Special Coverage | 2013 Scion FR-S

December 1, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Scion FRS-26
Through many websites and blogs, we've already seen the revealing of  Toyota 86 at Gazoo Racing Motorsports Festival 2011 and Subaru BRZ at Tokyo Motor Show. Anticipation for the arrival of the Scion version was at its peak and finally, last night was the day many were waiting for; debut of the Scion FR-S. I actually had no clue about this invite-only event until a good friend of mine in the Scion scene, Kirby, wrote a comment on one of my posts through Facebook. After noticing this at the last moment, I instantly RSVP'd online and got an e-mail from Scion corp. saying that I was approved to join. What many of you guys don't know is that Scion corp. really takes care of their customers. When I mean by customers, I'm talking about those who own a Scion. The brand has several events throughout the year and how Scion corp. organizes and manages those events are unbelievably grand in scale. For example, Scion borrows the whole Knotts Berry Farm during Halloween week and opens the amusement park to only Scion owners. Almost every Scion owner in California goes to that event, so you can imagine how crazy it gets with the amount of Scions and Scion owners + guests.
The debut of Scion FR-S was somewhat similar. Everyone who was registered through the biggest Scion forum, ScionLife, had an opportunity to attend this special event along with well-known bloggers, writers, representatives, and photographers from all around the world. You've probably seen the photos already through facebook or blogs, but it's time to share my own and write some accurate information released by Scion.

Scion FRS-1
I was sort of unprepared for this event because I had to do various things within 7~10pm. I'm pretty sure I was the only guest wearing gym clothes while others were formally dressed. It was embarrassing and awkward at the same time, but as long as I was in to take photos, I didn't care about the looks v(^-^)v

Scion FRS-4

Scion FRS-3
In front of the entrance were two cars; AE86 that was displayed under Mackin Industries booth during JCCS, and one covered to be revealed later on during the event. I already knew what car was under the cover because of a photo that was posted on Facebook, but had no clue if it was a stock or modified FR-S. You'll be seeing photos of it in my next Nightlight feature.

Scion FRS-6
The main stage was spectacular. It was the same as watching Victoria's Secret Fashion Show but replacing those models with cars.

FRS Final
All of these cars contributed in the making of Scion FR-S. Starting from the left bottom; Toyota 2000GT, Toyota S800, Toyota Supra Turbo, Toyota MR2, Lexus LF-A, and AE86 Levin.

Scion FRS-8

Scion FRS-11
The overall design was greatly influenced by the Toyota 2000GT. Ideas of it being a RWD and having a Boxer engine was passed on by the Toyota S800. But as most of us know by now, what greatly inspired the build of the FR-S was the AE86.

Scion FRS-15
Right in front of me was Jarod DeAnda, known as 'The Voice of Formula Drift'. He was very close to me, so sorry for the close-up shot Mr. Jarod!

Scion FRS-16

Scion FRS-17

His short speech passed on to the vice president of Scion, Jack Hollis.

Scion FRS-18
"You guys ready? Seriously, are you guys ready!!???? Here's the all new, Scion FR-S!"

Scion FRS-19
(Crazy bass music playing...)

Scion FRS-20

Scion FRS-22
The Red devil.

Scion FRS-25
Well there it is. It was very difficult to get a good spot to take shots and because I was shooting with a 24-70 like every event, I was limited in angles, space, etc.
By the way, the model(?) in the car looked like a BOSS! Perfect for a C.E.O. (Cars et Owners) shoot.

Here's a video I took during the FR-S introduction.

Scion FRS-30

Scion FRS-31
A very slight difference from the Toyota 86 was the missing fog lights. I'm pretty sure it will be an optional package thing and will cost an extra $500 or so (just speculating).

Scion FRS-37
Yes, it's badged as a Scion, but please be more open minded! Read my article about the badging issue if you haven't.

Scion FRS-69

Scion FRS-40

Scion FRS-46

Scion FRS-67

Scion FRS-43

Scion FRS-41

Scion FRS-39
Wheels, fenders, interior, etc. are exactly the same as the Toyota 86. As mentioned before, the only major difference was the badge not being a Toyota, but a Scion.

Scion FRS-44
There were tons of people surrounding the official FR-S, so I decided to head to the other area where a modified FR-S was on display. The feature on that car will be posted later today (^-^)


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