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November 16, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

It's really a pain driving low and knowing the fact that one day, your car's axle will snap off or CV boot will rip causing grease to spread around your axle area. Yeap...that's what happened to me 3 days ago. If you read my post at the bottom, all this crap happened once I hit the freeway and it wasn't pleasant at all. Recently, whenever I had a problem with the car, I've been taking it to City Tires Online because of their quality work and service, so as usual, I drove my rattling car early in the morning to get things done asap!

Wedz Catalog-1
I like how this place has some name-brand wheels on display, like this Gram Light 57 Pro. These were my first set of wheels when I started modifying my car.

Wedz Catalog-2
Work Emotion Cai and Work VS-XX.

Wedz Catalog-3
After walking around the area like a loner and checking out some magazines, I realized a pile of catalogs on the front desk. The one that caught my attention was this Grand Catalog from Weds Co. LTD.

Wedz Catalog-4
Look at the thickness. I've seen plenty of catalogs in the past, but never came across something like this one.

Wedz Catalog-5
I'm a huge fan of Weds wheels because of their originality and various models that fit your needs.

Wedz Catalog-6
This was pretty darn awesome. I had no idea Kranze made BBKs.

Wedz Catalog-7

Wedz Catalog-8
Unlike here in the States, slamming Vans in Japan is a common scene. I've noticed a lot of vans in some sections of this catalog.

Wedz Catalog-9
What everyone wants to see. There's a reason why wheels made in Japan are high in price. Should I start the Replica vs. Real debate?

Wedz Catalog-10 Wedz Catalog-11
Although this is a catalog for Weds, there was a section for other companies to promote their products.

Wedz Catalog-12 Wedz Catalog-13
Aimgain and ST. Garage. Make sure to check out 3T Motorsports because they are the official distributors for Aimgain and Auto Couture in California.

Wedz Catalog-14
Exhaust models from HKS.

Wedz Catalog-15
For all your VIP needs, Junction Produce.

Wedz Catalog-16
The index page of the catalog. Pretty dope! It's like a compilation catalog of every existing aftermarket company in Japan.

Wedz Catalog-17

Wedz Catalog-18

Wedz Catalog-19

Wedz Catalog-20
One of my favorite wheel companies, Leon Harditt. It was interesting to find out their optional finishes and 'Rim Repair Support'. Of course I can't read Japanese, but you can sort of get an idea on what's being shown.

Wedz Catalog-21

There were tons of other products from other companies shown in this catalog. I have no clue on where to get it, but one company that might be able to help you out is More Japan. Hit them up and see what they can do for you.


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