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October 11, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

FD Final-29
Before truly understanding and loving the automotive scene, there were a few blogs and sites I was a fan of, checking almost every morning with a cup of coffee, and one blog I stacked my knowledge in cars was from a graphic designer and car render artist, Jon Sibal. I personally do not know Jon, but have been keeping myself updated with his new designs and contribution to the automotive community. One car I do remember seeing in person was the tC designed by Jon, taking 2nd place during Scion tC Tuner Challenge at SEMA 2010. Today, I want to feature a car Jon has been working on before I got into the scene, which is his 09 Dodge Challenger that was present at last week's Formula D Round 7 - Title Fight. This car has a history of taking 1st place at various contests and still being modified with a new look surprising Domestic and even non-Domestic car fans. My blog rarely features Domestic cars, but Jon Sibal's Dodge Challenger just became a turning point.

FD Final-30
This Challenger actually has a name and those who've been keeping themselves updated with this car already know about it. He's called Big Willy and was famous since its exotic flame design personally created by Jon 2 years ago. Since then, the car has been wrapped by Wraptivo to Matte Black and debuted last month with a new set of wheels you see in the photo, SSR SP1s powder coated in Vintage Matte Gold.

These set of 20s look perfect with the drop on H&R Coilovers. I'm not sure if the suspension has changed, but according to one of the articles by Jon I read few months ago, his Challenger was the first one to have the company's coilovers.

FD Final-156
You can see the stance and fitment is on point, which should now give you a hint on what Jon was trying to do with the Challenger.

FD Final-155
My first look at the car did remind me of one company, and as expected, it had a RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF (RWB) decal. RWB is known for its color, fitment, wheels, and design, which gave me an impression of where its current build got its idea. I'm not sure what the behind-story is with Jon's car and its recent style, but I wouldn't be surprised if people thought it was made by RWB.

FD Final-153
I fell in love with the car and I'm sure you did too. Hope I get to meet Jon Sibal soon to talk more about his Challenger and upcoming projects. I wrote this feature without knowing any information with its current build, but by knowing some facts through Jon Sibal's blog. If there is something you see as a mistake, please let me know by leaving a reply at the bottom. Thanks!


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