Event Coverage | LA Auto Show 2011 (Pt.I)

November 18, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

LAS 2011-3
If looking at modified cars isn't your thing, but you're an automotive enthusiast, then I'm pretty sure LA Auto Show was one of those events marked on your calendars. This year's LAAS had a lot of things in store to surprise the world. Now in the era of moving from fuel burning to eco-friendly technology, majority of cars had better mpg and reduced body weight. Also, there were plenty of concept cars to check out. I've been to LA Auto Show for more than 3 years, but what actually counted as a learning experience was my attendance to this year's show. I'm a newbie into the scene, but that one year of being active really did help. You might think I'm only into modified cars, but I do check out websites and read magazines that introduce cars in general, such as Autoguide, Motor Trend, etc.
Let's get on with the actual coverage so that you guys can get an idea of what this show is like and probably choose your next car v(^-^)v

LAS 2011-1

LAS 2011-157
Once I got into the Convention Center, I spotted Mario and Luigi walking to their Nintendo booth. I don't even remember seeing this booth last year, but it was pretty hilarious seeing these guys moving around.

LAS 2011-2
While staying in line at Starbucks to grab some coffee, I spotted this classic Mustang from Galpin Auto Sports (GAS).

LAS 2011-70
You guys ready? Because I am!

LAS 2011-5
Like almost every automaker today, introducing a fuel-efficient car is a most. Hyundai started this back in 2009, introducing their new line of Blue cars, which are basically built lighter with higher ratio of battery use than gas.

LAS 2011-6
In my opinion, the new Veloster is an exceptional economy car. It was pretty hilarious how this car was compared to a CRX Si because of its shape, but what makes this car special is its exterior and interior styling, and also being a 3-door car. Do know the Turbo version is on its way and will be introduced at Detroit Auto Show.

LAS 2011-7
This version of the Veloster was pretty interesting.

LAS 2011-8
It seemed like a combo package with AEM and TSW wheels offered by Hyundai.

LAS 2011-9
The Genesis line is getting better every year. I mean..the price is around $35k and being compared to $50k and higher priced cars. It even got outstanding reviews by many automotive websites. You can expect a much powerful version of the new Genesis Sedan because of its new 8-speed transmission and 5.0L V8 engine. These specs only apply to Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec, which is shown above.

LAS 2011-11
I've been seeing constant TV commercials on the Hyundai Equus. It was one of my favorites last year at SEMA because of its luxuriousness. If I had to own a family luxury car, this will be it.

LAS 2011-12
I don't see this car too often on the streets, and wonder why, because the exterior styling and performance is top notch. The new 2012 Azera features a 3.3L engine and 6-speed transmission, making around 300HP.

LAS 2011-14
Cadillic was the busiest section out of all during Press days. What you see here is a Cadillac ELR, a luxury/sports car, using the same power technology as the Chevrolet Volt.

LAS 2011-15

LAS 2011-16
This is just a concept car, but rumors say it will be in production during 2013~2014.

LAS 2011-19
What really caught Cadillac fans attention was the Cadillac XTS, which was introduced at Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. The 3.6L, V6 engine making 300HP is impressive, but what makes this car even better is a new feature called CUE infotainment system, which is a touch screen located in the middle console, having every technological system that can be controlled by a single touch.

LAS 2011-21

LAS 2011-24
Amazing color!

LAS 2011-23
I didn't realize a Chihuahua sitting right next to me. What a cutie.

LAS 2011-25
Audi was also another section where many Medias were located.

LAS 2011-26
Audi TT in Red.

LAS 2011-28
The new Audi A3 concept car powered by e-tron was a good hit. If you have no clue what this technology is about, let's just keep it simple and say it's Audi's line of hybrid cars.

LAS 2011-27

LAS 2011-29
Astonishing! (except the wheels). You're probably looking at this car and saying.. "Wth???"
At this year's LA Auto Show, Audi introduced a new model from the A8 line, called S8, which I totally forgot to take a photo of, and another beauty you guys see here, an e-tron Spyder. Guess how much? Rumors say around $2.7 million. That's not too expensive for a rear mounted, twin-turbo 3.0L V6 engine making 296HP...right? The whole point here, is that it's a hybrid, so yeepee!

