Event Coverage | LA Auto Show 2011 (Pt.II)

November 20, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

LAS 2011-146
It seems like many of you guys enjoyed my Part 1 coverage on LA Auto Show, which is actually still going on till the 27th. I would say this is the longest ongoing show of the year to the public, so you do have plenty of time left to go with your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, pet (I'm kidding), or anyone else bothering you to buy them a new car. But before you go with a companion, please be respectful and keep yourself restricted from touching the car carelessly. I remember last year seeing a few people bashing on the hoods, knocking the body panels as if it was wood, slobbering their hands all over the interior..you get the point. As an automotive enthusiast, it really sucks to see such behaviors going on, so once again, please be respectful!
Today, I'll take you guys around the halls I missed in Part 1, so enjoy rest of the exotics, upcoming and concept cars, and a few other random things. To start it off, here's a masterpiece built by Aston Martin called the Aston Martin One-77. The price is just way over the top, but for being a celebrity in its own class, I would say the price tag matches its name. Only 77 units were made (get it? one-77) and started its sales in October of last year. It's been featured in many magazines and in video games as well, such as Forza 3, Need for Speed, and others. The one at LA Auto Show was the final pre-production car, so what you guys saw or see here is the actual car. As of today, it is one of the most powerful N/A cars, making 750HP from a 7.3L V12 engine.

LAS 2011-145
Even though the day I attended was for Press only, Aston Martin's area was really small and packed.

LAS 2011-143

LAS 2011-144
This is the reason why I need an ultra wide angle! Sorry for not taking too many pics here, but if I do plan on going again, I'll do a video coverage part 2.

LAS 2011-139
Fly like a Rolls Royce!

LAS 2011-136
Doesn't look like a Ghost, but I'm guessing it's fast enough to be like one.

LAS 2011-138
Limited Rolls Royce Phantom.

LAS 2011-140

LAS 2011-141
I really love the craftmanship of Lotus. The company is really impeccable with its previous cars such as the Exige and Elise, but for some reason, I haven't seen any good reviews on the Evora. Don't get me wrong, the car looks great and I thought it performed well on the track, but every single magazine I read gave this car a low rating compared to other cars in the same price range. The Black/Gunmetal Lotus you see above is the new 2012 Lotus Evora S. I was sort of skeptical to hear it had 135 new parts to it, but visually didn't see a difference from ordinary Evoras.

LAS 2011-148
I first looked at this car and said to myself, "WTF?" It's a company called DOK-ING known for building robotic equipment, not even related to the automotive industry, but it seems like they are using their technical and high standard skills to create something that's out of the ordinary. As some people call it the "Smart car on steroids", this is an electric car called the XD. You know those futuristic cars that doesn't have a passenger seat? Well you are looking at one right now. The doors are even Gullwing! To surprise you guys even more, this car can be customized to be a FWD, RWD, or AWD. WOWZERS! On top of that, it has an acceleration of a Tesla, which is pretty dam amazing.

LAS 2011-150

LAS 2011-151
Bentley~ Do I need to say more? We all know about this automaker having and meeting the highest standards when it comes to building a car. The car you see above is the new Continental GTC. What's really awesome about this car is its interior, based off of the Mulsanne Executive Interior Concept. Bentley claims this car to have the stiffest suspension out of ALL the convertibles in the world. Baller flush people need to save up money!!

LAS 2011-154
Here's the actual Mulsanne 'concept' by Bentley.
It might look like a million dollar car, but surprisingly, the price tag wasn't too high considering its performance specs and wide/luxurious interior. For only $290,000, you can get a 6 3/4L Twin-Turbocharged 8-cylinder engine making 505HP / 752 torque. The best part is its interior, which I mentioned above with the Continental GTC. It actually has a built-in Wi-Fi, DVD player, and much more. "Exective Interior" pretty much says it all, so I'm not surprised.

LAS 2011-153
Now this car was an eye catcher. It's called the Mastretta MXT, the first ever Mexican designed sportscar. The name itself sounds like it's from Europe, so I was tricked out! Some articles are saying it has a 4.0L engine, but from what I saw, it was a Turbocharged 2.0L making 250HP. There are some great reviews on this car, so it seems like it will be a good hit in the market.

LAS 2011-159
That's about it in the Concourse Hall. While walking to West Hall, I came across this celebrity from a car show. I forgot his name, but his face looked familiar.

LAS 2011-160

LAS 2011-161
I've seen these cars a few times now.

LAS 2011-162
Honda always introduced something that gathered up a crowd.

LAS 2011-163
and there were a few cars, such as the all new electric powered Honda Fit EV (Photo is not the electric version). Another car that came out with a flashy introduction few days ago was the Honda CR-V.

LAS 2011-164
In my opinion, there was really nothing special in Nissan's booth this year, except the Nissan Leaf and the all- new 2013 GT-R R35. Actually, looking at this car was good enough because it's one of my favorite cars. So you might be asking..what's been changed? Aesthetically, there's no difference compared to the 2012 version except an optional Dry Carbon Fiber rear spoiler and a wide range of exterior color options. Probably the best color is the 4-stage metallic Super Silver, but because I haven't seen it yet....we need to wait and see. It just sounds awesome! Anyways, Nissan focused more towards the suspension and performance aspects of the new GT-R, such as a change to the V6 engine increasing the HP by merely 15~20HP. This car is pure sex!

