Event Coverage | AutoCon 2011 (Pt. III)

December 14, 2011

Night Import: Photography by Nick Schultz and William Lee | Words by William Lee

It's coming to an end! This will be my last continuous coverage on AutoCon 2011. I've been getting a lot of positive feedbacks from Part 1 and Part 2, so I really appreciate you guys spending some time to check them out. I try to keep things entertaining and especially for those who couldn't make it, trying to make you feel as if you were at the event. That's what a coverage is supposed to be all about, right? If there were any unpleasant captions on photos, just go with it because that's pretty much how I like to write things (^-^) That was a douschebag move, but seriously, always know that Night Import is and will be a 'personal blog'. I'll definitely try to keep things professional as much as possible, but I don't dress myself up purposely to make this blog to have a certain reputation.
Anyways, back to the coverage, Part 3 will be a compilation of almost everything with an addition of photos taken by our photographer Nick Schultz. Nick was walking with me for at least 3 hours and while I was busy with cars, Nick took care of most of the models and a few cars as well. You'll be seeing his photos here. Matter of fact, the cover photo for Part 3 was taken by Nick. Ah! I have to make an announcement as well. The watermark you guys see on Nick's photos will be our NEW watermark and I'll be using it on my next batch of photos as well. The story behind it will be described on the fanpage later on.

AutoCon 2011-245
Continuing on from where I left off yesterday, here's an IS on the new SSR wheels that was on the Powerhouse Amuse 370Z. To see a better pic of the wheels, click here.

AutoCon 2011-246
Barry's Midnight Purple R35, now an official member of 1UP.

AutoCon 2011-247
Next to it was our editor's Midnight Purple G35. Look at all those ARC goodies!

AutoCon 2011-248
This RSX was very interesting. I've never seen it before, but the kit it was on looked aggressive as f*ck.

AutoCon 2011-249
If I'm not mistaken, this looks like a 1970s BMW 2002 Coupe. Stance was sick!

AutoCon 2011-251
AE86 on classic Watanabes.

AutoCon 2011-253
Nat's Nismo S14.

AutoCon 2011-254
Fitted! I should've taken a front view photo because of its hood and front end.

AutoCon 2011-255
OG Racecar classic, Lucra LC470.

AutoCon 2011-256

AutoCon 2011-257
I've been keeping my eye on the NSX forums because it was one of the most active ones on the AutoCon post. It was good to see these two again!

AutoCon 2011-260
Wow! That's what I call a combination of tire poke and stance.

Time Attack 3 series.

AutoCon 2011-269
I don't remember seeing this ride ever. It's definitely from Long Beach, but what was so catchy about this ride was its wheels and paint color.

AutoCon 2011-270
O no! I missed Angelo's ride in Part 2! Well here's that super slammed 350Z you've been seeing on tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc. Repping Royal Origin!

AutoCon 2011-273
This car from Infamous was interesting....

AutoCon 2011-275
Dat trunk! FuuU~~

AutoCon 2011-279
Platinum VIP brought out their sexy VIP rides. You're looking at the owner's Aristo powered by a 2JZ-GTE!

AutoCon 2011-281
This VIP ride was my favorite from SEMA 2010.

AutoCon 2011-283
I'm guessing this IS was recently modded because I've never seen it in Platinum VIP's line.

AutoCon 2011-284
Those wheels are Platinum VIP's own Phantom Forged Wheels.

AutoCon 2011-287

AutoCon 2011-291
Bumped into the big boy Big Abe again.

AutoCon 2011-294
Clean clean.

AutoCon 2011-296
I didn't notice Big Mike when I saw him at HIN because of the beard. There's him posing behind his car.

AutoCon 2011-297
Was this photo in Part 1? Blah~ if it was, I'm posting it again because I love these cars. Supra & NSX... Winning!

AutoCon 2011-298
DAVIDIZRAILOV|Photography making some business calls.

AutoCon 2011-302

AutoCon 2011-304

AutoCon 2011-305

AutoCon 2011-309
Rides from 1UP! The widebody EK is the one I showed you guys in Part 1. Jose, the owner, will be taking it to the drag strip pretty soon!

AutoCon 2011-306
Ted's EK I featured in OpenClutch few months ago. He recently got this crazy expensive and rare front lip from Bulletproof, but fuked it up pretty badly at some road. It's repaired now and will be on the car probably next year or so.

AutoCon 2011-307
I think this Integra got featured on Canibeat.

AutoCon 2011-308
Super Street posted a photo of this Toyota TE72 on classic Advans. I love it and also the owner is cool!

AutoCon 2011-311
Bumped into Noel from Low N Slow~ Swag!

AutoCon 2011-312
Jason's S14 repping Varrstoen. His car already has that Christmas theme to it!

AutoCon 2011-315
I've seen too many CCWs on this day...This Accord looked pretty darn good on it.

AutoCon 2011-316
Rotiform~! I just watched their new video ad and fell in love with the videography!

AutoCon 2011-317
Ah~! Keith from It's JDM yO! caught me.

AutoCon 2011-319
Didn't show you guys this GS from Air Runner, so here it is.

AutoCon 2011-325
Look at JP from BP VIP showing some team spirit.

AutoCon 2011-327
Oh! It's that other dude I see at events just to see models! He even upgraded his camera!

AutoCon 2011-329
At the podium, there was this side event going on where certain cars were chosen to bring up their rides and do a short interview with the owners. I thought this was an award ceremony and so did many others.

AutoCon 2011-330
I have to always take a snap of this Lamborghini from Savini because of its sexy wheels.

AutoCon 2011-331
VIP Modular's Wagon on top.

AutoCon 2011-332
My favorite exotic for this year looking good like always. SL55 AMG on a widebody MISHA kit.

AutoCon 2011-334
From far away, I caught this slammed Rx-8 at the last moment.

AutoCon 2011-335
LumDigital thinking of what to shoot.

You guys ready for some model shots? Lego!

AutoCon 2011-326
Our new supporting model Gabby Jeanne.

AutoCon 2011-293
Our photog Nick and Raichelle.

AutoCon 2011-321
I think I know why people like Ela so much.

YL0U9690 YL0U9691

Import Tuner cover model and Import Fashion spokesmodel, Ela Pasion again, stunning shots taken by Nick.

YL0U9572 YL0U9578


YL0U9594 YL0U9602




Let me share a few shots Nick took because his work is sexy like always. The air'd out Lamborghini from Japan.

Jon Sibal's Challenger.

Angelo's slammed 350Z.

There's Nimo!!!

Keith's Accord on polished MB Battles.



There's Nick and some Asian dude at the right posing in front of Nick's camera (^-^)v Ok..that's me..

AutoCon 2011-313
There it is! The end of AutoCon 2011! Thank you again for visiting my blog and make sure to visit our supporters! Until next year's AutoCon, latez!


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