen this year at NorCal. Well Weksos decided to collaborate with Fatlace after the NorCal Wekfest to do another show, but this time, in SoCal.
I was bummed missing out on the NorCal one, but luckily, we were able to share DJ Murdok's Wekfest coverage on our site. After hearing Weksos opening up a show in SoCal, I cleared out all my schedules and other 'planned-to-attend' meets and events just to attend SoCal's Wekfest and let's just say it was definitely worth it.

Special Coverage | Encore - An Automotive Charity Shindig

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

It's not a surprise anymore to go onto facebook and get notifications on upcoming events. I've pretty much set my whole schedule up for all the major and minor meets/events and one meet that was marked on my calender was yesterday's meet called Encore at Five Axis HQ hosted by Scion Evolution. This meet is a charity event to raise funds and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). I didn't have time to attend last year's meet, but according to some friends, I heard it was a meet not to miss out on, so after a local meet at Van Nuys, CA, I headed directly to Huntington Beach, CA to see what was in for a surprise.

Spotlight | It's not the Tires Screaming, It's the Asphalt

June 3, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by CFD Productions (Dan Purpura), Words by William Lee

_DSC6756 copyNI
Almost reaching a year of being active in the automotive scene, I've encountered builds that were outrageously exceptional to a point where I stood around a car thinking how much money and effort was put into it to its final running state. I'm not talking about cars that were built only for shows, but including the ones that were built to track, drift, rally, etc. and from the many model/brands, I was always impressed with those who owned and built a Nissan Silvia.
There are basically 2 routes you see many Silvia owners go with when it comes to motor work; sticking with the KA motor trying to squeeze out every single bit of its power, or an upgraded SR20DET, a much powerful and reliable piece when it comes to any automotive sport. Let's be honest here, what's been mention is a typical path for many Silvias. Don't get me wrong, I love both; however, there will be someone amongst the Silvia crowd unsatisfied with the power given out by either of the two or just tired of doing the same thing like all the others. That's when Steve Klopman and his 240sx come into the Spotlight. What do I mean? Read and see for yourself...

Special Coverage | Fatlace Open House at San Mateo

June 1, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by Andy Nguyen

This past Sunday, I was able to make it over to the Fatlace open house at their paddock in San Mateo. I had heard about this event when I was living in SoCal and was looking forward to it ever since I moved up to San Francisco bay a few months ago. This particular open house was different than others I’ve been to in past in that it was also a clearance sale for Fatlace. The sale started at 9am which I was planning to get to early but ended up sleeping through my alarm so I didn’t get up until about 8am. Editor Kain Chau was also visiting the bay area with some friends so we met up and headed over to the Paddock.

By the time we arrived at the paddock, the line was pretty long. Well actually, it didn’t look that long but the wait was about 2 hours until we were able to get inside the warehouse to do our shopping. Even though we waited for quite a while, there as surprisingly quite a bit of merchandise left for use to rummage through. At $10 dollars for tees and $20 for hoodies, it was a pretty substantial discount.
While Kain waited in line, I took the opportunity to go around and take pictures of the cars that showed up. There weren’t many in the morning but as the day progressed, more cars rolled up and found parking either on the street adjacent to Fatlace or on the streets of the neighborhood surrounding it.