LAS 2011-30

LAS 2011-32
No introduction or description needed.

LAS 2011-31
Plenty of Audis to check out at LAAS, so make sure to go to this booth when it's not too crowded. I remember trying to take some photos here last year and nearly got stomped on because of the crowd.

LAS 2011-35

LAS 2011-34

LAS 2011-38
Lexus LF-A. Enough said.

LAS 2011-39

LAS 2011-37

LAS 2011-36
Here's a car many Lexus fans were waiting for. The all new GS 350 F Sport is a bit different than other F sport cars. Like the IS F Sport, it's not the aesthetics that changed, but an upgraded handling/suspension; however, unlike the IS F, it seems like there is no F Sport exhaust or intake because according to some articles, performance wise, there is NO power gains. Will this really matter? Hmmm...

LAS 2011-41
While talking about F Sport, here's a display of its accessories/parts.

LAS 2011-42
BMW introduced some stunning cars.

LAS 2011-43
The all new M5 in 'Frozen Silver'. Isn't that such an awesome color name? BMW offers two Matte color finishes with the word 'Frozen' in front and it seems like this color will be another option after Black and Grey. This model will be on sale next year and I'm sure BMW fans will start saving up and buy this beast because of its BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology.

LAS 2011-45
M3 Sedan or this M3 Coupe? Tough choice. The Formula 1 inspired M3 coupe has an enormous power, equipped with a 4.0L V8 engine making 414HP. Along with the powerful engine is a 3-way catalytic converter, heavy-duty dual-disc clutch, and 8 individual electronically controlled throttles. Having all of these features for only $60,775 is something to think about.

LAS 2011-46
Ah~ I've actually never seen this car before, so this was my first time seeing an Alpina B7. For its specs, a price of $120,000 isn't bad at all.

LAS 2011-47

LAS 2011-48

LAS 2011-51
Check out these futuristic beauties! BMW unveiled their hybrid cars i8 and i3. The i8 is twin-turbocharged with a 3 cylinder gas engine + electric motor, making 390HP. Articles say the car will get 78mpg, which is pretty darn impressive. Also, you can expect to see this car in the next Mission Impossible movie.
The i3 is more of an individual car because of its size, but don't ignore its power! With its electric motor, it can make 170HP! Dammit! It's faster than my car!

LAS 2011-49

LAS 2011-50
A lot of Medias were surrounding this section, so I took some time to take some shots. I didn't attendPress days on Wednesday, but I heard Mission Impossible actress Paula Patton and actor Ludwig Willish made an appearance.

LAS 2011-52

LAS 2011-53
BMW's new electrical technology powered coupe and luxurious 2012 650i coupe model shown above.

LAS 2011-55
Moving to the Acura section, this TL was scary. It might look like an ordinary TL with Black wheels, but once you look into it in depth, you'll be surprised. What you see is a 2012 S.H.I.E.L.D. TL, a tactical package available to only...I don't even know if it can be purchased by anyone. So why is this car so crazy? How about a 32-valve engine w/ titanium-forged block AND being nitrous fuel-injected. Wait...not impressed? Then a 9-speed HYPER-shift transmission good enough? The list goes on and on...

LAS 2011-56

LAS 2011-59

LAS 2011-60
Infiniti had these two interesting Purple G37s on display, especially the one you see up close. It's a G37 convertible IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) and if the word 'performance' is included, we know for a fact it will have better parts to it. This model will have better suspension, an exhaust, and an overall greater performance specs.

LAS 2011-63
The all mighty.

LAS 2011-64
Toyota didn't have anything impressive..but..

LAS 2011-65
I sure was liking the new Camry. Something about this car caught my attention. The overall updated look was pretty aggressive and I digged the flush mount spoiler. If someone buys this car and decides to go VIP, (/'_')/ (_'o')_

LAS 2011-66
Chrome Lime Green painted Camaro I spotted at SEMA this year. I can see it being pulled over because of its bright ass color.

