Special Coverage: Skunk2 Unmeet 1.0

September 12, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Sept 11. Events -112-2

Out of all the meets that went on during Saturday, I personally think the Skunk2 unmeet was the best. Sick cars and awesome food. I don't want to forget about the awesome people I talked to as well.
Met the president of Fckyourcrew and people from Simple Wheel Werks.
A lot of people supported this meet, so the turn out was better than I thought.
Took some photos of the rides that came to the meet.

Sept 11. Events -97-2

Honda's and their engine bay = win

Sept 11. Events -98-2

Unique front lip. Good to be creative :)

Sept 11. Events -99-2

Enkei RPF1's? Who knows? I think they are..

Sept 11. Events -100-2

I've been thinking about sticker bombing something~ Iunno..
It's such a huge trend that's going around in the import scene, and I gotta admit it looks unique.

Sept 11. Events -101-2

This Civic was very clean from top to bottom. Loved the wheels and like all the honda's, engine bay was gangsta.

Sept 11. Events -102-2

A Civic Si on SSR's. Haven't seen these in awhile, so good seeing one..

Sept 11. Events -103-2

Light Gram Lights on this car. Seriously, all the Hondas need to open up their engine bays. So far, all the ones I've seen so far were thumbs up!

Sept 11. Events -104-2

mmmmmmmmmmmmm~~~ Volk ce28n's on a red s2k. What? Sexy? Yea..I know..
Wish I had the money to buy this and pay insurance...

Sept 11. Events -105-2

Uu~~~NSX I've never seen before. Enkei RPF1's too!

Sept 11. Events -106-2

Another Enkei RPF1's? How many did I see today?

Sept 11. Events -107-2

Sept 11. Events -108-2

O mannn Mugen Wheels on this s2k. I've been imaging how this would look on a tC...too small..Had to take 2 shots of this one because I've never seen it before.

Sept 11. Events -110-2

Forgot the owners name but he comes up on Stickdiljoe quite a lot. This car seemed like his project car and it's awesome. I should've saved the link but you guys can probably find it.

Sept 11. Events -111-2

Random shot...there were more people at the right..

Sept 11. Events -113-2

Skunk2 staff members flipping hot dogs~

Sept 11. Events -115-2

Sept 11. Events -116-2

Can't forget about these little machines. Ruckus FTW!

Sept 11. Events -117-2

So back to the parking lot and I see this Evo on Enkei NTO3 blah blah. I was going to get these wheels, but decided to get the BBS's. Think the group buy for 5x100 is still going on in the forums of Nasoic.

Sept 11. Events -118-2

Sept 11. Events -119-2

Can I see the engine bay please???

Sept 11. Events -120-2

Blue on White is a really good combo. Check this one out. Should've taken more shots...

Sept 11. Events -121-2

These cars look really good even if it's not stanced. Pretty crazy how fast these Honda's can go.

Sept 11. Events -122-2

White s2k. Can I get one as a Christmas present?

Sept 11. Events -124-2

Sept 11. Events -125-2

Sept 11. Events -126-2

Old school~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want to see this machine race!! :D

Sept 11. Events -127-2

Hmm..I think I saw this one during NISEI.

Sept 11. Events -128-2

Blue on White. Told you it looks good.

Sept 11. Events -129-2

It's the brother of my Domo!!!

Sept 11. Events -130-2

Sept 11. Events -133-2

Sept 11. Events -134-2

One of the winners for the FatlaceXDSPORT event @ Fontana. Name is Keith and I spent some time talking to him. Found out we were the same religion and same school! Such a small world...

Sept 11. Events -135-2

I saw this car and found someone who looked REALLY familiar....

Sept 11. Events -136-2

O wait....what the....

Sept 11. Events -137-2

It's my Domo's Uncle!!

Sept 11. Events -138-2

For some reason...this just doesn't work out... nice rims though :)

Sept 11. Events -140-2

Enkei RPF1's AGAIN!

Sept 11. Events -141-2

Talked with the owner of this car. He bought it like 3 weeks ago and planning to sell it :/

Sept 11. Events -142-2

Sept 11. Events -143-2

Sept 11. Events -145-2

Some Honda's and an example of how they manage their bays..

Sept 11. Events -146-2

If I had a Silvia, I would get these in fully polished or Metal Buff finish.

Sept 11. Events -148-2

Minh's Lexus on custom powdercoated Enkei RPF1's that were done by Simple Wheel Werks.

Sept 11. Events -149-2

And~~~ this on some super rare rims. Owner is from Simple Wheel Werks.
Heard they were flying sparks on the freeway. I love it!

Sept 11. Events -151-2

How rare are these? Take a closer look...

Sept 11. Events -152-2

Impul!!!! Same family as mine..hehe

There was a small event going on, which was to ride a family wheel cart and run 3 laps. Shortest time wins a free shirt and something else by Skunk2. Here's how crazy people were going..

Sept 11. Events -156-2

Sept 11. Events -157-2


Sept 11. Events -160-2

This s2k rolled in pretty late. Had some AWESOME custom finished BBS LM's.

Sept 11. Events -161-2

hmm....seen this car somewhere.....

Sept 11. Events -162-2

Stern wheels. HOTTT

Sept 11. Events -163-2

Another group trying...but...too slow...

Sept 11. Events -166-2

Simple Wheel Werks guys~ Check them out. Didn't get my wheels finished by them but I heard and know they do an AWESOME job. From redrilling to powdercoating...if it's related to wheels, these guys do it!

Sept 11. Events -164-2

Lastly...a photo of this Z that rolled in during the end of the show.

The meet was chilllll and the location was even better. I'm looking forward to the next meet with more cars. Check out Skunk2!!


Elite AutoSports said... [Reply to comment]

Bomb Meet Thumbs WAY UP for Skunk2.. Chill people and met some old friends from back in the day.. Now due to this meet i am stocking all Skunk2 Items on the website

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