Event Coverage: Password:JDM Garage Sale

October 30, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Most of the JDM car owners know about Password:JDM and their high quality products specifically made for JDM cars. Starting from the year 2002 and gradually building up its fame in their products, their reputation is among one of the best from all of the aftermarket companies that exist today.
Password:JDM's garage sale is one of the biggest events, such as Greddy and T-Tein, but after resting for a year without the sale last year and opening it again after two years, the turnout wasn't that great.
However, there were some people who dropped by to buy some products and obviously, check out the companies staff and project cars.

Random Spotlight: Clean and Stanced IS Enough

October 29, 2010

Dat IS350 - 1
I'm always excited to see our facebook fanpage increasing its number with fans and it's pretty awesome to see those fans having sexy rides.
I came across Dat Nguyen's Lexus IS and liked how the ride was kept clean and stanced.
Dat is planning to do more modifications to his ride, but I'm still satisfied with how it looks as of today.

Random Spotlight: The King of STI's


We are now back to our daily features and I'm more than skeptical to show this ride to all you Subaru fans.
I met Jeff through the WFC forums and his ride instantly caught my attention, not because of the overall stance but because of the amount of work he put into his ride to make it become a beast!

This beauty is daily driven and puts 513whp/494wtq.
You really can't judge negatively when a car is stanced and puts that much power.

Random Spotlight: Mode Parfume VIP A32

October 28, 2010


One of the VIP forums (there aren't too many) that I check often is DzeusVIP, mostly consisting of VIP owners in Thailand.
I was checking out some posts and found this sexy A32 with a Mode Parfume body kit. I have no information regarding its modifications, but want to share some photos that were published on BZ Magazine.

Event Coverage: Babe Expo

October 27, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Babe -29

Babe Expo launched this year for models, starting from amateurs to professionals, to get together and create a show for many photographers/videographers around CA. I was expecting it to be an actual 'expo', which I thought it was going to be huge, but the location was pretty small and I had to be in the crowd of 50~60 photographers trying to take close up photos.
There's nothing much to say about this event because obviously, all of the girls are models and come to the expo to promote their company or their work. Very popular models, such as Misa Campo and Corissa Fur, attended the event, but not even half of the models listed on BabeExpo.com didn't show up, but some other very known models didn't show up, which was a small disappointment.

Anyways, I know that some of you guys enjoyed Woman of Perfection and CAME, so I had to attend this event for you model fans out there.

Spotlight: Shyne'ing G35

October 25, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


I haven't met John, the owner of this G35, too many times, but he's an awesome person to talk to and owns a sexy car. We've always talked about a photoshoot for Just Stance, but because of the living distance, it was always delayed. Luckily, because of the G35 Sedan meet, I met up with John and after chilling at The Chronicles 2 Yr Anniversary Meet, we drove around the area and found an awesome place to shoot.

Event Coverage: The Chronicles 2 yrs Anniversary Celebration


It hasn't been too long since Night-Import was created. In less than a month, we reached 1,000 fans and I was more than skeptical. There are so many reasons why I created this blog/site and one of my inspirational blogs that made it happen was Stickydiljoe's, The Chronicles.
Nor did it only have descriptive and amazing pictures, but it also had humor and a full coverage of various events, which is what I wanted to do and share with the import community. Although the site is 'honda' based, they cover almost everything that goes around in the U.S. and overseas as well.
I had no idea The Chronicles existed since 2008 and yesterday, it was their 2 year anniversary.
This event was created to celebrate with their fans, which is why you haven't seen the flyer being posted on various forums.
As their site is known across the world and many import enthusiasts in CA enjoy their site, the turnout was amazing! and awesome job to AutoFashion for the music.

Event Coverage: G35 Sedan Showcase GTG II

October 24, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


First of all, I have to give props to Marcus Cooke, photographer for Canibeat and the one who created this meet since last year.

I've never been to such a meet with so many G's, Sedans to Coupes, and some other models as well. Definitely the sickest G's around CA came to support the GTG and I can say the meet was a huge success.
The cops killed the hype at the end, which was very disappointing, but I'm speculating all the guys who participated had a great time.

Event Coverage: ZOMGBBQ: at Sonic Motor

10.23.10 -4

Love when BBQ events go, but sucks when you don't have time to even eat BBQ because of three events happening on the same day. The meet started at 10:30am and I was wrong to show up at around 11:30am because not enough cars showed up. Lesson I learned? Never show up too early when there's a BBQ meet. I think only some guys came early to pick up some highly discounted priced items, such as XXR wheels and Racing Bucket Seats.

