Gangsta 35

July 31, 2010

Finally doing a coverage of a G35 and I'm pretty much hyped up to write about this one.
Most of you guys like black cars on black rims. I gotta say the color combination is one of the most sickest ever.
The owner of this car is Kevin and he's hitting hard in the streets of 919.

For those who just got into the stance scene, you guys might ask, "how the hell can you drive being that low?" Well Kevin's G35 is an example. He's literally 1 in. off the ground and his car is looking CLEAN. So, to answer the question: go sideways near bumps, find a different route if necessary, and slowly!
There are sacrifices that need to be made and if all goes well, your car will look like Kevin's.

Props to Kevin and his car for having quality, being clean, and like always, the Stance.


19x9.5f and 19x10x5r Work Euroline XR wheels powdercoated in custom Copper Vein color
Toyo Proxes T1R tires 245/35/19f and 275/35/19r

D2 racing coilovers
Ichiba front and rear camber kits




Injen cold air intake
Kinetix SSV intake manifold
Megan racing long tube headers
Motordyne Shockwave V1 exhaust with Titanium tips

Custom fabricated OEM grille
06+ Projector Headlights (Flat Black) and wrapped 3M CF DiNoc and Audi inspired LED's
Hella supertone horns
Seibon TS carbon fiber hood with aerocatch latches
Black clear corners
INGS+1 side skirts
Strafe speed carbon fiber trunk
GTR tail light overlays






Keep in mind of this Civic

Came across an 18 year old's post of his Civic in the StanceWorks forums.
The car seems finished but only 2 pictures are up.
I talked to this guy and he just needs to take more photos.
I'm going to post it up and you guys be the judge :D
Personally, this car is clean as hell and has quality + the stance.
CCW classics on a White Civic.
Make sure to check back to see a full coverage of this car in the future.

Here are the mods done to the car so far

Stance GR+ coilovers.
Ingalls front+rear camber kit.
CCW Classics 17x9+28.
Memoryfab s68 Carbo Kevlar Bucket
Buddy Club Super Low Down Seat Rail



Unique & Clean Prelude

July 30, 2010

Clean Clean Clean Clean Clean!!!!
I've never seen such a simple but perfectly stanced and clean Prelude.
Now don't be fooled by just looking at the exterior of this car.
Although it looks very simple, there are much more to it!
Tae Sun Kim, or as people call him Tae, recently painted his car to a green color, which makes his car unique from others. I gotta say that it matches perfectly with the wheels and the car itself.
I'm not a huge fan of the color green, but this one definitely pulls it off.
Every single part of this car matches what I define as a perfectly stance'd and clean car. I've seen many Prelude's in my area and on the streets that were attractive, but this one is now my favorite out of all.

Buddy Club Coilovers
Endless brake pads
Brembo Blank rotors

SBC Enkei RPF1
Nankang tires

ARC intake
Kamikaze Header
Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
Fidanza 8lb flywheel
Msd Ignition/wires/box
Mugen Catback exhaust
Apexi Vafc-2

JDM SIR BB8 RHD conversion
JDM Type-s Front lip Rare*
JDM Type-s Fog lights
Seibon CF hood
Clear turn signals
paint matched side skirt/rear lip
Black housed headlights
Prelude Hood Bra Rare*

JDM SIR Red door pannels Rare*
JDM SIR Red carpet Rare*
JDM SIR Red floor mats Rare*
JDM SIR Red Center console Rare*
JDM SIR Red Dash Uber Rare*
JDM SIR Gauge cluster
JDM Digital climate control Rare*
JDM type-s Cup Holder
Two Tone Red S2000 seats
Titanium Shift knob
Focal Speakers
Dual flip down headunit

Pic Taken By : Ed Bennett

Pic Taken By: Ed Bennett


Cleanist / Sexiest Civic

July 29, 2010

Two things that I want to mention first. Cleanest / Sexiest Civic and amazing photography.
CJ Gutierrez is the owner of this 08 Honda Civic Si Sedan.
He made his first post on the WFC forums today and I was amazed with how well he managed to make his car so clean and perfectly stanced.
There are couple of Civic's that are on my list to do a coverage on, and CJ's car was an instant decision after seeing his ride.

I want to share some pics of CJ's previous setup with the SSR SP1's. Not 100% stance'd, but close

>>Make sure to click on the pics for better and higher resolution<<

pic name

pic name

pic name

Now here are the setups of CJ's ride as of today. The stance is now perfect! Mad props to CJ again for keeping his car clean and stance'd. Simply Clean + Quality + Stance = WIN!

