Event Coverage | SEMA 2011 (Pt. IV)

November 7, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

It's been 3 days since I came back from Vegas, but the excitement and fun I had during this past week is still running inside me as if the event was still going on. I'm not trying to over-exaggerate myself because those who did go and had a good time know what I'm talking about. Of course the parties I attended at night were amazing, but SEMA itself was really worth my time and I have to say, the best Vegas trip I've ever been to! Random people I met, cars I've never seen before, and talk about the FOOD! I learned my lesson last year not to go to cheap buffets because not will you only taste the nastiest food ever with horrible choices, but it will haunt you for a year. Even though its a week staying at Vegas where food prices are ridiculously high, you have to go to the right ones and probably go once or twice during SEMA week. Well...if you're rich and have enough money to spend, then this shouldn't be a problem (^_^). Anyways, getting back to the subject, this coverage will be my last (ㅜㅜ) and will cover North Hall and some sections I missed at South and Central Hall. There are a few more random things I want to share at the end, so you'll see them too as you read along. I was debating which photo to use for cover, and realizing how I carelessly decided to ignore models and shoot cars, I posted a photo of Hankook model Kim Ha Eun from Korea I shared with you guys in my Part 3 coverage.

Here's a shot I took through the window when drifting was in session. I think Vaughn Gitten Jr. and other professional drifters were participating. Looking at this photo, I can't believe I missed the section way at the back where you see GAS. ARGH!


The Convention Center was packed since opening till end. From what I've heard, there was a crowd of around 250,000!!

SEMA 2011-20
I took this shot when the winner of Scion Tuner Challenge was being announced. I'll get back to it later on.

SEMA 2011-23

SEMA 2011-112
Central Hall was all about Car Products, so seeing modified cars was far less compared to the other halls. Here's Charles's widebody S2000 I featured few months ago when it was White. He was showing with a new company called 310 Tuner. Check them out.

SEMA 2011-33
There's Charles talking with a staff from TracWrap.

SEMA 2011-24
MazdaSpeed had a few cars on display, such as this 1967 Cosmo Sport.

SEMA 2011-25
Not your ordinary Mx-5. This is a re-designed model called Mx-5 Super20, which was created to celebrate Mazda's 20th anniversary. It's a bit edgier and more powerful.

SEMA 2011-27
Mx-5 Spyder~ I love this color!

SEMA 2011-29
Mazda Dyson ALMS #16 that participated in various events such as the American Le Mans Series.

SEMA 2011-31
1991 Mazda Rx-7 GTO.

SEMA 2011-34
Right across Mazda's booth was this slammed Domestic. It looked pretty good!

SEMA 2011-115
Walking around the aisles, I saw this convenient lift machine. Perfect for slammed cars.

SEMA 2011-113
The bald guy at the right was such a good talker, I wanted to buy his product.

SEMA 2011-114
While this guy looked pretty pissed during demonstration.

SEMA 2011-15
After a quick tour in North Hall, I walked back outside and saw the engine bay of the Yellow De Tomaso. Blinging!


Look at this! A Veilside Rx-7 FD!.

SEMA 2011-37

SEMA 2011-38

SEMA 2011-39

SEMA 2011-42
You saw this STi in my Part 1 coverage and know how much I loved this car. It looks like a full Do-Luck widebody kit, but I might be wrong.

SEMA 2011-44

SEMA 2011-46
There's an outdoor section between each hall and I think I missed a few (-_-;) but here's Lexus booth and their cars on display.

SEMA 2011-43
One car I missed in Central Hall was DSPORT's S15.

SEMA 2011-47
On Tuesday, Hyundai booth had all their cars covered so I didn't have a chance to take any photos. Glad I remembered to come back and look around at this booth on Wednesday. This is a Hyundai Genesis Coupe built by RMR (Rhys Millen Racing).

SEMA 2011-48
Rhys Millen's Hyndai Veloster.

SEMA 2011-49

SEMA 2011-53
Ouu~ ARK Performance did a great job on their Genesis Coupe last year and the amazing job continued on with a Veloster this year at SEMA.

SEMA 2011-50

SEMA 2011-51

SEMA 2011-52
There's Import Fashion sitting at the left taking a break.

SEMA 2011-55
Another section I missed on Tuesday was Ford's booth because it was so dam crowded! There was a competition going on with Ford Fiestas and Ford Mustangs.

SEMA 2011-56

SEMA 2011-57

SEMA 2011-58
M2-Motoring's Fiesta on Rotiforms.

SEMA 2011-59

SEMA 2011-60

SEMA 2011-61

SEMA 2011-62

SEMA 2011-63
I have no idea on who won, but congratz to the winners!

SEMA 2011-72
Time to check out the iQs from Scion Tuner Challenge. This one was designed and built by Jon Sibal. I'm a huge fan of his work and blog and without any doubt, I knew his build was going to surprise the world. Matter of fact, he took 1st place!

SEMA 2011-71
Evasive Motorsports iQ had that Racing theme to it with a full roll cage, splitter, and much more.

SEMA 2011-73
This iQ by Tatsunori Tsuchida was amazing! Why? Because it was stripped out and the engine was relocated to the middle.

FYI, the next model for Scion Tuner Challenge will be the FR-S! (FT-86 Scion Version). WOOT! (Thx to JDMEgo for the info!)

SEMA 2011-118

SEMA 2011-116
Exedy Clutch had this AMS Alpha 12 R35 on display. This is the world's first 8 second 1/4 mile R35 and most powerful as well. According to its spec sheet, it pulls 1100HP with 93 Octane and 1500HP with Race Fuel. Pretty darn amazing!

SEMA 2011-119

SEMA 2011-121
Here's another amazing machine from Exedy's booth. An AMS SR750 Porsche 997, pulling 750HP.

SEMA 2011-122
Jotech tuned widebody R35. What do you guys think? I liked it when it was Black.

SEMA 2011-79
Did you guys know Volk TE37SLs are now available in different colors? I didn't.

SEMA 2011-18
Look who I bumped into? The boss BIG ABE!

SEMA 2011-124
I was like...wtf????

SEMA 2011-123
Two is better than one.

SEMA 2011-105

SEMA 2011-106

SEMA 2011-126
Celebrities I spotted at South Hall. Last photo is professional drifter Odi Bakchis.

SEMA 2011-131

SEMA 2011-133
Talking about celebrities, remember the last photo I posted in Part 3? Well the girl at the left was this girl. Her name is Leng Yein, famous in Malaysia as a Model/TV star. She came down to the US to expand her career as a model, so keep your eye on her.

SEMA 2011-138

SEMA 2011-141

SEMA 2011-145
Like these guys...

SEMA 2011-146
Imagine driving this shopping cart to an actual supermarket to pick up groceries...
Yes, it's driveable.

SEMA 2011-147
After a longggg day at SEMA, 3T Motorsports took a few groups out for dinner at a restaurant called Osaka.

SEMA 2011-150

SEMA 2011-153
Last shot I took before ending the day. This photo explains how I feel about the automotive scene today. When it comes to car shows, everyone becomes competitive. It's nothing about greed or fame, but going to a car show is having that small hope of winning something. I'm not even a competitive person, but I do show my car for a reason. But other than car shows and competition, it's all about gathering together as a family and enjoying the moment with those who have the same passion. Through cars, I made a lot of friends, not just those who you talk to for one day and forget their existence. Enjoy other parts of this scene rather than focusing only on cars. What might seem small can be the biggest part of your life (^-^)v.


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