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October 26, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Bulletproof Meet-60
The deep throttle roar you hear from miles away turns your head unintentionally. No matter what you are doing, the sound of what hears like a F1 car becomes an instant attraction and if this happens at a meet, it won't be only you but others as well turning heads. Few weeks ago at Bulletproof's 11th Anniversary Meet, it was this M3 Sedan E90 LCI that amazed everyone because of its pleasing exterior look and exotic sound from the Meisterschaft exhaust by GT Haus. There are much more things to share, so read and see along.

Bulletproof Meet-59
Going to a lot of meets and events these days that are Euro based, I've realized the trend on wheel choices changed from Euro to JDM brands such as Volks, SSRs, Works, etc. If I did see ones with BBSs, most of them were on BBS LMs or ... I don't want to say this .. but BBS LM replicas with BBS center caps. However, the owner of this M3 chose a set that many don't have; BBS LM-Rs. The drop and fitment was flawless!

Bulletproof Meet-61

Bulletproof Meet-62
Other than the Meisterschaft exhaust by GT Haus and gorgeous BBSs, the sexiness continued on once the hood was opened. Unlike other BMWs in general, this M3's engine bay was covered with Tecnocraft's Carbon Fiber and Carbon Kevlar parts.

Bulletproof Meet-58
I don't like to give out too much when it comes to my Random Nightlight features, so I think this is good enough. Hope you guys enjoyed this short but memorable feature.


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