LAS 2011-68

LAS 2011-69
Corvettes are sexy and dam low.

LAS 2011-71
Alain Menu's Chevrolet Cruze. This car was built for WTCC (World Touring Car Championship).

LAS 2011-72
Anything with the word 'spec' is awesome, so here is Chevrolet's Sonic Z-Spec.

LAS 2011-73
Scion's booth! Yes! The automaker many of you guys hate! But rest assured Scion will have a better reputation next year once the FR-S comes out. Actually, the brand is getting better after the release of 2012 Scion tC. I personally think the 2012 versions were built to track instead of having that show quality seen in 05~11s.

LAS 2011-74

LAS 2011-77
Five Axis FR-S concept. I did a Random Nightlight feature on this car, so check it out.

LAS 2011-78
Here's a car I didn't see at SEMA. Scion Tuner Challenge always has those top three cars competing against each other, but before the actual event happens, there are other competitors/participants, and this topless iQ was one of them.

LAS 2011-79
Mazda!! Woot!

LAS 2011-80
Mazdaspeed 3 is such a nice car, but the aftermarket support isn't so strong. What a bummer.

LAS 2011-81

LAS 2011-83
VWs are growing into me because of their simplistic designs.

LAS 2011-85
The company is not known for high performance specs, but I would still consider buying one.

LAS 2011-87
Especially a GTI.

LAS 2011-88

LAS 2011-89
The debut of Beetle R concept wasn't so attractable or maybe I just missed the timing. The image of a Beetle isn't so impressing, but when you look into the specs on the future Beetle R, you'll definitely reconsider. The overall body line is much wider, interior is equipped with racing seats with charismatic colors, and the performance doesn't fall behind compared to other new cars. However, not many automotive reviewers are giving good reviews (-_-;)

LAS 2011-90
Subaru~ here I come.

LAS 2011-95
Random Nightlight on the Subaru BRZ STi concept - Click here

LAS 2011-104
Some people hate the new STi design and I couldn't agree more. Something about the new models doesn't fit my taste. Performance wise though, it is a beast!

LAS 2011-105

LAS 2011-106

LAS 2011-108
One movie I always think of when looking at Mini Coopers; Italian Job. Like Honda, Mazda, Ford, and Kia, Mini decided to make their own 'spec' called B-spec. I didn't take a photo of it, but if I attend LA Auto Show again this week, I'll definitely take a photo and update this post.
For all you Mini Cooper haters, take a look into John Cooper's version because the power it can make from that small engine is amazing.

LAS 2011-109

LAS 2011-110
I have to admit, Jaguars look sexy as f*ck and has high performance specs that are favorable like this XKR-S coupe.

LAS 2011-112

LAS 2011-114

LAS 2011-116
One of my favorite concept cars at the show was this Jaguar C-X16. After its showing at Frankfurt Motor Show, it made its way down to LA Auto Show amazing many enthusiasts. I love this car because of its body line, but also because of its numbers. From a 3L supercharged V6 engine shared with an electric motor, it makes 375HP, but what's even more superb is its feature called push-to-pass, which allows the car to improve its power by merely 160HP. Hory Shiet!

LAS 2011-117
SLK55 AMG at Benz booth.

LAS 2011-120

LAS 2011-121
Rumors say the SLS can fly.

Probably the best photo I've taken at any show. I'm glad this SLS Roadster came out better than I thought.

LAS 2011-122
Maybach! I can't afford one and never will!

LAS 2011-124
The new C class looked gorgeous. Compared to the C250, the C350 has a bit more horsepower and an upgraded V6 engine.

LAS 2011-126
2012 E63 AMG Wagon. Yes..an AMG Wagon making 518HP from a 5.5L Bi-turbo V8 engine with a pretty good gas mileage of 15/23 mpg.

LAS 2011-129

LAS 2011-130
I would really really love to have a C63 AMG Black Series...

LAS 2011-133
BlueTEC is Benz technology of Diesel powered cars. This S350 is from that line and has a good gas mileage with great output power.

LAS 2011-134
I'm going to end Part 1 with some Smarts! Be back tomorrow!


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