Random Spotlight: Swift it!

December 11, 2010


Some cars are not too common to see in the U.S. like this Suzuki Swift, owned by Koho Ande from Indonesia.
This small compact car can be compared to a Scion xD or xA we see today in the States,
but don't underestimate its look because of its small size, because a drop and decent wheels will definitely make a difference like todays featured ride.


Unlike other plain looking Suzuki Swifts Koho sees every single day in his country, Koho decided to get BBS LM's 17x8 +30F & 17x9 +20R with Achilles 205/40/17's, stretching perfectly on all the wheels. Of course BBS's are one of the most popular wheel brands in the market today, but it got even better with Tanabe NF coilovers slamming his ride, making the wheel fitment outrageous.

It's absolutely stunning to see such a small car looking this sexy.
I've always favored a slammed ride with the right sized wheels, but never have I seen such an aggressive fitment on a small car.


Perfect drop with high-end wheels. You have to admit this ride is now in your favorite list of cars.


17' BBS LM
8x et f30 9x r 20
achilles 205/40/17
tanabe nf coilover

Scrit spoiler
Scrit side
front bumper Scrit add-on
Scrit grill
Hid headlamp 8000k
original wrong fitment crew sticker

Simota replacement
plug NGK
custom muffler

Semi Leather Seats Camaro
full suede black amara

HU Pioneer 3950
12' JL w3v2 subwfr 2pcs
5 channel performa
2600 venom monoblk
lanzar split & coaxial
machrone 2ways coaxial
pioneer tweeter
intersys 2.0f capbank


My favorite, your favorite, everyones favorite.


Always a pleasure to feature cars from different countries repping it hard with the hellaflush movement.
Photo credits go to Jaeni Photo.


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