Event Coverage | AutoCon 2011 (Pt. I)

December 12, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

AutoCon 2011-262
How should I start this..I have so many things to say about this event, but need to keep it as simple as possible so that I don't lose fans and kill the excitement I've been gradually building up for the wait on this coverage.
First off, I want to give mad props to my guys Justin and Nate for their effort and time to create this amazing event. I don't even clearly remember when I met Justin, but as we were talking throughout the months, I realized he was a humble guy and had a clear mind of how he wanted the automotive scene to go. His huge success on hosting AutoCon last year continued on this year and as expected, it was overwhelming. The same props go to Nate as well. He's been an awesome guy since he approached me regarding a major event he was a part of last year, and consistently was a help with all the curiosities I had in the scene. Once again, great job by these two guys and if you do have some time to give some feedback, make sure to visit AutoCon's homepage and e-mail them. I'm sure they're expecting something from those who participated, so it would be great to give them more ideas about the event or just your overall experience.

Now, to talk about my experience at AutoCon this year, let's just say I have to place AutoCon in my Top 3 Car Shows of 2011. This event was more than a typical car show. It was not all about bringing your modified car, park, show it, and get an award if you won. Nor was it a time to only walk around and take photos of cars and models and leave like every other event, complaining about the parking and entrance fees, and the ridiculous food prices. The meaning of "AutoCon" pretty much explains everything; Automotive Connection. Actually, I have to say it was both an Automotive and Lifestyle event. AutoCon was created to bring the whole automotive community together at one place and enjoy what we all truly loved. It was about talking with your friends and family or even better, making new friends through cars. You also can't forget about the collaboration with Toys for Tots and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help those who are in need. While covering the event and looking around like I always do at events, the vibe I felt at AutoCon was different and rather pleasing. I knew the whole purpose of AutoCon and I have to say that purpose was met. I usually see the same cars at every car show or the ones that were built to only show at major ones, but AutoCon brought out almost everything. Although there were ones that I've seen numerous times, some new ones and fully built cars such as the ones from Auto Concept Elite, Heavy Hitters, etc. came out to support this event. The photos I'm about to share with you guys will lead to a better a storyline than my words. Do know that this coverage will be separated in parts, so make sure to come back later on or read the updates I make through my fanpage.

AutoCon 2011-3
Because of the unpredictable weather these days in SoCal, I took a few sweaters to keep myself warm because the weather forecast said it would be around 50 degrees...but really..who believes that shiet these days right? It was actually hot as heal!
Team Nuisance was right in front of me during roll-in. The FC got overheated, but it did make it inside.

AutoCon 2011-2
I saw this beauty at the gas station while buying some coffee and sure enough, it was in line to show at AutoCon. Bea~utiful~

AutoCon 2011-4
There was a long wait here and some confusions for those who showed up after 8am because so many cars were in line!

AutoCon 2011-5
Kevin and his girl trying to sort out things in order to get with his sponsor.

AutoCon 2011-6
I'm not sure what really happened, but a few crews including my boys Low N Slow had to wait for a long time to get in. I did hear from Justin and from others that the event was understaffed, so probably that was the reason for the wait. Media had to wait outside as well until 12pm, which wasn't informed, but luckily I got my way in to shoot. It's like almost every new event though, so I hope things get a bit more organized for next year's event.

AutoCon 2011-7

AutoCon 2011-8
Milt's Z and Noel's G looking sexy like always. I did feel horrible because I couldn't show with rest of the crew.

AutoCon 2011-9
Slammed LS on Ordens grabbing attention. Something about VIP cars make my feet tingle.

AutoCon 2011-10
Team Nusiance and our videographer UMWorks waiting for JDM Sport. By the way, the video coverage is up!

AutoCon 2011-11
Big Abe from Kuya Protection guarding the front gates.

AutoCon 2011-12
Tony from It's JDM yO! showing some swagness~ He was busy bringing in the models.

AutoCon 2011-13
Milt is either making fun of someone or recording a car rolling.

AutoCon 2011-14
There's Nate in the blue flannel. His Audi is a beauty but I forgot to take a photo of it (-_-;)

AutoCon 2011-15
I'm glad I spotted this FD because I missed it when it was inside the showcase area.

AutoCon 2011-16
What a surprise! I've talked about this car in my SEMA and LA Auto Show coverage and thought its showing was going to end, but it showed up!

AutoCon 2011-17
After a long wait, I finally got inside to take some photos before the crowd came in. Actually, the sun pretty much fuked things up because I was limited to take photos at certain angles. Anyways, here's Andrew Kuntjoro's Powerhouse Amuse 370Z on the all new SSR wheels. I don't even know the model name, but the design was very different from the original SSR look.

