Nightlight | Demon Camber VIP

December 25, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


How does the VIP scene work in Japan?
Well we've seen it on almost every automotive blog and with responses like, 'how the hell can a car be driven like that?'
Oni-Kyan, also known as Demon Camber, is one of the modifications seen on many VIP cars in Japan, but not in the States. Obviously, roads are horrible in the US and if we do see someone attempting to go Oni-Kyan, it's either a love or hate situation.
Despite mixed responses and feelings about this 'trend' that's been growing back in the days in Japan, its not too common to see a Oni-Kyan VIP car at your local meet and greet.
Overcoming the limits by stretching small tires on rims with widths more than 10 is insane but looks too sexy, like this beautiful Q45 owned by Charles Lam.


Charles and I go way back...actually, that's a lie, but it feels like I've known Charles for a long time because of his personality. I've noticed throughout my times spent at local shows and events, that a person's personality reflects what car he or she drives and it wasn't a surprise to see Charles driving a VIP Q45.


You've seen and read articles about Oni-Kyan cars and to compare Charles's Q45, it's not too insane like the ones we see in Japan, but good enough considering the road conditions and all the horrible aspects about California roads. You might question how long the tires might last on -5.5 and -9 camber, front and rears respectively, but with proper toe, caster, and camber adjustment, Charles is still rolling with this setup for around 5k miles.


A better view on the fitment and camber. Yes, I know, absolutely amazing.


Stitch Evolution 18x10 ET-6, 18x12 ET-7
Nankang NS2 225/40/18, 255/35/18

Insurance Group Y33 coilovers + Swift coilover springs (KOF '98 SPL spring rates)
Peak Performance RUCA/toe/traction
Tension rods
Battle Version SPL adjustable front LCA
Alignment and setup by Battle Version (-5.5*/-9* camber f/r)

Super Muffler SPL straight piped exhaust, Magnaflow tips

Alpine W505/P1 head unit + nav/bluetooth
3000k foglamps
Bellezza curtains


I'm still questioning myself on how such cars can be driven daily. If on Air Suspension, I might understand, but on coilovers? Shocking.


This shooting was a very sudden notice as mentioned on my previous post on Levon's G35 feature.
There are more plans on Charles's Q, such as S13 suspension conversion with Zeal coilovers/Swift springs, KOF '98 SPL valving and Spring rates. If you haven't noticed, Charles is repping one of the the biggest & sickest VIP crew in CA, Platinum VIP.
We'll be bringing this car back to our features in the future so get ready to be amazed once again.


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