Spotlight: So Precise So Unique

October 23, 2010

Night-Importt:Photography by William Lee

Rumion -40

Most of the cars that come from Japan to the U.S. are slightly modified, or maybe more than we think to meet the USDM standards.
Right hand driven becomes left hand, smog tests are required, and much more, which is why you pop up your hood to find out more than 10% of the parts on the car are made in the U.S. (There are exceptions.)

Some imports look much better when it was originally made, straight out from its original manufacturer, and from the list of imports, Japan-made cars are probably on the top list.

Scion xB's became a sudden interest to many import enthusiasts when it was first released in the U.S.. The 1st Gen, known as bB in Japan, did not have any critical changes, except the obvious left to right hand drive, and etc.
However, for the 2nd Gen xB's, there were changes to its exterior. It's called Rumion in Japan and has its own body kit with different exterior parts. Christopher Wu, owner of this xB, managed to order the full Rumion body kit from Japan with the help of his father. He focused on every single aspect of the original 2nd Gen xB and I got to say he did a darn good job.

Spotlight: Platinum G

October 22, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

VIP -73

On-site coverage's is what I'm attempting to do these days. You don't want to miss the opportunity of taking photos of a car that you won't probably see again. It's fresh, new, and something different for many import fans and I'm glad I did a quick photoshoot with this G35 coupe owned by PJ from VIP Modular Wheels and Platinum VIP.

Special Coverage | VIP Modular Wheels

October 21, 2010

 Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

VIP -1

Probably the most respected style by many luxury car owners is VIP. When it comes to vehicle modifications, the term 'VIP' originated from Japan. I don't want to get much in depth about the history of VIP, but the style of VIP cars tend to have a full body or lip kit, lowered ride height, and most related to our coverage today, wheels.

VIP Modular Wheels officially started since SEMA of 2006.
Their popularity grew in a short amount of time and still being highly respected by many luxury car owners.
I was very fortunate to meet Yuya, the Vice-President/Co-founder of VIP Modular Wheels, and other staff members.

Spotlight: Evil STI

October 20, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Mark Bello


Being low and stance'd can't be any sexier than this red STI.
Bringing back the memories of going to hellaflush/stance events, there weren't a lot of hatchback STI's in CA, or that's how it was when I went to various events.
Even if you saw one, I'm pretty sure you haven't seen one as perfectly stance'd as today's featured STI found by our photographer Mark Bello.

Random Spotlight: Accord in Fashion

October 18, 2010


The new gen Accords have a totally different look from the old ones, which make them more unique and difficult to achieve a look that will be appreciated by others.
I've never seen a stanced 2010 Accord in SoCal, but that was before I saw this one, owned by Chris Pham.
Appreciated? Hell yes!

Random Spotlight: Illest Wagon


How often do you see a WRX Wagon on BBS RS's? Let me guess..not too many!
Ben Mentock daily drives this beauty and it's pretty suprising to see a 175K+ mileage car to be in great shape.

Random Spotlight: LM's Never Get Old

October 17, 2010


Having a set of BBS wheels myself, I've been a huge fan of BBS's back in the days before I had my tC. It's a set you see pretty often, especially the RS's, but they never get old.
I personally think it's one of the companies that make the sexiest wheels.

Here's a 2006 Lancer Evolution GSR SE owned by Stanley Wu.
The overall stance with the LM's looks great. You can't go wrong with Silver on Silver.

Random Spotlight: Bagged & Shaved G

October 16, 2010


I must say..this is probably one of the sickest bagged G's in the U.S..
Maybe I'm over-exaggerating, but seeing the ride in person during the S:N meet @ Placentia was more than just drooling. The owner is a recuitment director for Team Outcast.
Even on bags, the drop between the fenders and rims were on point, nice camber, interior, exterior..almost everything about this car was near to perfect! (or maybe..perfect!)

Spotlight: Double Z Double the Sexiness

October 15, 2010

Night-Import : Photography by Jim Davis

Nissan 350Z

In the whole fitment game, 350'z are probably one of the best looking cars in my list. Riding with wheels in an offset of -'s, slammed to the ground... if everything is done right, getting attention doesn't become optional but mandatory.
Our photographer, Jim Davis, did a photoshoot with these two sexy Z's from NYVermont.
Out of all the Z's I've been looking at, through blogs and in person, this is probably the only feature of 2 Z's with wings. Some of you guys might prefer the 'clean' look, but I'm loving it!

Random Spotlight: SC Appreciation Day

October 14, 2010

Taki's Lexus SC300

I don't remember how it started when my love for SC's became crazy.
First of all, the overall exterior look of the car, even purely stock, just looks amazing. Now imagine a stanced, hellaflush black SC with white rims rolling through your neighborhood.
Imaginations can come true.