AutoCon 2011-74
Next to Andrew's Z was Preston Olson's Z on VIP Modular wheels.

AutoCon 2011-18
I couldn't walk away when I saw this, so here's a teaser shot before I show full photos of each car.

AutoCon 2011-19
Look at this couple... 1013mm's face was not revealed, so I think it's appropriate to post it in my coverage. Hi Courtney (^-^)/

AutoCon 2011-20
Angelo from Royal Origin doing work!

AutoCon 2011-21
Here's another teaser shot of VIP Modular's line up.

AutoCon 2011-22
It's not too common to see NSXs at car shows, so it was good to see a few rolling in.

AutoCon 2011-23
I walked back outside and saw a huge ass line of show cars trying to come in! The Food Trucks you see there at the back were parked and ready to serve. How many were there? You'll see the line in Part 2.

AutoCon 2011-24
Car Show participants registering before going in.

AutoCon 2011-25
Back inside, I spotted Josh's ride right in front of the entrance.

AutoCon 2011-26
Brad's track built Rx-7 FD. I have to shoot this car for a full feature, but our time schedule always had conflicts. Sorry again Brad!

AutoCon 2011-27
Powerful Evo repping Tomei.

AutoCon 2011-28
Eric's ITB'd RSX Type-S.

AutoCon 2011-29
Team Ar-kan rolled in deep like every major car show. I'll get back to this team later on.

AutoCon 2011-30
AutoFashion in the house!

AutoCon 2011-75
Ken's sexy tC on Leon Harditt Ordens + Air Runner. One of the finest tCs here in SoCal.

AutoCon 2011-76
Gawddddddd....Love this!

AutoCon 2011-77

AutoCon 2011-78
You can't go wrong with VIP cars from AutoFashion.

AutoCon 2011-31
Where all the trophies and goodie bags were placed.

AutoCon 2011-33
5 Elements from Baja California, Mexico came down to support! Here's Leo's Celica I shot earlier this year.

AutoCon 2011-36
Very unique xB from 5 Elements. I've never seen one with a Carbon Fiber front, side, and rear.

AutoCon 2011-204
I've seen this shaved VW at a few shows. The Tiffany Blue Work Emotions go really well with the body color and look at those White Brembo BBKs.

AutoCon 2011-34

AutoCon 2011-35
Few more rides from Team Ar-Kan.

AutoCon 2011-37
Lexus IS from Auto Concept Elite.

AutoCon 2011-38
Team Nuisance ready to show. These guys always have a smile on their faces.

AutoCon 2011-39
Next to JDM Sport's Genesis was this Accord I've never seen before. Stance was on-point and it was clean! Wait a sec...maybe I did see it before, but can't remember...

AutoCon 2011-40

AutoCon 2011-44
SWAG!~ Loved this classic Benz.

AutoCon 2011-41
Ouuuu~ Jose and Miguel from 1UP. Jose just bought that widebody EK. You'll see more of it in Part 2 or 3.

AutoCon 2011-43
Fuuuuu~ Can't get enough of this M3!

AutoCon 2011-45
Bernie's updated VW on Fifteen52s.

AutoCon 2011-46

AutoCon 2011-65
I'm still an amateur when it comes to Euros, but this VW classic was pretty popular. The interior was gutted, roll-caged, and pretty much clean as hell. Those old school BBSs looked gorgeous made the car look even more classier.

AutoCon 2011-47
Wow! Last time I saw this xB was at my meet few months ago at JIC Magic. It's from NorCal so I'm guessing it did break some necks on the way here.

AutoCon 2011-48
Unique set of wheel choices on a xB. For those that want to know, they are WEDS Kranze Cerberus.

AutoCon 2011-49
I couldn't take photos of R-Rydes when I took this shot because of the sun, but I did manage to get some shots later on, so wait a bit. The Lamborghini Orange G35 you see is Randy's.

AutoCon 2011-50

AutoCon 2011-51
Something about fitted R35s..ARGH! It's a good thing.

AutoCon 2011-53
SoCalDriven. I talked to only one person from this team on the forums, so I was a bit hesitant to go up to them and say hi (-_-) Next time for sure though!

AutoCon 2011-54
Who doesn't know Heavy Hitters?

AutoCon 2011-56
M5 to dominate, Ruckus to commute.

AutoCon 2011-57

AutoCon 2011-58

AutoCon 2011-59

AutoCon 2011-63

AutoCon 2011-64
Exotics with quality.

AutoCon 2011-60
Supreme Society is getting bigger every week!

AutoCon 2011-61
For all you VIP fans, I'm sure this is what you want under your Christmas tree.

AutoCon 2011-62
Junction Produce GS and 2JZ SC. Is that White thing at the top-right a UFO?? (Random..)