LAS 2011-165
I'm going to be honest with you guys. I dislike this car because of its awkward design. But I am looking forward to see that crazy Juke-R, so let's see what happens (^-^)

LAS 2011-167
Best part about being at Nissan during Press day? FREE FOOD from Food trucks. WHAT??

LAS 2011-166
Dammit...the actual object didn't get focused, but this Ice Cream food truck was AWESOME. The best Ice Cream Sandwich I've ever eaten. Check out their Facebook page.

LAS 2011-168

LAS 2011-171

LAS 2011-170
Who cares if a car is small or slow when it looks pretty dam good for its size? The Fiat 500 will be introduced some day during this week, so stay tuned.

LAS 2011-169
I didn't check out Chrysler's booth too much, but saw this 300 with a sound system by Beats.
People who went inside the car seemed happy.

LAS 2011-172
What's the first car that comes in mind when we hear about Mitsubishi? I'm sure your answer was the Evolution and I honestly want that answer to continue on until I die, but because of this eco-friendly thing that's going around with almost every automaker in the world, seeing the continuation of Evos is long gone (ㅜㅜ) but hey~ who knows? While in the midst of wanting our favorite car to continue, Mitsubishi showed the i-Miev, a car that's being chosen as one of the best electric cars.

LAS 2011-173

LAS 2011-174

LAS 2011-181
Kia had some interesting cars on display, especially these two worked on by West Coast Customs. Remember that Chrome painted R8 from SEMA? Yeap, it's those guys.

LAS 2011-176
Kia Optima on BBSs. Interesting~!

LAS 2011-178

LAS 2011-179

LAS 2011-180

LAS 2011-175
It's either a hit or miss. For the first time ever, Kia designed a RWD car called the Kia GT. With a 3.3L Turbocharged engine making 395HP + 8-speed automatic transmission, this might be a car to look into. Design wise, the front is definitely not my type, but other than that, it looks sleek and sexy.

LAS 2011-184
This Arcade machine was legit! I remember recording a video of it, but while I was updating my phone today, it got erased (-_-;)

LAS 2011-196
Ready to see some Porsches?

LAS 2011-185

LAS 2011-186
Turbo S!

LAS 2011-188
Sexy rear end of a Carrera 4 GTS.

LAS 2011-189

LAS 2011-190
One of the two hottest cars introduced at Porsche was this 2012 911 Carrera S. I wrote a short summary about this car on my fanpage.

LAS 2011-192
Another big hit was this 2012 Panamera GTS. It's pretty much a breakthrough compared to all the Panamera models beacuse of better performance, a new air suspension, and improved stability. With a price mark of $111,000, I can already imagine Asian parents driving this car.

LAS 2011-193
Cayman R was a hit last year at LA Auto Show.

LAS 2011-197
After finishing the Petree Hall (Porsche area) and while walking to Kentia Hall, I saw this happening through the 2nd floor window. Watch out guys! There are tons of cops near this area.

LAS 2011-198
Last but not least, Kentia Hall! If you want to see modified cars, this is a place to be. Most of these cars were at SEMA, but if you go through every section, you'll come across some new ones.

LAS 2011-199

LAS 2011-200

LAS 2011-201

LAS 2011-202

LAS 2011-203
Same as last year, Al & Ed's had an impressive line up.

LAS 2011-204
This section was from an Auto Body company and their displayed cars were gorgeous!

LAS 2011-205
O gawd!

LAS 2011-206

LAS 2011-207

LAS 2011-208
Holy moly....An Enzo...

LAS 2011-209
You guys loved this car when I posted it on my fanpage. Some of you didn't even recognize it because of the wheel color change from bright Yellow to this color.

LAS 2011-210
Moving on to GAS (Galpin Auto Sport), these guys had some wide-range of modified cars.

LAS 2011-211

LAS 2011-213

LAS 2011-214
Custom 'Steel' widebody.

LAS 2011-215
Another custom widebody. These two Mustangs were absolutely drool wrothy.

LAS 2011-216

LAS 2011-217

LAS 2011-222
Impressive exotics in this section as well.

LAS 2011-219

LAS 2011-220

LAS 2011-221
Vossen Wheels had an awesome booth with sexy cars on display.

LAS 2011-223
Platinum Motorsport's always goes out big to LA Auto Show.

LAS 2011-224
Gas eater, but sexy and fast as f*ck.

LAS 2011-225
Matte Orange couldn't look any better.

LAS 2011-226

LAS 2011-227

LAS 2011-230
Guess whose car this belongs to.. Kim Kardashian.. no joke. Why is she famous? Look it up on Google or watch this video by David So.

LAS 2011-234

LAS 2011-231
I can't handle this sexiness anymore...

LAS 2011-232
Ouuu!! The Lambo that came from Japan! I found out it was on air, which explains that low drop.

LAS 2011-236
1000HP CTS-V from D3.

LAS 2011-237
Savini's Lambo.

LAS 2011-240

LAS 2011-243

LAS 2011-244
I didn't expect to see High End / Auto Concept Elite. These guys have some INSANE cars.

LAS 2011-246
VIP Modular's widebody Wagon painted by Buddha Paint.

LAS 2011-156
That's it guys! Hope you guys enjoyed my coverage! LA Auto Show is going on till the 27th, so make sure to go and check out these cars I showed you in Part 1 and Part 2. Parking is $12 and General Admission is $10. Enjoy!!!


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