Nightlight | Undeniable R35

January 30, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Steve's GTR R35
It's around 12pm when I get ready to head out to study. Those who know the pain of going through a massive book filled with unknown vocabulary and useless contents that don't relate to your future career, understand the constant migraines that hit you every time you open your eyes. You just want to sit at home, browse through the net, and waste some time, just to forget about what you have to do in the next few minutes. But reality strikes you and you're pretty much forced to get out of bed, get ready, and go out to study. If you have a fun car to drive like myself, driving out to study ain't that bad! A bit of zigzagging and sudden acceleration wakes me up even though the car is running on -8 camber. Additionally, my experience going out during the afternoon is greeted with a sound from a straight turbo-back exhaust that can be heard from a mile away. No, I'm not trying to exaggerate this scene. It really is loud enough to hear from a mile away and I actually hear it almost every other day while going down a sloppy road to hit the freeway. But it's not only that orgasmic sound that's pleasing because once that sound gets closer, I realize it's a modified Nissan GT-R R35, fitted with aggressive wheels and surrounded with aerodynamic parts to give it an even more aggressive and sexy look.
Let me introduce you to a monster that's not too much known in the scene. The owner is Steve from the Valley area and he daily drives this beauty like a boss. If it's getting featured on Night Import, you know it's worth to take a look at, so read along.

NightLife | BP VIP meet

January 25, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

BP VIP Infiniti
One crew I got really close with during this past few months is BP VIP. I've known these guys for quite a long time now, but never had a chance to actually chill with them because of being busy going to multiple events on the same day or just keeping myself occupied with automotive related stuff. For those who have been following my blog since day 1, I'm sure you saw a feature on an IS from this crew, titled Stylish IS. It was the only feature I shared on a Korean blog and got massive hits. If you did see it, then you know this crew is all about VIP rides, hence the name BP VIP; BP "Bippu Pride" VIP (good times + good people + sweet VIP rides). Along with Import Fashion, this past few months with this crew was a blast! I don't want to get into details, but let's just say every time I chill with these guys, I end up going home at 4~5am with a filled stomach and sometimes drunk :D
Last week during It's JDM yO!'s event, I ended up leaving early with our photographer Nick Schultz to attend BP VIP's meet at Buena Park. Luckily, the location wasn't too far from It's JDM yO!'s event so I decided to drop by. They've been having this meet for a few months now and Nick did cover it once for my blog (Click), but because I did have my camera, I did a quick coverage for you guys to check out the newly updated rides from this crew.

Event Coverage | So You Think You Can STANCE? by It's JDM yO!

January 23, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Low N Slow
Gawd dam it's been a long ass time since I updated my blog. I did attend a few meets, but didn't cover them because for this year, it's mostly going to be a chillaxing time with the homies rather than making myself busy with my camera like I did last year. Fyi, it has nothing to do with me being cocky because some of you guys think my blog gained popularity in some way and I'm using that as a backup source to slack off, but seriously, I missed out on all the good times just because of being busy covering events, going to companies, doing interviews, etc. last year. Don't get me wrong, I met a lot of people and the friendship is still there, but this year will be a time period to get to know them even more and have fun! One downside of being active last year though, is not being able to resist covering an event because I love shooting! So I was pretty dam excited to attend yesterday's It's JDM yO!'s competition event to meet some friends and hoping to see some cars that didn't come out last year. I did plan on going early but because of partying till like 3~4am almost every other day, I woke up at 12pm, got my ass ready in about 10 minutes, and rushed to the event with my messed up tC. The cover photo is when the competition was about to begin and the first runner-up was Milt's Z from Low N Slow. The story will continue so read along~

Event Coverage | Tokyo Auto Salon 2012

January 19, 2012

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Random NightLife | Respect

January 12, 2012

Night Import: Words by William Lee

What is up everyone! Hope everyone started off the new year positively. We all make resolutions but often do we even follow them. Sit down and really think about what it is you want to achieve or accomplish for this year and make it happen instead of just saying it. Like many say, "Actions speak louder than words", so do what ya gotta do!
While in the topic of resolutions, let me talk about one resolution I made for Night Import. First off, you might be wondering what this article is about after reading the title. Yeap, Respect. It's not complicated to understand what respect is all about. You might think of it in the simplest form, such as respecting your elders. But today, while talking about the respect between people, I also want to include cars into the subject. What do I mean? Let's begin...