AutoCon 2011-66

AutoCon 2011-68
Companies, crews, and sites. O dam, I think I see KJ inside the Ings+1's booth.

AutoCon 2011-67
Because Racecar!

AutoCon 2011-69
Jon in his Varis Evo trying to find a spot!

AutoCon 2011-70
Actually, tons of cars were trying to find a spot. I've posted about AutoCon on 50+ forums and the most active one was Fitfreak. Thanks for rolling deep guys!

AutoCon 2011-71
Norman discussing about something.

AutoCon 2011-72
John's RE Amemiya + FEED Rx-7 FD from 3T Motorsports.

AutoCon 2011-73
S2000s repping JDM Sport.

AutoCon 2011-79

AutoCon 2011-318
Crooks & Castles Wagon has that charismatic look that scares away all Wagons.

AutoCon 2011-80
xB on the new Work Meisters.

AutoCon 2011-81
Classic BBS RSs.

AutoCon 2011-82
Hmm...I was looking for this S2000 on Mugens ...Wait.. I just realized this car in my photo (-_-;)ㄱ

AutoCon 2011-83
People prepping. The show started at 12pm, but there were still tons of people walking around.

AutoCon 2011-84
Remember that M3 I showed you guys in the beginning? Reason why I liked it was because of the wheels.

AutoCon 2011-85
Henry, owner of the Varis Evo 9, walking around with a farm hat.

AutoCon 2011-86
It's JDM yO!'s team Vangaurd Collective member Jon Jon's IS.

AutoCon 2011-87
I don't care if you guys hate on this E-class from Memory Fab, because I love it like crazy.

AutoCon 2011-88
Killin it with the flushness.

AutoCon 2011-89
NSX on TEs look gorgeous. I just found out the sizes and they are 17×9.5 and 18×10.

AutoCon 2011-90
Second time seeing this Supra. Fitted, flush, sexy. I was always curious if the color was Top Secret Gold, but I don't want to jump into conclusions.

AutoCon 2011-91

AutoCon 2011-92

AutoCon 2011-93

AutoCon 2011-95

AutoCon 2011-98
Tjin Edition rides from the infamous Tjin brothers. I'm sure many of you guys have seen them through coverages on SEMA or LA Auto Show.

AutoCon 2011-94
I've seen this Prelude somewhere...anyways, it's one of the best looking ones I've seen so far.

AutoCon 2011-96
(0_0) Wow! I love this Genesis Coupe!!! Red and White couldn't look any better.

AutoCon 2011-97
Probably one of the very few authentic Vertex kitted S14s.

AutoCon 2011-99
Audi on Purple Rotiforms.

AutoCon 2011-100
The 1000HP CTS-V I showed you guys earlier.

AutoCon 2011-101
Last time I saw this Cusco Wagon was at SEMA.

AutoCon 2011-102
Mmmm~ Subaru Wagon on BBS LMs.

AutoCon 2011-103
Really liked how the engine bay color matched with the Project Mu BBKs.

AutoCon 2011-105
Team RAREJDM's G37. Good talking to you Alan!

AutoCon 2011-106
Peter Tadros's Yaris. It got featured in an Australian Magazine! Congratz brotha.

AutoCon 2011-107
So fine~ So clean~

AutoCon 2011-108
Now back to R-Ryde, here's Ryan's FD.

AutoCon 2011-109
Pimping. Imagine taking your kids in this car.

AutoCon 2011-110
Danh's FD from More Japan and R-Rydes.

AutoCon 2011-111
Widebody TSX on fully polished SSR SP1s. I personally think this is the best photo I've taken of this car.

AutoCon 2011-114
I'm not sure if this E90 is wrapped, but it looks pretty dam good on those BBS LMs.

AutoCon 2011-115
Matte Black R35.

AutoCon 2011-117
Everything about this Lamborghini shows that it's from Japan. I attached a video clip so check it out.

AutoCon 2011-104
The RB25 S13 I featured few days ago. This car is becoming pretty popular on the net! Hope it gets featured in a magazine.

AutoCon 2011-211
Our photographer Nick, owner of the Varis Evo Jon, and I fell in love with this Cement Gray color. It has that Matte look but shiny.

AutoCon 2011-119

AutoCon 2011-209
Time Attack status 3 series. Volk TE37SLs, Roll cage, Voltex wing... Such a win.

AutoCon 2011-127

AutoCon 2011-128

AutoCon 2011-130

AutoCon 2011-132

AutoCon 2011-133

AutoCon 2011-134
I didn't expect to see too many BMWs, but I was definitely wrong. Glad that there were so many varieties at this event! Much more photos and random things coming in Part 2!


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