Event Coverage | AutoCon 2013

June 3, 2013

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

AutoCon (67 of 95)

What a week of excitement. Since the day I met up with special people few weeks ago, I was looking forward to attend one of the biggest events in California; AutoCon. If you have been active in the car scene, then you know the history of AutoCon. This particular show started out at an underground parking structure few years ago. It was definitely a huge success, considering many shows not having a huge crowd of automotive enthusiasts. Since then, the show gradually moved its location to a bigger venue, having more than hundreds of people and cars in attendance.

As mentioned above, the special people were Justin and Nate, the hosts of AutoCon. We, including my friend John Zhang (1013mm), had a long discussion about the goal and purpose of AutoCon and I couldn't be more pleased with what they had to say. It wasn't all about the 'success' or 'money', but bringing together all the enthusiasts at one place to express their 'passion' for cars. If you check out AutoCon's official website, you will know that their next event will be at a different state. It's just a start for AutoCon and they might be hosting an event at your state in the near future.

Last Saturday, AutoCon's first event of this year was held at Santa Anita Park, California. I believe this was the same location where AutoCon was held last year, but because of my busy schedule that time, our contributor Nick Schultz attended to do a coverage for my blog. This year, I just had to make it, even though I had work early in the morning.