Here's a twin-turboed SC300 owned by T.K. Kapous from St.Pete Florida.
Yes, you read it right. This beauty went through a critical surgery, an engine swap to a 1jzgte twin-turbo motor. Result? A success!
It even got better when I heard the ride was daily driven.

Spotlight: Static Jetta

Night-Import : Photography by Erin Clodfelter


The Euro scene always amazes me with clean cars.
Our photographer, Erin Clodfelter, recently did a photoshoot with this clean 2005 mk4 GLI from Houston.
Most of the Jetta's I've recently seen were on air, but amazingly, this one is static.

Video Coverage: J. Professional RC Drifters

October 13, 2010

I've always loved RC drift cars, but I have too many hobbies that are already expensive so the only way I can enjoy it is by watching. Check out these professionals.


Video Coverage: FYC: Formula Drift x Fatlace 1of1 Video

October 12, 2010

Shout out to my boy Joey from Fckyourcrew for making this awesome video.
Make sure to check out their site and facebook for some awesome coverages.

FYC: Fatlace 1of1 x Formula Drift from Joey Nguyen on Vimeo.

FYC: LOADED from Joey Nguyen on Vimeo.

Random Spotlight: Time Attack Audi A4


It's amazing how cars can be modified to surpass its own limit.
This Audi A4 2.0T Quattro is one of those cars that was modified to meet the standards of a tracking car.

Chirstian Miller, accomplished many of his plans with the A4, which became a multi-purpose race car. Christian is the driver, but the car is owned and built by 034Motorsport. Speeding through the race tracks like lightning and making sharp turns wasn't enough for this beast. The next project was to change the specifications of the car to make it rip through the Redline Time Attack road course.

Event Coverage: Formula D/Fatlace 1of1: Title Fight (Part 3)

October 11, 2010


An exclusive coverage by our photographer Jay Ebue.
Although some of our photographers got declined for media coverage, Jay managed to get himself a pass through his popularity :)
This is another set of photos so check out some close shots of your favorite drifters and cars.

Event Coverage: Formula D/Fatlace 1of1: Title Fight (Part 2)

October 10, 2010


Not too many words can describe how intense the final round of Formula D went. It was the most spectacular drifting event ever, making the event title 'Title Fight' sound perfect!
If you haven't kept up by watching it live on the net or were not there in person, Tanner Foust won the overall title of FD and Vaughn Gittin Jr. won the 2010 FD championship. The last rounds between these two amazing drifters were intense! The judging came down to 'one more time' after Round 7, but the ultimate Tanner Foust was just too hard to beat. As much as spectators enjoyed the battles amongst the drifters, they had some great time checking out the vendors and entertainment booths.

That's what Formula D is all about. Watch, relax, and to have fun.

Event Coverage: Formula D/Fatlace 1of1: Title Fight (Part 1)


Probably the most intense and over-crowded event in California, Irwindale Speedway held the final round of Formula D with the top drifters all around the world. But before I get into depth about the drifting event, I want to share some amazing hellaflush/stance rides in California. For every Formula D, we can't forget about the collaborating crew, Fatlace.
The top cars are chosen to show their rides like every other FD event, but yesterday was more meaningful for all the participants because of the massive amount of spectators, well-known media blog photographers, and obviously, watching the final round of Formula D.

Event Coverage: CAME (Celebrity And Model Expo) Part II

October 7, 2010


As promised, here is the 2nd part of our coverage for CAME (Celebrity and Model Expo). If you guys haven't checked out Part I, I strongly recommend you do because those pictures were taken by our new photographer, Jay, and his work is beyond fabulous.
I'm not going to keep this post formal (it's not like I do for every coverage :/) so hope you guys enjoy!
Be aware, 18+ content.

Random Spotlight: Roti Audi

October 6, 2010

C 21

The current year is being overcrowded with new wheel companies and competition is reaching to its peak. Looking through each companies website and comparing the designs of wheels, I would say at least 60~70% are similar or somewhat exactly the same. Now for all of those who think all wheels are made with the same material, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you're wrong. The reason why certain companies are known for their wheels is not only because of its design but the quality materials that are used to develop the wheel.
Here's an Audi S4 on wheels that are known for its quality and design, Rotiform BLQ's. I remember being at Fontana, CA for the Shakotan event and Rotiform was present as a vendor. These wheels were on display and I was urging to see them on a car, which is why this Audi caught my attention instantly.

Random Spotlight: Stance it, Race it

October 5, 2010


"Eat, Sleep, Race"
I came across this 94 325i (E36) through Zvilia and became speechless.
Clean cars are always a favorite, but sometimes, a beat up one could look great as well.
How about half and half?