Managing a blog with daily visits of more than 5,000 will get feedbacks, positive and negative. I'm one of those guys who like to be honest and open-minded as much as possible, so whatever kind of comment I get from you guys, I try to reply it in an appropriate manner. Sometimes, this is not the case because of some comments that are totally absurd and honestly unacceptable because it's not even a constructive criticism but a threat or so immaturely said it makes me think what the hell that specific person is doing and why that person is in the car scene. We all can't agree with a certain style or a mod and I totally understand. But I personally think how we need to approach it should be done in an automotive enthusiast way IF you call yourself an enthusiast. You might then ask, how do I define an enthusiast? Let me keep this as simple as possible; Showing respect and being respectful for every single minor and major part of the automotive scene. Do I see this happening in the scene today? No.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but personally, certain phrases and words should be thought of before said. For example, the words like Gay and Stupid are the most common words I come across when one doesn't appreciate a certain style. Even phrases like, looks like shit is common to see these days on many sites. Let me add one more while I'm at it. Now, let's think about this carefully. When you see a certain mod and you respond it with "that shit needs to go", you're basically telling the owner to mod a car that's favorable by you, not his/her's. It's not like Forza 4 or GT5 where you get to customize a car and shiet. You're supposed to build your own car in your own way, not by what people tell you to do. Right? I'm sitting down, looking at my fanpage or other pages, see these comments, and become speechless. What has the automotive scene come down to? Is it a time period where cars are now being hated on if a it doesn't meet one's expectations? Was it like this before I got into the scene?

Why is it so difficult to show respect when it should be shown. There are plenty of other words that can be used and I'm sure I don't need to give you guys an example because this ain't no elementary school blog. It's the close-minded people today in the scene that's killing the progression of maturity level. All I'm asking from many of you guys is to be a bit more respectful and if there is a car you come across that doesn't fit your category of a 'clean car', just be constructive rather than showing hate in an immature way. K? Let's not create a line between haters and lovers. Everyone in the scene should be treated like a family member because we all share the same passion. Peace! v(^-^)v

Nightlight | Memorable Rides of 2011 (Part 2)

January 9, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

"What the...I thought he was done with the Memorable Rides article.." Yeap! I was~ but sitting down at Starbucks yesterday and thinking about my blog like always, there were a few more rides I just had to give some spotlight because of its well-built figure and uniqueness other than the 10 cars I introduced to you guys in my Memorable Rides of 2011 post. This is why living in California as an automotive enthusiast is like a blessing. Well-rounded quality cars will mostly be in California and those rides are good enough to stun the world. On top of that, there will always be a car show or meet within every single week. What more can you ask when everything you want as an enthusiast happens in CA? It reminds me of my automotive childhood (only a year ago because I didn't know jack shiet about cars back then) when I went to my first event, then to the second on the following week, and then next week, next know how it goes. I obviously can't remember every single ride in the scene throughout my active years, but the ones I do remember means that those cars had a strong impression. For all you girls, it's the feeling of going inside Louis Vuitton, seeing a newly released bag, going home and thinking about it 24/7. Without further ado, I would like to continue with my choice of memorable rides from 2011.

Random NightLife | Memorable Photos of 2011

January 4, 2012

Night Import: Photography by NI photographers | Words by William Lee

Photo by Dan Purpura

I'm a bit late with this post, but because I know many of you guys loved the work contributed by our photographers, I decided to share a few memorable photos submitted by our photogs from 2011. Before I start sharing one photo per each photographer that I personally liked the most, I want to thank all of NI contributing photographers; Andy Nguyen, Nick Schultz, Jim Davis, Dan Purpura, Jay Ebue, Rich McKee, Charles Zee Zayas, and Kaoru Shoji, for their awesome work and support for my blog. These guys took my blog to a whole different level and brought more fans than ever. My intentions of recruiting photographers was to find talented photogs that didn't get enough recognition and through my blog, giving them the spotlight and exposure as much as possible. I don't know if NI played a major role in their current success, but I know for a fact that a few are now very known and work for several blogs, so to all NI photogs, THANK YOU!

NI contributing photographers are very talented in what they do. Each photographer has their own different and unique style, which makes them special and known in the scene today. Just because a photographer is active doesn't mean they become a candidate to contribute for my blog. It's the skills and dedication each photog has that made me choose these guys. In today's post, you'll be seeing my personal favorites from each photog and to start it off, the above cover photo was taken by Dan Purpura.  This photo of a S13 powered by a RB25 took Dan several days to edit and as you can see, those editing times were well worth it!

Random NightLife | Meet at Umihotaru

January 1, 2012

Night Import: Words by William Lee | Photography by Charles Zee Zayas

Only a few places in Japan are known for their car meets, and one location that's still known for their turnouts is Umihotaru. If a meet gets raided at Daikoku Futo, this is the 2nd location where everyone comes to. Few days ago, our photographer Charles dropped by to check it out. As expected, the meet was overwhelmed with beautiful cars.