Nightlight | 2JZ SC

December 2, 2010


You go to a car show and see a car with a motor that surprises everyone.
Matter of fact, even before the car show starts, you can hear the Turbo spooling up at a distance and your head automatically turns to the direction of the sound.
That's when you see a sexy black SC on Iforged wheels rolling in and getting the spotlight.

One of my good friends, Kain, introduced me to today's featured SC, owned by James Nguyen, couple of days ago before ID Auto Festival.
He asked if we were interested in featuring a SC and seeing so many these days, I had to ask what was so special about the car. Right when he said "2JZ", I didn't hesitate to say Yes.


Wanting to know more about the history of the car, James had the SC since High School and it was a gift from his parents! Now that's something to be jealous of. You guys now know what to do before Christmas.

While trying to find a spot to shoot James's ride, I couldn't take my eyes off the car.
Many turbo'd car owners don't focus too much on the form, but James took everything into consideration and having the car since high school, it was all about the time and effort.


The overall drop is not too low but sitting pretty on Iforged wheels wrapped on Falken tires.


3-piece wheels with a decent lip is looking good, but the Supra TT front and rear brakes
showing itself between the meshes makes it sexy.


Here's a better photo to see the overall drop.


Time to take a look inside the hood.


The 1UZ V8 engine was not enough for James.
Q: Why did you decide to do a motor swap?
A: The 1UZ V8 is smooth but not a lot of aftermarket parts support to make big power. The 2jz is very popular with lots of aftermarket support. So I decided to make the switch.





Lowered on Megan Racing Coilovers, the JIC Carbon STB supports the car during sharp turns.


Carbon Fiber parts around the engine bay.


Dedication and love for your own car is needed in order to complete something like this. Not is it only powerful, but perfected.


2jz-gte Swap auto
Upgraded stock usdm twins
BPU upgrades
TTC boosting 15psi daily.
Map ECU2 tune
Custom Torque converter
345 rwhp on pump
399 rwhp on race
Koyo Radiator
Titek Carbon sparks plug cover
Magnaflow exhaust

Megan coilovers
TRD Supra front and rear sway bar
JIC Carbon STB
Custom aluminum rear STB
TRD auto clutch LSD

Supra TT front and rear brakes
Cross drill/slotted rotors
Goodridge ss brake lines

Autocouture body kit
Vertex bonnet spoiler

Supra TT front seats
Custom LED dash

19" Iforged SENEKA.
19x8.5 Front
19x10 Rear


James is still not satisfied with what he has at the moment.
Q: Any future plans?
A: Defintely do a full upgrade on the transmission first. Then a complete refresh of the motor with bigger turbo.

Thanks again to James for participating during the shoot. Much more to come so keep your eyes open for an even better looking and performing SC400.


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