Nightlight | Beast in the Snow

December 4, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by Gordon Yarbaro


Snowing is a 'once in a life time' happening in the valley area of California, but in Utah, where our new photographer Gordon Yarbaro resides, snow is building up every day and beautiful cars are kept in the garage for the next season.
However, Gordon was able to catch this beast in the streets of Utah and it's not a slightly modified car like we see daily, but a powerful, and let me emphasize that stronger, POWERFUL, 1.8L Inline Turbocharged Audi A4.


Don't be fooled by only taking a look at the exterior of this car. True, it's not like those crazy over-exteriorly-modified cars, but it's simple and clean to point.
What's more astonishing and to be amazed of is inside the hood.


Have you ever seen something like this in an Audi A4? I guess not.
This is not an ordinary stock 3.0L V6 engine but an engine swapped 1.8T.
Some fine engine products by Integrated Engineering, Bosch, and H-3 Fabrication, it's not a surprise to see such a car pulling 600HP+.


Performance Modifications
3.0L to 1.8T engine swap
Integrated Engineering specialty JE Pistons and rings
Integrated Engineering H-Beam rods
Integrated Engineering/ARP crank bolt
Integrated Engineeringt timing Belt Tensioner
Integrated Engineering timing Belt Gear Dowel pin kit
Integrated Engineering fuel Pump Surge Tank
Integrated Engineering billet Crankcase breather
ARP head bolts
ARP end cap bolts
Bosch 044 Fuel pump
Bosch 4.0bar fuel pressure regulator
Bosch 830cc Fuel injectors
Usually Sideways Rally Team fuel pump harness
H-3 Fabrication custom intake manifold
H-3 Fabrication 2.5” hotside I/C pipng
H-3 Fabrication 3” coldside I/C pipng
Precision Turbo 600HP intercooler core
Tial blow off valve
Tial external wastegate
Spa turbo manifold
034 Spa V-band Downpipe
Garrett V-Band GT3076R duall ball bearing turbo
Garret Turbo heat shield
Garret 1” ID oil catch can
Full stainless steel braided lines for turbo oil/coolant systems
Full custom vacuum system
Full custom Exhaust system
Eurodyne Maestro 7 Tuning Suite
Clutch Masters stage 4 FX400 280mm clutch and flywheel

Suspension & Wheel Modifications
H&R coilovers
H&R wheel spacers 15mm front/20mm rear
RS4 swaybars
Rial Daytona Race 2 piece wheels 8.5X18 front 9X18 rear
Stretched 215-35-18 tires

Exterior Visual Modifications
Window tint all around
Rear badges shaved
S4 doorblades
S4 rear spoiler
DTH carbon fiber sideskirts
Charactere front bumper
Charatcere Front hood grill
Fog lights deleted to clear I/C piping
Shaved front tow hook
European model black HID headlights
Custom tinted LED taillights
Rolled and pulled fenders
Black Audi ring emblems front/back
Black mirror housings

Interior Modifications
Podi dual pod
VEI Systems black bezel red Boost gauge
VEI Systems black bezel red wideband gauge W/innovative sender
S4 Recaro Seats front & back
Custom carbon fiber interior trim
B7 RS4 steering wheel
B7 RS4 shift knob
JHM Short shifter


Freezing winter moments wouldn't be a problem when looking at this car passing by you in a blink of an eye. You'll feel the chills down your spine and blood pumping throughout your whole body. How better can it get? Take a ride in this car and contact us because I guarantee you it will be an unforgettable moment.


The owner has much more plans to it for 2011. A CF front splitter, S4 rear bumper with a CF inert, black roof, full airbag suspension, and an AEB fully built head.
When you thought the car was done, it was actually getting better.


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