Random Nightlight | White on White BNR34 V-Spec N1

October 12, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

FD Final-201
Going to car shows are filled with unexpected surprises, such as coming across cars you've never seen before. You guys have seen two Random Nightlight features so far, Jon Sibal's Dodge Challenger and Import Fashion's G35, from last week's event, and this one I'm about to feature will be the last and personally my favorite one from all the cars that were present at Slammed Society Showcase hosted by Fatlace.

In the states, it's not like Japan where you walk for a good mile or so at a busy location and come across a highly modified or rare vehicle. Probably the only way for this to happen is to visit a shop that specializes in Imports or even better, go to a major car show. Last week was that day when I was in awe seeing some beautiful cars and the one that caught my attention after walking each row was this rare Skyline BNR34 built by NISMO Omori Factory presented by Fuji Auto.

FD Final-95

FD Final-93 FD Final-208
In some countries where R34s are not too common but seen occasionally will not make this feature such a surprise, but for those living in the U.S., seeing a R34 is pretty rare, and from the many models, a V-Spec N1 is even rarer. How this beauty came to the states is something I don't have any clue on, but just the fact that it was right in front of my eyes was an opportunity to take photos of it as much as possible.
The exterior was equipped with the famous Top Secret body kit, along with the hood, trunk, and what I think is a Type 1 Voltex wing. Being a V-Spec model obviously meant it had better suspension, LSD, and much more, but also as a N1 meant it was one of 45 produced.

FD Final-209
I took a peak through the window gap and as you can see, the car was fully built to track.

FD Final-202
No other than aggressive sized Volk TE37s in White were giving the car an extra sexy look. Without any doubt, I can say Volk TEs were meant for Skylines.

FD Final-89
Probably the phrase you guys are thinking of while looking at this shot..
That a$$!

FD Final-210
The car is for sale! Here is the owner's contact information.
Name: Luis Acuna
Email: Luisacuna25@gmail.com
Great to see such a rare beauty here in the states!


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