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October 19, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Race Day-35
After an awesome time at Lexus The Pursuit III with my boys Low N Slow, I went straight to another event that luckily wasn't too far from where I lived. A good friend of mine, Norman, was hosting his own event for the first time and I had to attend to support while doing coverage. Most of you guys who only show won't understand how much time and effort is needed in order to create an event. It might sound easy, but the cost, location, people you need to talk to, notifying the police department, etc., takes a long time. It's definitely worth it if an event has a good turnout, but not knowing what will happen really gives a huge amount of pressure. I really can't compare such situations to mine when I hosted a meet at JIC Magic few months ago, but even that was a PITA to manage. Either way, I gotta give mad props to Norman for hosting an event at a Go Kart Racing place (Racing Edge Karting) in Burbank. Thumbs up buddy!

Race Day-1
One of my favorite TSXs was parked inside the Go Kart area. I've seen this car since last year when I got into the scene and liked everything about it.

Race Day-4
I suck at taking drift shots, so took this opportunity to practice with Go Karts :D

Race Day-2

Race Day-6
There's the man behind this whole event. Norman's like "What!"

Race Day-7
While chilling inside the place with a few friends of mine, our editor Edgar Lozoya decided to buy this big ass pizza. I think it was like $50 or something...

Race Day-8
Time to get serious!

Race Day-9

Race Day-10

Race Day-11

Race Day-59
This Legacy Wagon was looking fresh on fully polished Blitz wheels. It even had Endless BBKs.

Race Day-12
Dope STi I saw at WFC's meet last month.

Race Day-13
Simple VIP.

Race Day-14
I remember seeing this Subi at Glendale while going to the Galleria. Those Work Meisters were looking so good!

Race Day-15
I see some work in progress.

Race Day-16
Simple x2.

Race Day-17

Race Day-18
Other than the decals on the door, I digged this RSX.

Race Day-19
Old school Zs are becoming my favorite.

Race Day-20
Super Advans on a Civic? Pretty unique.

Race Day-21
Can't go wrong with Enkei NTO3+Ms.

Race Day-22
I'm seeing this STi pretty often now.

Race Day-23
Felipe's tC from Sciontific.

Race Day-24
Dean's tC is a killer! This guy needs to go out to car shows more often!

Race Day-25
Classic Corolla.

Race Day-28

Race Day-27
That's art.

Race Day-29
Wow. I remember seeing this RSX last year when I just got into the scene.

Race Day-30
Miata on White TEs.

Race Day-31

Race Day-32

Race Day-33
Quality EG.

Race Day-34
Nicely done Fit.

Race Day-57
I totally forgot to take shots of the cars parked at the other side >:( I think I was going to wait until the sun went down, but left early because of so many photos I needed to edit from photoshoots and events. I did see AE86s, Low N Slow crew members, a few civics, etc. Sorry guys!

Here's another location where cars were parked. This place was pretty awesome because it was a small warehouse.

Race Day-36
Slammed Civic on CCWs I did a Random Nightlight feature on last year.

Race Day-37

Race Day-38
Team SupaStar!

Race Day-40
I have no clue on what model this is from the Porsche line, so help me out.

Race Day-41
EG I fell in love with at AutoCon last year.

Race Day-42

Race Day-43
This Integra is pretty famous.

Race Day-44

Race Day-48

Race Day-49
1UP crew!

Race Day-47
This rare classic belongs to Ryan, owner of the STi from 1UP. We talked for a long time about this beauty and I was very impressed with how much work he put into it in a short amount of time. If you still don't know what car this is, it's a Datsun Bluebird-U SSS and this particular model was in limited productions.

Race Day-50

Race Day-51
Old school wheels.

Race Day-52

Race Day-53
Nicely done CR-Z on Mugens.

Race Day-54
I've seen this Civic a few times now and like everything about it.

Race Day-55
Another EG I fell in love with after seeing it at Eagle Rock Plaza Meet.

Race Day-56
I should have taken more photos, but this is about it. Once again, sorry for not covering the other side of the showcase lot!
To Norman: Congratz on the good turnout! :)


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