Event Coverage: Stance:Nation Meet & Greet


I think this was the first Stance:Nation's meet and greet.
The meet happened at three locations; Placentia and San Jose (both in CA), and Chicago.
First of all, I was a bit disappointed at couple of things...
Location was horrible because the parking spaces were spread out all over the place, no taco truck, and the turn-out was not as big as I expected.
However, there were some great cars that showed up and I had some time to meet new guys and friends.

I hope the next meet has a better turnout and a bit more organized..

Going to a lot of events in SoCal, especially the ones that are stance related, I see the same cars over and over, but never get tired of it.
You'll be seeing some familiar ones as well :)

Event Coverage: CAME (Celebrity And Model Expo) Part I

October 4, 2010


I remember promising a 'model coverage' once a week. Last week, I wrote about Women Of Perfection.
This week, a similar event took place at the same location, called CAME (Celebrity And Model Expo).
If you've never heard of this event, it's basically...a model expo!
I didn't see any 'celebrities' and I don't know how they classify their models as celebrities, but known models in the U.S. showed up, like Nikita Esco and Jenny Chu.

Overall experience of this event? It wasn't as great as I thought.
Entrance fee was a total joke, the stage setup was wayy different, and the attendance of models and their hotness was MUCH better last week.
This event happens once a year and I was expecting a lot.
It felt as if I went to a porn expo. Serious....no joke..
all these old grandpas...and even a whole family came...WTF???

Well I'll shut my mouth and share some photos by our new/part-time photographer Jay who works for Wired on Honda and for a magazine. I first saw Jay at Bisimoto Exotic Car meet and we talked since then. We took some pictures @ The Pursuit and went to all three events. Jay's an awesome guy to work with and make sure to check out his work (Flickr). He shoots for all kinds of events, so if you're interested, just e-mail me or PM him through Flickr.

OK! Ready????? Like last week, if your girlfriend is next to you, tell her to go out because I guarantee she will slap your face or smack it with something after seeing you drool all over these awesome pictures... and of course, if you're not 18+, don't even think about scrolling down or clicking "Read more>>" :D

Event Coverage: The Pursuit 2

10.3.10 -88

October seems like the month when all the events are forced to happen.
The month just started and already, there were three events on Sunday.
For those who check the sites status on Facebook, you guys knew I was planning to go to 3 events, and yes, I did.
If you guys want it, I get it!

Out of the year, 'The Pursuit' is the largest Lexus show that happens in SoCal. I don't know where it took place last year, but this year, it was at Irwindale Speedway, the same place where the Scion show occured.
The turnout was amazing and I'm speculating more than 300+ cars showed up.
Never seen so many VIP's in one show and I'm pretty sure the AutoFashion event will have more, but for a Lexus show, seems like 20~30% were VIP cars, which is the reason why I enjoyed walking around taking pictures.
It's not an everyday opportunity to see all types/models of Lexus's coming from different states to show their car and drag race. As much as I enjoyed the show, the amount of spectators present was great and they enjoyed it as well.

Random Spotlight: 'Gangster' VIP Benz

October 2, 2010


If you're into VIP cars, this one should look familiar.
I've seen some crazy black VIP cars and called those 'gangster' looking..
but compared to this one, it doesn't stand a chance.

I call this the 'true' gangster VIP Benz.

Random Spotlight: Form & Function


There's nothing much to say about this feature. All the details can be found on SouthrnFresh.com.
Make sure to read the specs of each car, especially if you're planning to go performance wise or to dress it up with quality parts. Actually...let's just say if you want both form and function :)

All the credits go to SouthrnFresh. Awesome site and thx for letting us share the feature with our fans.

Random Spotlight: Sexy14

October 1, 2010


I never get tired of slammed S14's.
Wait.. let me add more to it. Slammed & Stanced!

This beauty was found through the Zilvia forums and I contacted the owner right away.
I've noticed a lot of stanced car owners dwell in NorCal. No wonder why they roll big and have stance events frequently. If you guys check the events section on forums, the recent Fatlace Klas:sik show was held @ fontana and the upcoming Stance of the Union will be @ Sacramento.
Owner of this S14 also lives in NorCal and he's reppin the scene with some sexy SSR's on Buddy Club coilovers.

Random Spotlight: Daily, Drift, & Track


Do you DD your car?
Well I do and it is pretty darn low and difficult to drive in streets like Los Angeles.
I can't complain though because some drifters drive their car daily.
Zip-ties holding the bumper...slammed to the ground...
It's not a pleasant look to people who you see on freeways driving stock cars, but to people like us, it's dam sexy.

S14's are mostly owned by people who drift or track. Kyle, owner of the car, bought this s14 3 years ago to do the same, but also to drive it as a daily.