Engine/Performance Modifications
AEM Cold Air Intake
LSD Power-4 Exhaust
Invidia Race Header
P2R Throttle Body Spacer

Wheel/Suspension Upgrades
Enkei Nto3+M 18x9.5 (Limited Edition #2/15 sets)
Federal 595ss 215/40/18
Skunk2 Rear Camber Arms
Ksport Coilovers

Exterior Modifications 5000k HID kit
20% Window Tint
Mugen Window Visors
Mugen STYLE Side Skirts
HFP Front Lip
HFP Rear Lip
FD2 STYLE Carbon Fiber Wing

Interior Modifications
Mugen Si Shift Knob
JDM FD2 Push Start
JDM FD2 Hazard Button
Strut King Dead Rest JDM Steering Wheel Emblem Civic Si Emblem Custom Si Steering Wheel Emblem
DIY Red Suede Door Inserts

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

The amazing photo credits go to "ill photography"

White Golf on White BBS

Browsing through the VWVortex forums, I came across a clean, sick looking White 03' Golf. The owner is Chris, also known as G-magoo. I usually check the classified section because most of the Golf owners sell some sick a$$ rims and saw Chris selling his customized BBS's. Unfortunately, Chris is selling his car so no more upgrades I guess :(
BUT! I want to show Chris's ride to the stance fans out there. It's not a suprise to see this car being featured on Canibeat or other sites because it is definitely worth a coverage.
Hope this car goes to a great owner.


To help Chris sell his car, and not sure if he already did, but here is the list of mods that I directly copied from the forums:

Motor : ‘04 GLI 1.8t swap (94K on motor and chassis, swap was done 4k ago!!) w/ new water pump/timing belt, plugs and coil packs, serp. belt, every gasket but the head gasket. The motor has a GIAC X+ chip, 3in stainless steel TBE, neuspeed CAI and forge DV. Pulls very strong.

Trans : 2.0 5-spd, which has a shorter final drive than normal GTI transmissions, has a new lightened G60 flywheel and VR6 clutch ( all of these items makes this much quicker than your average chipped GTI)

Wheels : BBS RS, the fronts are 17x9 et27 w/ 205/45 falken 512’s (pictured with 10mm spacers making the final et17), the rears are 17x10.5 et24 w/ 225/45 falken 512’s. The lips are 1.5 up front and 2.5’s in the rear, gold bolts, red and gold centercaps with polished half caps (hexcaps).

Exterior : Helix OEM projector replica headlights w/ 6K HID’s, Rear euro bumper, and polished stubbie antenna, nothing too special. The exterior is not perfect mind you, the paint on the passenger side rear fender is a little brunt/chipped from the rear tire rubbing, it has dings and dents; this is my daily so don’t expect a show car. Not sure if I wasn’t to sell the roof rack with the car, you’ll have to make it worth it for me

For more detailed info: Link

Now to the awesome pictures!! yay!!








Photo credits go to Canibeat, Justin Morrison, and Jonathan Dehate

Old Civic but the sickest

Before I start this coverage for a sick 91 Honda Civic DX Sedan owned by Mike Bui, I want to give him mad props for what he did to his car from the beginning to today. Mike purchased this car in June of 2008 and reading his progress thread, I can see how much work and love he put into his ride. Seriously, I want to post his amazing work, BUT, because this is a coverage, i'll have to skip all of that, so check out the link at the top (click "progress thread"). From stock wheels to BBS to SSR's, his ride is currently sitting on 15x9 -2 4x100 SSR formula mesh with 195-45-15 toyo t1r's. Now don't under-estimate this car because it's an oldie. Interior, Exterior, Suspension...everything was swapped, painted, etc. to make it look like brand new. Words aren't enough, so check out the amazing pics.

Let me start with the pics of his old setup w/ BBS RS's







Suspension/Wheel Specs
Skunk2 front/rear camber kits
Skunk2 Pro-S coilovers
15x9 -2 4x100 SSR Formula Mesh
195/45R15 Toyo T1R
Rolled fenders
Modified aprons/top hats/spindle arms

Recaro LS-M (Irmscher edition for Opel circa mid-80's)
Wedge Engineering seat brackets
Recaro sliders
Mugen FG360
Mugen shift knob
Gathers rear 3-way speakers
Honda Access EF2 visors

JDM front end
JDM HOP mirror covers
Here are some pics of how his car sits as of today. Seems like these were taken at the SpoCom show in Long Beach. Simply Clean + Quality + Stance = WIN!





Photo creidts go to Mike himself and

Toyota Corolla AE36

July 28, 2010

An early post but had to share this awesome video that was posted by James Young
I have no idea what in the world they're saying, but watch and you'll get it :)

The full video can be found here: -> Link

Drifting in the Sky

July 27, 2010

Here's a daily driven & drifting machine owned by Mathieu Turcotte from Canada. Nissan Skyline 1989 doing things right!
Seen couple of skylines online, but never seen one this clean and slammed.
I remember seeing one when I was in Korea, but was gone in a second.
Would be really awesome if I had a chance to see an old but slick looking Skyline, but checking out the pics of Matheiu's ride is good enough.
Fully built in Japan with 17" SSR Professors, this car is clean, has quality, and most importantly, the stance.
* Mathieu's GTR was featured in Speed Hunters so check them out as well.


RB25DET @ 12PSI 330 hp originaly RB20DET
Front mount intercooler

SSR SP1 custom powdercoated colors 17x9.5 +19 (F) & 17x10 +19 (R)

Powered by Max coilovers , Ruca's , Traction and Tension Rods

GTR front bumper
OEM Side Skirts
CF hood

Bubble shift knob
OMP steering wheel
OEM seats




Here are some additional photos that were taken by Mathieu


Zip Ties FTW!!!





Photo credits go to Hellaflush, Mathieu Beauchamp, and Mathieu himself