Random Spotlight: Fit is Fitted

December 30, 2010


How often do you see a Honda Fit on HRE wheels AND on Air.
If you haven't seen one yet, let me introduce you to Icky's Honda Fit from Indonesia.
We've seen few Honda Fits rolling around in our neighborhood and I've actually seen some at events/shows here in SoCal, but have never seen one like Icky's Fit.
This is one of the two rides Icky owns, the other being a
Noblesse Lux. Both are absolutely breath taking, but we'll be talking about only one today because I can only handle a certain amount of amazement.


Running on Air Runner and sitting on HRE P40 18x8F & 18x9R? I really couldn't take my eyes off this Honda and didn't hesitate to contact Icky. From all the Fits I've seen so far, this is literally the best looking one out of all.


The well-known suspension company, Air Runner, slams the ride to the ground and making it possible for those sexy HRE wheels in the rear to tuck into the fenders.



Perfection of Flushness


There's not a lot of modifications done to Icky's Fit, but still looking clean and simple. The emblems were replaced from Black to Red and some other small parts to make the ride attractable.


HRE P40 18x8 front, 18x9 rear offset 42
Toyo proxes tires 215 / 35
Air runner 4 point suspension
Fabulous muffler

Gloss black side mirror
Gloss black roof
Mate black grill
Spoon sport add on
HID 3000K
Fit tail lamp
White LED sein
FIT emblem
Honda red emblem front and rear
Honda red emblem steer
Full MB tech camaro black



I've been seeing tons of rides from Indonesia stepping up in the fitment scene and Icky's ride is one out of the many that's doing it right.
Thanks to Icky for participating and look forward to another feature on Icky's Noblesse Lux.


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